9 Mar 2012

Watch This : Gorgeoussss Man

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Hey guys, I just stumbled on that gorgeousssss campaign from ES swimwear collection 2012, and let me tell you that I lost my breath for few seconds….

This Model, Sergi Constance, I want him NOW!!!!

Wow, what a gorgeous man!

Anyways, Just look at the video after the jump and let me know what you would do with that man !

I think I would be his sex slave, no problem lollll I’m willing to leave my work, and be a devoted little boy … lol (I’m kidding…)


55 comments for Watch This : Gorgeoussss Man

  • face and build are perfection!

  • No body hair and he shaves his armpits and legs, no thanks.

  • beautiful

  • meh i have see beter moldes no fance he not that good looking

  • jace : id be curious to see ur pics!

  • I did not make it through the whole video. That damn nasty tatoo and those big ugly teeth stopped me cold. To each his own.

  • Hott! But is he the guy pictuerd in the banner on top of the blog page? They look the same. LOL

  • yungobruh: not the same no..

  • Personally, he needs just a tad more meat on him

  • what i give to lick the sweat off his body from his head down to his sexy toes

  • The guy in the video and the one at the top of the page are the same guy(just look at them both clearly and you will see that they the same sexy man) and he is most definitely a hottie for sure..

  • Josh: they are not the same dude…


  • Blog, why do you do that? Jace wasn’t feeling the guy and frankly, though I think the guy is okay, he’s not my type either. Everyone has different tastes. It is what it is.

  • onlytellthetruth: what’s wrong with asking to see his pic ?

  • Needs a little meat but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed

  • Not too bad, but give me a man with hair!!!!


  • this guy is not so hot. not my type at all.

  • Hot guy, he does have a great body and i would love to service him but i do have one hang up. That tattoo kinda creeps me out…. but then again who really has their eyes open when giving a proper bj?

  • The body is absolute perfection. I truly appreciate someone who takes care of themselves and I love beautiful things. I don’t like his tattoo nor facial hair but he’s quite good looking. Those things are minor, he can still have me.

  • And I’ve often wondered who banner guy was? I LOVE blue eyes and black hair. Who is he?

  • Typical gay men. Looking at a guy like he’s a piece of meat. No wonder gay men get such a bad rap. There is more to a man than looks, age, and cock size. Goes to show how vain, and shallow gay men can be. PATHETIC!!!

  • G Burton : dude why did you looked at it and took time to comment if it’s pathetic…
    This is not a knitting blog, it’s the blog of a4a, a gay hookup site…

  • Looks good from the waist up. Typical gym bro with a big upper body and skinny little legs.

  • I’m with you 1000% Dave…. OMG he is a beautiful man!!!!¡¡¡¡

  • Just another model…nothing special.

  • I would lick him from head to toe! and then ……

  • Great body. Face is ok, I wasn’t wowed! Thanks for sharing tho!

  • Blog, jace id be curious to see ur pics comment…now that’s funny!!!

  • There is something for everyone. Personally,,,,for me,,,,parts of him look delicious and my Mama said to always clean your plate…lol

  • Damn, love it when the body is smoothly shaved.
    guy is gorgeous, from his shaven pits to the bulge area whicch i assume is also smooth. uffgh!

  • he’d look better without that damned tattoo

  • i wonder if his knuckles are very calloused (from dragging them)? to me being sexy has as much to do with intelligence as it does the look…i think he was in a reading group that allowed time to do develop the asymmetrical ab muscles

  • I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, myself. I like this. He takes care of his body & that’s a definite plus.

  • Hey there Blog,,,, He is not the one that is putting this out there and getting paid for it…,, you are,,,expect some negative comments and let it go,,, I don’t thing he is that hot either,,, want to see my pics,,,

  • dawgit01: U are funny… I saw your pics already… 🙂

  • uhm, I like his hair.. lol

  • He’s totally hot to look at!!! But he’s not normal. REAL MEN don’t look like that and my experience has taught me that men that look like that are PRIMA DONNA’S. And I LOVE tatte’d men. But I don’t like men who shav thier bodes. I like my men to have hair!! I love a happy trail!!!!!

  • God he is so f******* hot like I would marry him, he so hot he could do me any day of the week all day. I have to agree with Dave his smoking hot, the way that body looks turns me on, he even me aroused! Wooowww im definitely gonna look like him soon

  • Wet dreams starring him tonight! WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the most sexy men i’ve ever seen. Would bend over in a heart beat to have him shove his big cock in me . and would love to lick his abs and arm pits just a all over yummie hottie

  • would bend over in a heart beat to take his big cock. and lick his abs and pits yummie

  • Hope to see more of him, and others like him in the future thaks ron tudor

  • Okay, wow. This guy is extremely hot, and that little half smile, biting his lip thing he did. THAT made me want to be his slave too! Haha.

  • they all make me want to lose my religion

  • OnlyTellTheTruth : bcoz blog is dont like to take offensive comment

  • Jason lolll No I dont mind…But this model is obvioulsy not ugly so I wonder how can someone say he is…
    that’s all 🙂

  • nice

  • WOW,I would suck that little angel wright out of his stomack and then,imagine the rest.

  • Yes-sir, what a HUNK- however, not sure how long I would last with him… Kissable lips and all, but it would grow old real fast. (just commenting)…. that tattoo-WTF-????

  • he got a padded crotch im bigger than he is lol

  • i’m a top and i would bend over for him…

  • He exudes attractive confidence but is a regular enough looking Guy I could work to be an equal-thats sexy as hell. He is convincing…

  • yes very hot n yes I’d deff let him work me over good.whats he like as real person?

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