12 Mar 2012

Watch This : Shake Yo Dicks!

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I just found this hilarious video online and I really had to share it with you!

The title of the song “Shake Yo Dicks” by Former Fat Boys, pretty much sums up everything you will see and hear in that rap parody.

Using naught lyrics, the group is objectifying men rather than women, something that we rarely hear in music.

Bulges, dicks, sticks, pricks, cocks, are all words that you will hear and see in that video!

The boys are not amazingly cute, average I would say…depending on your type.

Youtube requires that you are 18+ to see this video so you will have to log into your account to see it but I strongly suggest it 🙂

It is obviously NSFW!


(check out the video after the jump)

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