2 Mar 2012

Watch This : The Laundromat Hotties

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Andrew Christian is back with another hot sexy video to advertise their hot “bobettes” (that’s how we call men’s underwear in French).

This time, the boys are having fun at the local laundromat… They are actually stripping down in front of people who obviously seem very happy about what they see!

Who thought doing the laundry could be that fun?!

Would you hit the “spin cycle” with one of them?

Well, to get a piece of their hotness at least, click here!


(Check out the video right after the jump)



21 comments for Watch This : The Laundromat Hotties

  • wish i been there to picked up his shorts, been so nice for sniffing on lots

  • I gotta love it ,all the guys are super hot

  • OMG, tell me its summer in here lol

  • I must be starting to become desensitized to sexy advertising because this did nothing but bore me. Even the last AC ad did nothing for me.

  • Cute but reminiscent of A&F catalogs: Since it isn’t ever really shown, what exactly has this got to do with selling underwear?

  • Its marketing Steve….

  • Very nice! Hot video.

  • sweeeeet

  • hahaha sexy and funny just like me 😉 and just the way i like it lol

  • The young boys doing there laundry were kinda hot. I would much rather see a man with a nice hairy chest and a bulge in his undies rather then boys, hairless boys, they do not turn me on now, if I could have seen their butts yum yum different story, nice white bubble butts turn me way on yum yum lick lick kiss kiss and eat!!!

  • french men!

  • i thought that was amazing – thanks so much for posting it – i do like it better than the car wash only because, to me, in this one, each and every guy is freakin amazing – i was curious as to who the colorful character in the beginning was i don’t recognize him – anybody? – and when jason flashed that smile i completely lost it – hehehe – wow

  • Tall Dark and HANDSOME!!!… OMG!!!.. I love a man with a nice tan!!!.. SO HOT!!!.. Thanks for the upload..

  • “I’m sitting in mousse” Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorenzo, you could see their butts in the unsencored version on the AC website. I don’t find this ad, as hot as the Car Wash. The models seem a bit lazy. They know they’re sexy so they mostly just stand there. I need more gyrating, thrusting and wetness plz and thank you

  • WOW!
    Packing all my dirty and headed to the laundry now. Hope to see at least one of them there that needs a helping hand

  • I’d like to restrict them all to no shaving below the neck for a month or two… then they’d be worth looking at.

  • Yummy

  • I have had laundry mat sex. Young attendant was walking around doing his job and started talking to me. I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch. He rubbed his cock and asked me to join him in the back room. He pulled out a beautiful cock. Big head, fat long thing. I got on my knees and sucked him off. While I don’t let everybody cum in my mouth, he got me hot while I was sucking his cock and I just couldn’t help myself. I have had the pleasure a few more times and look forward to more.

  • Damn dude — I’d like to find this Laundry-Mat, and any other Gay (friendly) businesses as I visit Barstow several
    times a year.

  • visit anytime let me know when your coming and I will be happy to show you where.

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