30 Apr 2012

Hot or Not : Hairy Chest

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I personally dont have a hairy chest, but I love a man with a hairy chest. I guess we like what we don’t have….

For ME it is the biggest symbol of masculinity, virility. The sight of a hairy chested man can give me an immediate hardon!

I prefer trimmed hair  to natural full lenght hair though … more sexy !

I hate guys who shave their chest, it’s a biiiiiiig turn-off for me. I never was very attracted to smooth guys anyways…prefer a more rugged look!

What is your preference? Smooth, shaved, hairy, trimmed ?

Hairy chest, Hot or Not ? Let me know what you think below !

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  • Very hot

  • Very Hot. Furry men rock!!

  • Its like you said. Hairy men is the height of masculinity. I get an immediate hard on at the sight of a hairy man! Yummmmmm!

  • Its Very Hot!!!! WOOF!!!

  • HOT! I want a man for a reason, he is a man!

  • I personally don’t have a prefence. if they do have hair on the chest I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t look like a bush.


  • I personally love a smooth chest. Better than smooth down below. Neatly trimmed or shaved chests are a turn on as well.

  • love it but do prefer groomed/trimmed but wont kick them out if they are smooth LOL

  • VERY HOT!!!

  • I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. Hairy but trimmed to be neat, if necessary.

    Men were not born silky smooth!

  • So hot speically on a younger guy

  • So fucking hot. Love hairy chests!

  • Don’t mind me a man (a hot man btw) with some hair on his chest…hit.


  • A furry built chest is totally HOT!!!

  • HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • Abso-fucking-lutely hot! I only hope he’s got a hairy ass to match. YUM! A hairy back, not so much.

  • I like a hairy chest but I like a naturally smooth chest also. As long as there are muscles behind it I’ll take either.

  • HOT!!! I love a hairy man.

  • I like men with a hairy chest, trimmed of course. I had a hairy chest and keep it trimmed. Looks better that way.

  • Trimmed! Super hot.

  • extremely hot

  • I love, love, LOVE!! hairy chested men. It’s a big turn on for me!

  • A hairy chest typically is extremely attractive.

    Armpit hair, on the other hand, I find extremely, extremely unattractive and unappealing.

    “Armpit Hair: Hot or Not ” would be a excellent topic for discussion

  • Love a hairy chested guy – the more the better! Not that I am not turned on by a sculpted smooth body… but a freaky hairy guy just flat out gets me!!!!!

  • hairy is great, i love it.but not to hairy…

  • Hot hairy chested men is the biggest turn on for me.
    I’ve sonetimes gotten an insti boner from some hot chested men.

  • Incredibly HOT

  • I can go either way I. That, I have a hairy chest myself and like guys both hairy and smooth, although nothing turns me on them laying beside a man and running my hands through his hair. Any guys in GA that like a hairy chest hit me up and I show you a real masculine hairy cheated guy, I’m on here jc_50

  • Hair or not unto itself is not a deciding factor…it’s ALWAYS the entire package that makes or breaks the hotness of the man image before my eyes

  • Hairy chests are like looking at heaven!!!!

  • For sure… hairy is a turn on… especially dark and hairy.

  • Prefer hairy, trimmed to natural but not a foot long either. I don’t like dudes who shave their pubes off either. Shaved balls is ok

  • Hair is HOT! Hair on muscular guys makes my rod rock hard.
    But I don’t hold it against those without.Prefer Thanks natural state of a man, whatever that is.

  • Yes It’s Hot and So are Hairy Holes!

  • definitely hairy, but groomed. myself, completely covered with it. every couple months trim it all to same length.

  • A dude with a hairy chest is hot. The only time a shaved chest is a slight turn off, is when a guy with a non-athletic build has it shaved. As far as shaving goes in general, the only thing that’s a super big turn-off is a shaved crotch. Shaved crotches are huge no-no’s in my book

  • The hairy man is the most sensual sexy man in my past expiriance i love hary men always have alwsys will why do men shave its not normal if yoyr hairy im yours i get weak in the knees nothing more sexy than a hary man

  • Hot as hell! But excessive hair isn’t that great, not into bears.

  • Body hair is a total turn on, but if its a compleate sweater on a guy…i need to get used to it. A trimmed chest is nice….just dont go over bored by trimmimg designs or just shaving to outline your happy trail, it ends up looking like a dragon fly on your chest….

  • Me, I am hairy on front and smooth on back. Never had a complaint and very many compliments. I have no preference, myself…..I like ’em all!

  • HEy I am hairy but not real picky if the guy is hot anyway but hairy is towards the top of my list

  • Funny, I don’t prefer it on me . I work out and I shave and I like being smooth . but I like my Man to be Hairy . If he’s fit i think its a sign of strength and i love to sleep with my head on a hairy guys chest . woof woof

  • Not a big fan. Light dusting is nice but don’t like the bush look

  • I’d kill oto have a pelt of my very own – nuff said.

  • gosh i love a man with a smooth chest it gives me a hardon. Myselc i have a very hairy chest….

  • A hairy chest is very very Hot!

  • As a professional manscaper hairy chests are the HOTTESTS but they need to be buzzed to the length that most defines and flatters the chest, wether u are muscular or average or overweight. Design the look for the hair texture ( curly or straight),the pattern in which the hair grows and the amount of hair u have. WOOOOOF!

  • Hairy men are the sexiest … all natural, no shaving, trimming or anything! I want a man, not a boy, a twink or a hairless wanna be! I like a hairy body, pitts, ass crack and crotch! As long as it is natural, I am a happy man. I actually laughed when a very hot guy I was hooking up with pulled his underwear off and he had shaved his crotch, looked like a youngster who hadn’t gone through puberty yet! Needless to say, all the activities stopped there!

  • SUPER-MEGA-ULTRA HOT!!!!!!!!! I like hair in my food, WOOF!

  • I like trim hairy guys, give me hairy legs, chest,
    stomach and asses yummy I love it all !!!


  • Super Hot, love the hairy chest.

  • Sorry but I live a smooth body. Mind you I don’t mind a hairy body either, but prefer it is trimmed to a reasonable length. We all have our preferences, just as long as its a guy.

  • I think it can be hot ~ but it depends on the guy. I know some guys that look great with chest hair and some that look better smooth. But if they are going to have hair I prefer trimmed. I’d rather not get caught or tangled in a mans body hair.

  • Hate it! Prefer the smooth clean cut look, brings out the pecs and abs more!!!

  • Nothing like a hairy man. Love it!

  • hairy chest and smooth always hot , i love all both. They are always diferrent my fantasy …

  • i love a hairy man. the hairier, the better. i love to rub my tongue all over him.

  • hair equaling masculinity has always been a funny construct for me… i guess you’re masculine because you worry more about cutting down forests and butchering buffalo for dinner over a manicured chest

  • Love the hair and I have one too. The best part is grinding together with 2 hairy chests…hot….instant turn on and hardon….

  • Being a hairy guy myself, I use to trim and shave or wax my back…..till I just got tired of that and now I’m all natural. Don’t trim a thing. Many men really love all my fur. A super guy I am dating now says it’s divorce if I shave my back or touch any hair on my body. He is smooth. And I must admit I prefer a hairy guy, but it does turn me on to know how much he loves my fur. He turns me on too. So to you fur lovers, I appreciate you! I also don’t take offense to those who don’t like fur. But I am really happy I have it.

  • I absolutely LOVE Hairy Men. The more the better

  • I can do a hairy chested man. But no taco meat please.

  • Very very hot! WOOF!

  • Sexy as fuck.

  • I vote hair! What a turn on…so sexy and enticing! It is a major turn on for me and if there is a stint of sweat and masculine smell emanating from it or the pits, I go wild with desires.

  • HOT!!!!!!!

  • for the most part i think it is sexy but it also depends on the person.

  • I love, love, LOVE a man with a nice furry chest. Such a turn on. Not unruly but some hot trimmed chest hair for me to run my hands through as he uses me in any way he wants.

  • LOVE HAIRY GUYS!!!!!!!!!

  • The hairier the better for me. I don’t have much myself, but would do about anything if I could make it appear. Absolutely love hairy chested guys. Even when all I can see is the top bit through their unbottoned shirt collars. Hairy legs, arms, asses, all are big turn ons for me. And I too hate it when crotches are clean shaven. Not hot ! If a man can only have one area of excessive hair, I prefer the legs, but the chest is a close second. Don’t trim it. Let me get lost in it ! Maybe it’s because the first guy I ever had sex with was as hairy as an ape, but I love it !

  • Totally a turn on. In fact, just got me a hairy chested boyfriend ( was not a deciding factor, just a very pleasant bonus for me 😉 )

  • Totally love a hairy chest, would have to be the biggest turn on for me…but the but in the picture in my option he is just damn ugly…

  • There is nothing better than a hairy man. My favorite is when you are taking his shirt off not thinking its there but BAM there is fur. I know it’s a good night.

  • I like hairy men too, but to an extend! Their hairy chest, legs, cock, arms, etc must be short and thin.

  • OMG, YES, hair on the chest is ever so sexy to me! Nice bush at cock & balls>NICEEEE. A clean hairy asshole, great for rimming!!! when did this buzzed body come into vogue? I mean if you are not naturally smooth, why shave all the time. As with another blog of yours Dave, porn str/gay question, same is here I said about media dictating to pop culture. Everyone has there preference, but it seems like the 80’s brought about the buzzed/smooth body. Part could be due to general hygiene, STD’s and AIDS.

    Again as for me I so turned on by a hairy man, chest, genitals, ass, ass crack!!!!!!!

  • Hairy chest? Hott as fuck! The love of my life chest was hairy!

  • I’d rather have a hairy chested man than a smooth one. So sexy and warm too lol

  • HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • Hot hot hot hot hot……. Not like wildabeast crazyness looking like a thick winter jacket but enough to run my fingers through while I’m working below if you know what I mean……

  • I’d take a hairy chested over shaved/trimmed anytime. the more the better i say.

  • Hairy is good, as long as one keeps it in a sanitary condition.

  • I prefer smooth, but I don’t mind a little bit of fuzz (on the right guy). Equating hairiness with masculinity, however, is absolutely rediculous. We’ve evolved away from body hair as a species, and being ‘furry’ makes you closer to an ape than a man, so lets keep this to an argument over aesthetic preferences. And if you’re tring to tell me that a 250 pound body builder looks boyish without a stich of body hair beside pubes, I question your personal standards of masculinity.

  • Justice… Yes I personnally find that a bodybuilder that is smooth is not hot! That’s my taste 🙂

  • The more hair the better. I don’t care if he looks like a gorilla. Never trim myself have some pubes that are 7″ long.

  • Depends on who its on, the body type , to be attractive

  • Love a hairy hot man. Yummo

  • If a guy is naturally smooth, no issues. A guy who shaves his chest … well, if I wanted a woman I’d get one.

  • i love hair on my guys and men and boys wow sexy baby so sexy

  • So frickin hot… No matter the age.. A carpet of thick black chest hair is just as sexy as a forest of silver chest hair…

  • have a furry chest myself, like men natural, don’t understand why the current trend among guys is to Nair off every body hair. Men sometimes have hair in various places on their body once they pass puberty, don’t understand the mandate to Nair it off these days.

  • I like a nice smooth chest, one I can lick and rub, but also have seen a couple lightly haired chest to be attractive. Love arm pit hair and also hairy legs.

  • i have a hairy chest and it seems to get alot of attention from the guys on here and i too think a man w a hairy chest is sexy. i personally dont care if a man has hair or not but i would prefer it.

  • I wish all the guys (producers, directors, performers) in the porn industry would read these comments.

  • A hairy man is like nothing else. A hairy chest drives me crazy!

  • Definitely HOT, hairy chest and belly oh hell yea, I like masculine rugged men.

  • I’m Smooth,
    But Hairy Guys Flick My Switch BIG TIME!!! The More Chest And Stomach Hair A Guy Has The More Turned On I Am!!! Legs And Pits Included Grrrr lol

  • I love guys with hairy chest…it makes me go wild, especially while having sex, and afterwards, I just love running my fingers through it…I prefer trimmed as well, Arab guys with hairy chests are super HOT!!!

  • A hairy man or boi makes me weak in the knees! I absolutely love hair the more the better! I love eating a super hot hairy (clean) ass!

  • A hairy chest is like cuddling with a sheep. Yuck.
    Nothing beats naturally smooth.

  • have always loved men with a hairy chest ,have always been glad I have one,need to manscape a little these days

  • I love the way everyone loves a hairy chest but only if it is clipped and groomed. Because a man spending hours in front of a mirror with clippers while he grooms all of his body hair off is masculine? Nice try.

  • Woof to really furry guys!!! In fact, Tucson’s shirtless hairy guys should contact me immediately for gratuitous naked attention!!!

  • Some hot….some not…..manscaping helps though

  • Smooth is BORING! Hairy chests are so HOT to see and even hotter when a handsome hairy chested stud brushes against your skin with his pecs and you feel the tingle. Woof, that will make me drip!

  • Give me a man with some fur over smooth any day. Don’t trim it leave it “natural”. Biggest turn on is a nice fuzzy chest…

  • I agree a man with hair on the chest is a turn on I like manly men

  • I love a hairy men, like you said they seem more manly and it’s just sexy! I also love the hairy armpits legs, I guess I just like furry men

  • Hairy men, ufff. Come all in front of the line. Complete hardon at first hair sight!

  • A hairy chest can be EXTREMELY hot! But what if it comes with a hairy back?

  • I used to have a hairy chest but shaved it after having heart stint’s put in.I can take a shaved chested man as good as I can take a hairy one, but if he has really big muscles a shaved chest I think is more sexer.Hey!One good thing about a shaved chest and ball’s and ass you want get a hair in your throat!!!!!

  • I agree with Luv269_u a hairy chest is hot and sexy and nothing better then eating a squeky clean hairy ass, yum yum and a hairy body from top to bottom, just licking a hairy bubble butt is hot and eating a hairy ass is out of sight!!!

  • I have a hairy chest (and ass and legs) and I LOVE hairy chests/guys! I HATE that guys shave now. It’s such a turn off

  • 100% smooth everywhere! Fur belongs on animals & we are people!

  • Justice, I agree with you that smoother is better. & HOW does 1 equate body hair with masculinity? Reminds me of the gay argument I love using in debates: I know MORE masculine gay guys than effeminate hetero guys.

  • All of us love men with hairy chests. I’d rather have a hairless in the pubic area.

  • I couldn’t agree more with “PC”, hairy chested men, wait, hairy men IN GENERAL are the best! I have no issue with men that are naturally smooth, but I really get annoyed when they then trim what else grows. Talk about runied! The smell, the sight, and the taste of a guy with hair is amazing! I am starting to think that I have a hairy guy fetish.

  • Like I have always said REAL men grow hair on their chests, women do not

  • A hairy chest is always sexy. I have one. Hair can make a less than defined chest look hot. However, if I’m going to sleep with a guy, I prefer a guy’s chest to be covered in soft fur or to be natural over a chest that is covered by hair that is akin to a Brillo pad. The same goes for back hair. Trimmed chest hair is fine as long as it is not too short or wiry. My husband is defined and is smooth as a baby’s bottom.

  • Hairy chest does it for me to. Love to run my fingers through the hair.

  • I really love a smooth chested guy, but a trimmed happy trail is hot.

  • Nothing is more feminine to me than a man with chest/ass fur and shave it. (Exception of they are smooth naturally). Seems a lot of men into men steer more towards being feminine looking by shaving parts of their body. If men were really into men (gay) then they would like all the characteristics of what separates men from women. Body fur is a BIG difference. If guys like boys/boyish men, that have characteristics (look) and act like women/girls, that pretty much defeats the definition.

    We all have heard the Greek proverb ‘There are two types of people that go around beardless; boys and women, and I am neither.’

    Same goes for chest hair for me. Grow it if you got it! I wish I had more! I love burying my face in a MAN’S FURRY CHEST, rubbing it with my beard!

  • Don’t like a hairy chest, especially if it is very rough feeling. Smooth chests are awesome!

  • hairy for sure, nothing like a hairy chest or package to bury you face in mmmmmmmm

  • Nothing hotter then a hairy chested bear or cub. Love short, trimed, or ape suited. Melts my butter and makes me hard as a rock.

  • I love hairy men. I myself am moderately furry too. A guy who’s naturally hairy turns me on bigtime! Thatincludes arms,legs,ass,chest. Even some on the shoulders and back are hot.Yeah,I know most don’t like that but I do.

  • i think hairyness on guys is hotttt period alot of men these days shave but i think its a turn off if ur hairy stay that way and whom ever doesnt like it then they dont like you cause that is a part of you so guys keep the hair very masc:)


  • Hairy chest is definitely HOT!. Hairy all around is HOT!

  • VERY HOTTTT…esp if it has some grey in it….

  • Hair is sexy and very masculine. If a guy is naturally smooth, that’s cool. I don’t get guys who shave every last hair on their bodies. Big muscles covered in hair ROCK!!

  • They is no better place for me to drop my load than on a dudes hairy chest.

  • Well I have a real hairy chest.. I have shaved it a few times in my life.. guys seem to like me better with a hairy chest.. me personally.. chest hair, no chest hair.. whatever as long as your cute! Age/Race not important to me…I do love to PARTY with hairy chested guys!!

  • smokin

  • Hot!! Boys are smooth, Men are not! I’ll take the man thanks. A hairy man who shaves it off is a turnoff for me, though a naturally smooth man has what he has and I wouldn’t turn him away……

  • While a hairy chest is not aust on a guy, I do find it so incredibly sexy! When I see it, I want to jump all over them! Lol

  • Whatever nature gave you is what’s hot on you.

    Naturally Smooth? Hot damn, I’ll Like that up and down.

    Hairy Chest? Yes please, it feels great rubbing against my hairy chest as we’re making out.

    If I were forced to make a choice between two otherwise similar guys I’d probably go with the hairy chest.

  • The hairier the better I’d say! I can’t stand when men shave parts on their body other than their head. Men were made hairy and that’s how we should roll!!!!!

  • Hairy chests? woof Love’em

  • Oh yes its way beyond hot love a hairy chested man MAJOR turn on if they are rugged then you have me swooning. Not keen on the shaved or bare chested ones

  • It is said that hair does not grow on steel, ah but it does grow on MEN…. WOOF

  • Hairy chests are awesome.

  • Very Hot

  • A hairy chest is soooo HOT me. Luv it!

  • Given the choice, i’ll take hair over not hair every time, and that’s not confined to the chesticle area – I love hairy arms, hairy legs, and facial hair too. Don’t get me wrong, I find smooth guys hot too, if everything else about them is manly, ie: lean to muscular build, masculine facial features, nice cock, etc are all turn one too, but a hairy chest makes my knees weak and my better judgment fly out the window.

    Of course none of the above matters if the person inside is shallow or hateful or ugly. Masculinity is more a factor of who u are and how comfortable u are in ur skin/body, and self awareness/self confidence than any external features.

  • Like ’em smooth myself. A little hair isn’t a deal breaker, but much prefer smooth.

    I think it’d be interesting if we could divide the responses by age. I’m just guessing that the trend is that older guys prefer chest hair and younger do not.

  • John Pruitt has been one of my very favorites since the mid 80’s. I have always thought he was one of the hottest men alive. He was a model for Colt for years. Just a model ! They say he is straight and he has a number of workout videos that are totally straight. I have seen a picture of him recently, he is in his 50’s now and still a handsome man !!!

  • Interesting: The bulk of the posts here emphatically prefer furry. Yet it seems to me that the bulk of A4A profiles show smooth guys and/or seek smooth. Would love an explanation of that contradiction; have we somehow been sold a bill of goods that smooth is preferable?

  • Men of this much hair(with the great physique) are fucking hot, and would WOOF THEM UP!! Turned off by hairy backs entirely!! I would take a night of passion with this stud 24/7/365!

  • I prefer smooth, but trimmed in good too. I like to be able to see skin and make contact with skin directly. Some hair works fine tho.

  • Have always loved this pic…think it’s amazing. Love the hairy chest and the water.

  • A MAN with a hairy chest is one of my Major Turn-Ons…hairy legs and arms rank in the top 10 as well

  • Oh by all that is holy, no! I’m gay… that means I’m into guys, not animals. To borrow a line from peta: fur is dead!

  • I get more profile views when shaved :/ Personally I think I look better smooth, but I loves me some hair on my men!

  • really depends on the guy, im not totally against hairy men but a smooth musclely chest just makes my mouth water and id love to put my hands on it. like those hollister models oh god. but i aggree with u if they do have a hairy chest i would like it at least trimmed so its not too much. but they definitely need to keep the down stairs well groomed, we are passed the 80’s no more afros!

  • A nice hairy chest is extremely hot. The guy in this picture has the perfect chest hair. Yum!

  • Hairy chests are hot!

  • NOT! If I want fur, I’ld get an animal. & the only hair I wanna see is on your head above your shoulders. Smooth bodies are the best.

  • Furry chest equals instant hard cock!

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