17 Apr 2012

Would You Do Him : Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert will be releasing a new CD soon which will probably be a big hit, with very commercial tracks Γ  la Katy Perry/Britney Spears/bubblegum pop

But today the question is not if you will buy his album….

I want to know if you would do him? Is he your type of man?

It seems that many find him hot and I want to know YOUR opinion!

Nice face? Hot bod? Cool attitude?

Comment below!


(Listen to 8 of his new tracks below)


184 comments for Would You Do Him : Adam Lambert

  • Yes, I would do whatever he wanted in bed.

  • sorry…. too manufactured for my taste

  • Anything/ any way he’d like!!

  • He does say “Im here for your entertainment”. He’d better prove it!

  • not my thing. I’m actually not sure why he’s famous. I do like him though for being open about his sexuality from the get go and inspiring a young generation of gays to be open and unafraid.

  • I have done him =) (Palm Springs 2008 Ace Hotel ) He loves his hot hole played with.

  • Eww. No. Nor will I be buying his album.

  • Not with your dick and your mom pushing

  • I would do anything to please this man! Anything he wants, I would do for him!

  • He is very hot, handsome, sexual, cool , great , good style , creative and talent…. I read many his interview , i can tell he is very bitchy…. Yeah , i like him and adore him

  • I think he is cute and attractive to look at. His personality appears to amicable as well. Too glam for me, though.

  • YES I bet he has the nicest bubble butt, I would eat his ass while he moans for hours. If he has a cut cock, I would suck it but most importantly, after getting his ass nice and wet, I would fuck him as he moans for more and more. He would love my big cock sliding in and out of his hot ass.


  • Eyeliner and all.

  • Yes,I would like to join him and Biguy721 and do whatever they wanted in bed.

  • No. If I wanted to fuck a big nasty glitter filled vagina I’d fuck Ke$ha.

  • I wouldn’t do him if he was the last guy on Earth.
    He’s such a tryhard with a terrible voice.

  • He looks like he is a lot of fun in the bedroom πŸ™‚

  • I would never kick Adam out of bed. He has style,has a great look and probably has everyhting I want! Nothing would be missed

  • maybe

  • i would sleep with him. the face the bod the voice the kindness the hear the ideal boyfriend for me.

  • not a chance!

  • White guys would do anything to anyone or anything, even Adam Lambert’s butch lesbian looking self.

  • Hell no…when I want a man I want a real one…not the likes of him…can’t stand his music…

  • Sure..I’d do him….just as soon as he takes off all the stupid looking makeup

  • would i have to take a number

  • Hell NO! I think he hasnt learned how to be “Adam Lambert” he tries to be like too many other entertainers and other than that he’s just gross in my opinion!

  • hell yes i would he looks like he has a wild side plus he has a cute face and great singing voice and his musics great can’t wait for his new CD

  • yes id do anythinig he wnated it would b so hot to do him

  • I will do everything with him. Any thing he had in mind!!!!

  • yeah id do him!

  • In a Heartbeat!!!!

  • The queen is an ass and there’s NOTHING attractive about him and his attitude negates any further possibilities

  • no never gross

  • no, he is too girly

  • Hate the shrieking vocals, hate the guyliner, hate the musician-as-manufactured-mass-market-product. I wouldn’t do him with your dick.


  • No. I like men.

  • Never! Too fem! Too girly and whiny!

  • No one will have to push me out of the way to get to him! He may be cute but he just doesn’t take my breath away.

  • no thanks

  • Too glam girl for my tastes. I like MEN not prissy boys.

  • Yeah, I’d do ’em over and over again.

  • I really don’t have an opinion on him to tell you the truth.

  • Would I? In a heartbeat!  I think he is awesome! I remember seeing his tongue and wonder where he likes using it ha ha!

  • I would not kick him out of bed, unless he was better on the floor of course!

  • Far too femme for my tastes.

  • too much of a Queen.

  • Absolutely

  • hell yes. loved him on idol. i would assume hes a good bottom? yum

  • Damn right I would do him. anything he wants. his ass could melt on my face. yum yum

  • He’s gross – all that make-up, such a girl.

  • I wish he would get away from the black-out thing he’s been doing. Go back to his natural blond. He’s adorable in the pics where he has blond hair. Very cute and wholesome looking. I think it would be good for his career also.

    But, to answer the question, yeah, I’d do him.

  • hellz yea

  • yes i would do him. i would let him do me and im a top

  • fuck yes i would i love pretty boys and i only top and id fuck him in a heartbeat but hes so sexy id even bottom for him! which i never do for anyone!

  • i dont do QUEENS

  • Yupp. Yupp yupp sexy. All u jealous. Punks. He is a young Elvis. Tex me lambert. Mk u moam

  • Hell!!!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!’

  • Ewwww fuck no

  • no way

  • Not just NO, but HELL NO!!! If he fights with his bf in public, just imagine how he’ll treat you in private! He just gives the str8 haters another reason to hate us—-another beligerent, self-centered, diva!

  • not only no, but a resounding HELL NO. Too feminine looking. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but I don’t think he’s that talented or anything

  • love his voice..don’t you remember Elvis …although he’s not my type …wish he’d go farther in the music world…and not really sure what his type is ..and off course i’am just a older guy in ft. lauderdale..lol

  • Nope to feminine gay….

  • No he is to creepy and to much a lady ..I like masc rugged guys . But i am not saying he isn’t talented ..He is a good singer ..just not my type at all .

  • Based on pictures, TV and hideous song choices, hell no, BUT if I knew personally, who is to say?

  • Yeah, I’d fuck him, without the makeup preferably though.

  • In a new york minute!!!

  • I would do him anywhere any time! I think he is so hot! Major kudos for going out there and just being himself!

  • Fuck Yea i do anything in bed he wanted me to for him

  • Even though we r both from San Diego…I would NOT do him. I like my guys to look and act like a GUY. Great voice,though !

  • If I wanted a sparkly girl I would get one.

  • Really? You could not find someone hot with talent?

  • I agree with thisguy87 … he’s repulsive.

  • Hmmm… Let’s see sex with Adam Lambert or masturbation with lube filled with shards of glass. Emergency room here I come.

  • F*ck no. Adam Lambert is damn ugly and his music/style sucks. I’d much rather indulge my sexual fantasies with men like Trent Reznor, David Gahan, Lenny Kravitz, Adam Levine, Morrissey, David Bowie. I’d much rather jack off alone than go anywhere near Adam’s body. The guy’s a stupid wannabe.

  • Hell yeah i would fuck him.

  • No…He’s TOO cute.

  • No, he is too femmy, plus he acts like he’s stuck on himself, he still acts like he’s thinking that he should’ve won Idol on American

  • Oh, HELL yes. He’s beautiful. His smile and his eyes melt me, and if he’s a little arrogant (and I’m not saying he is), then perhaps it’s because he’s a survivor and you have to be when you’re in the entertainment industry. I know. I’m an actor.

  • in his new video were its both sides of him he looks so hot without all the heavy makeup

  • Oh Hell No!

  • Not my type at all….sorry

  • Doing him would be like doing a girl..,. Ive never understood how hes *famous*..his voice isnt all that.,.i like how hes open about his sexuality, but i would go str8 first ! haha

  • Sure just to say I did.

  • These “would you do him” questions are a little dumb. Let’s face it, if any of these famous guys wanted to do any of us, we’d do them.

  • Id hit it… hes generally not what id got for but cute in his own way. i like his music, but i think he would be better in bed

  • whatever and whenever he wanted

  • hell not!


  • i love his music and he is totally hot but honestly no i wouldn’t Eminem on the other hand i would fuck his sexy ass for hours

  • hell yes i would and love him to death guys!!!!!!

  • Only if he paid me. But I do love everything about him, just not nothing I would go after.

  • I’m not really sure why you have this kind of immature material on your blog. Stick to important matters for the gay community like sexual health.

  • Brad, do you manage my blog ? ahhh ok. FYI I post on things that people like, not what brad like!
    Hope you understand πŸ™‚

  • I would so do him. He is so hot.

  • Not at ALL!!!! This dude is the definition of a DAMN QUEEN! If I am gonna fuck with a guy he needs to be just that a guy and not a wanna be woman…..ewwww!I thought ya’ll could have picked someone just a lil bit more masculine!!!!

  • Nothing about his looks, attitude or supposed talent is attractive.

  • I would not throw him out of bed but would not stand in line for him either.

  • Going on just his looks, NO, he’s not my type. But if I got to know him and liked his personality, his “look” wouldn’t bother me at all.

  • Hell yeah I’d do him he’s cute

  • Not a snowball’s chance in Hell, guys with makeup are just gross and fly in the face of nature, he’s a freak that needs an attitude adjustment

  • maybe–he is a bit queeny for my taste but he is cute and probably alot of FUN in the bed, couch, floor, car well you get the picture

  • Not a chance in hell.

  • Not at all. I am not into all that make up.

  • No way. Just nothing there that works for me. (and I can usually find something good in most guys)

  • Never heard of him, and all you can see in the pic is his hair and his chin. I don’t see any reason why I would let him into my bed.

  • Not even if we were the last homos left on the planet. I’d end up taking one look at that over fem creature and lose whatever arousal I had. Can’t think of anyone more exactly opposite of my type.

  • HELL YEAH I’D DO HIM!!! He will be around
    for a long time! beautiful beautiful man
    inside and out!!!!

  • I think I’ll pass. I mean even the lip gloss can’t hide that spot on his bottom lip.

  • If he was with me right now I would do him all over the house and p
    ool and hot tub

  • Absolutely not….I dislike him very much

  • name says it all

  • i would let him do me lol

  • I cannot imagine doing him–eventhough he is handsome and talented. I am sure he is so selective that I could not possibily be a chosen one.

  • Hell no! Wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with him. This is based on my sexual type not on whatever he may have done to gain so much attention. What is it he does anyway…well, besides dippity-doo and tons of make-up-is he really a HE?

  • Oh god no… if I wanted something that screams and is covered in makeup id find a cheap prostitute…id feel better about myself when I was done.

  • Fuck no!!!!

  • HELL NO!!!

  • Not even if he had gender reassignment surgery to become a man. He’s gross.

  • No

  • No way! The “dude” wears more lipstick than my mother! GROSS! I like my men to be MEN, not girliewannabe boys.

  • Sorry, but I like men, the older, the better! I spend my day with children and don’t want them in my private life!

  • Too fem. Good voice but would rather hear him than see him.

  • Easy answer. No.

  • fuck no….way too fem for me. If I wanted feminine, I’d find a girl. And I hate his singing as well. I’d jack off first before I’d touch him.

  • In a heart beat!

  • GAWD NO!

    He has to be one of the most no talent, AutoTuned, Disney-Factory products (okay, I know he’s not, but you get the idea)) to be forced on us in recent history. Even if he were attractive (which he’s not), all of the above makes him nonetheless ugly.

  • In a word “NO”. Period.

  • It WOULD have to be for A LOT of HIS money, then I would do him…

  • GROSS! OMG if I wanted to screw Liza Minnelli, I’d go for the real thing. “what do you want from me!?” NOTHING ADAM LAMBERT! GET OFF THE RADIO!

  • WOW! Jealousy is soooo ugly! You guys are nothing but haters! There is nothing wrong with wearing make up and being a big QUEEN! He wouldnt pick NONE OF US to have sex with.

  • TOO GAY!

  • I took pictures of him with the Advocate
    Not my type. Kind of of a nice man but truly boring.
    check me out:

    Artist by trade, enjoy Swedish outdoors, road trips, snowboarding, main photographer at burning man, for which I sell great photos and books under the table (contact me if you want great books or prints).
    I have a few tickets to sell. New to the gym and liking it. Nerd at heart with brain problems πŸ™‚
    Going back and forth from LA Sweden

    What else… Not a big drinker. Love a good massage. Love Seden

    That’s me on paper. Say hi for more.

  • Absofuckinlutely NOT!!!! He’s the freak of the week. Now his bf I might do…hehehe

  • Absolutely fuckin NOT. Yuck.

  • Hell no.

  • Oh hell no!!

  • Nope too much woman for me; sleeping with him would make me STRAIGHT!

  • Anytime! Anywhere! Anyhow!

  • No he’s to bitchy & we know ur gay dude get over yourself

  • Hell no I think he is ugly and I can’t stand fem dudes and glam your a duse act and dress like one.

  • Well said Buck A

  • I think Sandra Bernhard has a bigger dick (even if it is a strap-on….rofl!) and is more butch than this dumbass. Not that I’d do her either,….maybe…..I’d let k.d. lang or Shirley Manson fuck me….after they lick me all over….

  • I’ve done him nothing special…

  • I Have No Idea Of Who He Is? But I’D Rather Have A Real Man Like MADONNA! Not This Bitchy Looking “Man?” And I Don’t Even Like Madonna’s So Called Music? Never Been A Fan And Never Will! I Like “SANGERS!”

  • He’s an embarrassment to the gay community..

  • No. I like a man not one pretending to be one

  • NO NO NO! I would resort to my right hand before I “did” him. If I wanted to “do” a woman, I would find a woman. Show me some real men and ask the same question.

  • i fuck him with my 9 inch cock hard as hell

  • Heck no to godly for my taste I like men not men that act like prissy girl

  • He’s cute. Bend him over, ill give him something to sing about.

    I prob wouldn’t date him tho. Life’s too short to put up w bitchy.

  • He’s gross…enough said, and no, I will not be buying his album.

  • WOW at first i just wanted to know what people where saying if they would do him or not but after reading these comments u guys left about how fem he was and how much u dislike the thought of him being fem or is like hes a monster is not only disgusting but gross he is a human being jus like us im about more fem than he is and for u to make it sound like being fem is horrible and all this is just evil we should be more opened minded and caring to others in the gay world now if he aint ure type he aint ure type but do we really need to go hard with the hate u guys discus me and ure so called lady gaga would be discussed to

  • well yea id do him id marry him

  • no thank you…. he’s too ( as one post says) manufactured. besides guy-liner should be used in moderation as well as hair gel. probably be a good fuck but he’s just too pretty pretty.

  • He is a well put together beautiful guy and extremely talented which i can appreciate, but sexually he is not my type, i like a man i can get down and dirty with, big cock, hairy chest, rock hard bubble ass,,, yeah man! oink!!

  • NO! Remember Boy George did it first and although I like him better than Lambert, I wouldn’t sleep with him either!

  • HELL to tha NAW!
    He’s way too queeny for me.

  • Too gurly and primped. If I wanted a chick, I’d be straight lol

  • No way!

  • Who is he?

  • Nope. But give me David Archuletta any day! <:-D

  • I don’t like my men pretty HELL NO. I need a man not a dress up doll

  • I would much rather do Taylor Hicks. He’s much hotter. And definitely more manly.

  • Hell yes I would do him. I would like to see him in concert. Just as he is getting off the stage, being all hot and sweaty, I would like for me to call me back to his dressing room. I would just about anything with that man!

  • GOD NO…..I want a REAL MAN

  • Oh hell NO, if I wanted someone who acts like a woman I be str8

  • to queeny for me, but he’s cute in his own special way… i will say he’s the best looking glam rocker i’ve seen,,, he makes Bowie look like sick puppy. I like his voice, he screams to much, yeah yeah, we know you can do it already… the maked up is usually flawless but still obvious he’s wearing it but I prefer my men to be well, men.

  • Nope, not my type at all.

  • He’s attractive, but the makeup & plastic surgery kinda ruins it for me.

  • nah he seems a lil fem for me and judging from photos seems like he wears alot of make up which is a turn off for me. i like the all natural look, im actually more attracted to the grungy unkept type of guys with gauges and tats but thats just me. Though i do like Adam’s style of the punk rock thing, i would totally wear most of the stuff he does minus the make up of course πŸ™‚


  • HELL NOPE!! Too pretty. I like men who carry themselves as such.

  • I like the gothic type but i need a real man in bed who can toss me around

  • Absolutely would do him

  • Doesn’t do a thing for me.

  • No way! Too artificial and way to feminine, he should be a female.

  • I’d probably enjoy doing his dad more than doing him.

  • sorry, to Flamingly gay for me! I like my men to be men!!!!!

  • Nope

  • yes i would do adam lambert he’s so hott and so gay. he is —-so sexy and fine. i would do anything he wanted me to ——do to him . and he could do what he wanted too me.————- i love adam lambert. if he wants to adam can have——- my e-mail address and e-mail me if he wants too i’am ——-o.k. with adam lambert having my e-mail address . but—— adam is they only one that can have my e-mail address.—— i wish i could be open about me being gay. like adam —–is open about being gay. love you adam lambert . your ——- gay friend david .

  • Hell fucking no I would not. I tell him to get lost b/c I have better things to do, like wash my mind somehow b/c his face and personaility is stuck in my head now. I might even have to seek MH treatment b/c Im just so disgusted. I’ve never been so turned off by a guy EVER in my life!

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