2 May 2012

Beauty : Pearly White Chocolate Donut?

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Go ahead laugh, butt some people want the color of their anus to match the color of their butt cheeks, while others just want to have an anus that is, well, not so chocolaty.

Anal bleaching is a cosmetic technique where strong bleaching solutions like hydroquinones are used to lighten the anal area.

Anal bleaching has been used by strippers, body builders, actors, escorts, and others in the sex business for many years. Over time the anus and its surrounding area can become darker, often concerning those that wear G strings, pole dance, or market their anus as a product or asset.

So if your Rose Bud has gotten a little too dark, you have two choices, you can see a cosmetic surgeon or use one of the many bleaching agents available through a salons.

Beware, anal bleaching is banned in some countries, namely France and the UK, due to the active ingredients in most creams which are suspected to be carcinogens.

So how about it? Has anyone bleached their bum?


36 comments for Beauty : Pearly White Chocolate Donut?

  • I want to BB the dude in that picture.

  • You can BB me. My ass looks just like his.

    Cum to think of it, that ass shot would look better with a nice load of cum dripping out of it 😉

  • I love my hole looking good but I will NEVER bleach any hole of mine! If it looks “chocolatey” then so be it! I know im squeaky clean down there.

  • You can enjoy having sex with that person using protection as well.

  • You can enjoy having sex with that person using protection as well.

  • You know I looked at mine the other day and It’s pink. I’m black which was the only reason I was suprised. But I considered doing a little lightening.

  • Sounds like that would be irritating

  • Some guys on A4A are in severe need of bleaching the area outside the anus. It’s the guys with the open ass shots that are the most in need of this. Don’t they see the yellow/brown stains on their skin after they take the pics. Nasty!!

  • Who cares when eating a squeky clean bubble butt ass, my tongue does not have eyes.

  • i have bleached mine

  • I noticed that in mags before. Could them light asses be bleached? My God, what will faggots think of next? LOL

  • No comment other than, if one wants to do something to their body that is in vain and proven to have negative life threatening results, don’t ask for govent or friends handout to comfort your pain in your final lengthy days…….

  • i would eat that ass

  • wow now that is a nice ass never knew about anal bleaching though i would try it

  • very nice….

  • Anal Bleaching Party over my House check out my Party Info.

  • I have bleached my rose bud and not because im a pornstar,im something worse im a power bottom :)..if u use a lower volume developer(a 20 is ideal) ur skin should react really well to the bleach with little or no irritation


  • Oh! Nice ass.

  • Just started bleaching mine a month ago, already seeing some changes.[=

  • seriously? that’s about stupid as shaving your ass hole. be a fucking man not a pussy.

  • gw : dude, if u like hairy holes good for u…. some are smooth down there…and some dont like hairy hole so….

  • I like the way it looks but would never do it myself. That skin is just too sensitive to be applying harsh chemicals to for vanity’s sake.

    And honestly, if I’m with a guy, as long as it’s clean, it’s not as if I spend a lot of time looking at it, so I don’t really care what it looks like.

  • As Lorenzo pointed out the tongue doesn’t have eyes but one may enjoy gazing at it and playing with it before the tongue serpentine its way there.

  • I’m an ass fanatic. I love the look of a nice ass and the guy in the picture has one. But I would never bleach mine nor ask my partner to bleach his.

  • I fucking love having that to eat good

  • Ok….just a lil education….the darker areas in most areas of your body are due a build up of skin such as your elbows,knees,knuckles and anal/crotch area. You can also develop these darker areas from waxing over a period of time. Anal bleaching is basically a type of chemical peel as u would do on your face, just a different formula. My opininon….for the same results, chemical peels would be easier on your skin IF PERFORMED correctly….like any other salon service. Anal bleaching….kinda strong for that area. Treatments like these are not just done for vanity, but also healthy skin rejuvination and skin cell production.

  • Ew. Twinks only. Even I’m considered a twink and I would never do that too myself. Besides, mine is still pink and clean..don’t need a bleach for it.

  • id love to eat that beautiful ass, then he could fuck my ass.

  • I had surgery few years back HPV. removal, which left a scar tissuse of my anus from laser. Looking pink after, now a friend a nurse share anal bleaching information with me. I thought it was a joke.
    He said if anyone ask why so pink them them anus was bleach.
    Wow, I accept it for what it is and found being Afro.American
    I found very few or at all had a issue with my pinkness many kept coming back too rim and dive in deep. I thought about touching it up to even it out. I rather leave it be.

  • Gay guys find yet another way to take vanity to another level. Seriously what is wrong with you guys who condone this? Maybe for a pornstar or stripper but just for vanity? This can’t be healthy. Are you really that f*#ked in the head? Geez leave your body the way nature intended it. If I were dating someone and they said they were doing this I’d instantly break up with them and send them on their way. BE A MAN.

  • no bleach used here but my shit clean thanks to using baby wipes after or just shower 🙂

  • Ok..this is realy news to me, I think it’s cool if it’s done right and one feels realy good about it that’s all that matters. Vanity or not people do all sorts of things to “their” bodies ( key word: THEIR) all the time, some like piecings some like ink some like them black some like them white some like it hairy some love it smooth… it’s okey for one not to date a guy that bleached their cherry as am sure a guy that’s bleached his wld drop (like a hot cake) a dude that’s intolerant and un- understanding. Just sayin

  • pearly white? If you’re ass is not white, won’t that just exacerbate the issue?

  • Bimascjock, Nature also intended your ass to have shit in it. Doesn’t mean you go sit on another dude’s dick without cleaning it out. When it comes to love and relationships, you keep it real, Yes…. But AMAZING Sex is part illusion. If you can turn your partner on by doing something as simple as bleaching your hole, why not give him that fantasy? Some of us would like our sex lives to feel like a porno… I’m a top and while I’d never turn away a dark hole or ask my partner to bleach his, a pink hole it hott… I won’t acknowledge it in the moment when I’m tongue-diving in it, but it’ll certainly be a turn-on for me. I’d like to think that from my end I’d do whatever I can to give my partner the best experience I can.

  • I would recommend avoiding any products that contain hydroquinone especially on the anal area. Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe and can likely cause cancer. Our Booty Call anal bleaching product contains kojic acid and arbutin which don’t bleach the skin but inhibit the production of tyrosinase which produces melanin which produces the pigmentation. It’s safe to use and effective.

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