16 May 2012

Hot or Not : Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise will play Stacee Jaxx, an arrogant Rock Star,  in the movie “Rock Of Ages”, inspired by the Musical of the same name. The movie will be in theatres June 15, 2012.

The 49-year-old actor revisited his caracter in the latest issue of W Magazine for a photoshoot by famous photographer Mario Sorrenti.

Cruise is posing with (fake) tattoos and 2 hot models, personifying the heavy metal rock band front man.

Considering he is almost 50, I think Tom looks great! Don’t you think?

Scientology works well on the body I guess…

What do you think? Is Tom Hot or Not ?

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98 comments for Hot or Not : Tom Cruise

  • i love having him use my holes really good

  • He’s pretty. And i don’t like pretty men, i like my men gruff, burly and hairy. So my answer is no, not the least bit sexy.

  • NOT at all hot.

  • Not

  • Absofreakinlotley!! In a new York minute!!!!!!

  • The fact that he is so stuck in the closet makes him ugly

  • NOT…this guy tries wayy to hard. im over it.

  • He’s not usually that hot to me. Now, when he was younger and dancing in his underwear in Risky Business, I thought he was really hot. Now, not so much.

  • oh hell no!

  • nopw not hot

  • Def hot

  • gefinitely HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally hot

  • Not just a plain weirdo

  • Looks like his body is still hot but forget the tattoos! They don’t do a thing for his looks. Well, who knows how much of what we see is just Photoshopped?

  • Too much plastic surgery for me and he is super short .NOT

  • NOT! if you like pretty boi’s you should like him. personaly i like real hairy chested MEN

  • Def NOT hot…

  • A resounding NOT!, from this corner. Arrogance is rarely if ever sexy and Mr. Cruise has that in vast surplus, not to mention many archaic ideas where women are concerned. So, to recap, definately not hot at all.

  • Hotttt all the way. 😉

  • Of COURSE Tom Cruize is hot! I’ve dreamed of being his bottom man since he was in Risky Business….and Top Gun, holy shit yes, Tom Cruize is hot!

  • Dude Tom Cruise is hot if you like little troll men….So not fuckin hot

  • He is hot as fuck… o the things we could do together!

  • Wish I was built as well! Of course HollyWood people have high-end trainers to get them all buff and ripped for their movies…

  • definitely hot …for some reason i got thing for older hunky guys so definitely i would do him..

  • Yup

  • Tom is one of those guys some think he is hot and some don’t.I really don’t think he is all that hot to look at , he has a damn big nose like a french tickler.A awful profile. I have a friend that used to live in L.A. in realestate and knew him really good and he said he was a really stuck up person and thought for sure he was gay.Well we all have you thoughts about someone and that is mine!

  • I def think he is hot..always have. He gets a bad rep sometimes with the press and doesn’t seem to be taken very seriously because of his good looks. But if you watch his performances time and time again he proves he a very good actor…rock it ToM!!

  • NOT!

  • Just look at the pic of him sitting barefoot on top of that skyscraper in Dubai and tell me that’s not hot.

  • Tom Cruise is an untalented egocentric jerk. He’s so full of himself he can’t see daylight, and he’s a complete phony. Except for dancing in his underwear, and playing a wheelchair bound Vietnam Vet, can you honestly say he’s ever been good in a movie? What? He’s not versatile in the way that talented and sexy men like Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are. I avoid most Tom Cruise movies without thought. Rock of Ages will be something to see on rented dvd, but certainly not worth paying good money for in a theatre. I’d hate to be trapped with him for two hours.

  • His crazy outweighs any sex appeal.

  • Sometimes a hot body can contain a “hot mess” for a mind. I think that is the case for Cruise. His track record for arrogant attitude and his religious views are a put-off for me.

  • He was hott when he was in Top Gun. Now he’s just a plain old guy trying to make a comeback.

  • Sorry, but the overwhelming crazy is a turn off.

  • Tom Cruise is and will always be hot. He’s one of those guys that will always be good looking even as they age. He’s in the same cstegory as Rob Lowe, George Clooney, Billy Dee Williams, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Antonio Benderas, and Denzel Washington. It speaks for itself.

  • Definitely has a hot bod! I’d fuck him.

  • Not

  • BLECH!

  • he’s sexy like that but any other time he’s not so sexy.

  • Send this homophobe over to the closeted wannabees

  • NOT

  • I would do him anytime. Always wonder what he has in those jeans.

  • Body may be kicking, but the mind and soul destroy it all. I guess that makes it a NO!

  • Hot hot super hot… I’ve had a major crush on him since I was a 5 year old watching TOP GUN on the VCR for the first time. All that jumping on Oprah’s couch keeps one’s muscles in shape. Crazy in the head, crazy in bed.

  • hotter without the tatts

  • NOT!!!!!!!

  • artical should be gay or not gay tom cruise lol.

  • I am oddly liking him as a rocker. I dont know why.

  • Anyone, regardless of age, that is as ripped as he is, is considered hot. It’s unfortunate that so many gay guys under 35 consider everyone older can no longer have a “hot” body.

  • Not. I got the mag today. Anyone can work out for a movie role. Airbrushing helps as well. So… Not

  • nope, looks old

  • tom cruise is a dick.

  • very hot would love to get between his legs and drain every drip out of his cock.

  • Notty not not notty not

  • hell yeah ,he’s hot!!! he Tom Fuckin’ Cruise…

  • In his earlier days, such as Top Gun, Tom Cruise was damned hot. He is definately not hot in these pics, nor in his current political, scientological craze. Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reed, Heath Ledger, early and contemporary Sean Connery, early Jan-Michael Vincent, Jake Gyllenhaal…now those are some hot actors.

  • He’s Hot!

  • im going to say not

  • Still HOT!!!

  • Tom is hot he always been one of my favorite hunks to lust after all these years still looks good for an older man

  • I think I may join sciencetology religion they apparently found the fountain of youth LOL. But yeah he looks awesome for 50

  • Tom is very hot for any age—pretty face, sexy lips and desirable body!!!

  • Tom Cruise is like a sex change gone wrong, mixed with a lot of crazy, and covered in a cheap spray tan and a fake smile.

  • So NOT!

  • He looks great. I give credit when people put in hard work!

  • not

  • Yeah, Tom is incredible for 50, too bad the pretty ones are always insane.

  • HOT!!! Obviously so if one considers images only. Tom’s baggage can cloud the issue and make his hotness cool. The seemingly contrived marriages, flashes of crazed behavior, scientology and guardedness are so NOT hot that Tom’s looks will not matter to many.

  • Bat shit crazy, but he could plow me any time he wanted to! And the ink, fake as it may be, only adds the the appeal!

  • he is soooooooo GAY!!1 and so is Matt Dammon , Richard Gere, Ben Aflex.

  • Playing a arrogant rock star? Arrogant seems to fit him perfectly. Not my type of movie, but then again I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan anyway. He doesn’t do a thing for me. Damn sure isn’t hot, so he must be a big NOT!

  • I first got the hots for Tom in 1983 when he hopped in the sack with Lea Thompson in the high school football movie, “All The Right Moves.” I still remember him shirtless with his hand just above his crotch catching a downward slithering neck chain. Whooosh!! It was SO hot! Some 30 years later he’s still a hottie. How many (few) people, stars included, are all that?!

  • uh he’s hot duh. i like his bubble butt. esp in that new Mission impossible movie.

  • fuck no, he sucks big time

  • Tom Cruise was hot circa ‘Risky Business’, but not so much since then.

  • Nope, NOT “hot”. HE thinks he is……..that’s where the Scientology crap comes in:

    He has to have that “quasi-religion” to value himself, and being a “has been” he’s clutching at straws as he ages…..(which he does):

    Tom is not hot, never has been nor ever will be. He’s phony as the day is long…..

    I LOATH phony people…….

  • Not at all.. he is crazy circa 2012

  • hes got the body but he is psychotic so no


  • not hot.

  • He is a barf bag that needs to retire.

  • Outside: Hot
    Inside: NOT

  • I have LOVED Tom Cruise since I first saw him in ‘Risky Business.’ I will adore him no matter how he chooses to live his life. He is my inspiration.

  • Hell to the Yes !

  • He’s holding up pretty well. The photos are nice. There’s a small amount of glamour and Cruise looks edgy enough to still be relevant (and interesting). Believable? Sort of.

  • Haters are boring. Get over his eccentricities. He is a good actor and is hot to trot. He will be 50 this Summer. He scorches!

  • Def’ly NOOOOOT!

  • Years ago I met a guy in Kentucky that looked just like Tom Cruise, and he was hung very nicely! We had hot sex and watched the sun come up on the hood of his car. I thought he was hot then, and yes the real Tom Cruise is still hot now! Woof!


  • Not!!

  • Not hot at all

  • So not hot….the man hates gay people like it is a disease….he is so in the closet and a fake.

  • For me… Not.

  • I’m not a fan of him personally, after his whole tearing down of Brooke Shields, I was turned off, but I will say that he does look hot in this movie… he’s always had this, is he hot, or not thing going on,, the nose is not great nor are his teeth, unless he fixed those, earlier movies, he’s got jacked up lower teeth.. but at his age, i give him props especially since most older men who work out still have sagging HORRIBLE skin even if they are thin so he’s been doing something right over the years…

  • im not into him at all i thought i had read in the national enquirer headline”crise and travolta take the scientology gay cure “but from the looks of this movie obviously not this guy goes from beard to ex beard living his life in a glass closetto quate the southpark episode “tom cruise please come out of that closet” toms line” no i wont comre out of the closet”

  • That movie sucked so bad, It was a waste of 2 hours of my life, the only positive thing i can say, was how realistic tom’s faded tattoos looked ..but other than that, I don’t know how they found financing for that piece of shit

  • Poor Tom!! That’s all I can say right now. What seems like eons ago I had this amazing crush on him but now, I’m wondering what the hell was I thinking. And it has nothing to do with his looks! Go figure.

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