22 May 2012

Watch This : “Call Me Maybe” Cover/Parody

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I just found this cool video on youtube and wanted to share with you because there is cute boyz in there !

Weho Queens redux is the name of this crew lipsyncing on “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Love this song!

Check it out and let me know who’s your favorite!




25 comments for Watch This : “Call Me Maybe” Cover/Parody

  • the man in the glasses… here’s mny number, so call me maybe? you are fine as fuck

  • ”’hey i just met you but this is crazy so here is my number so call me maybe” lol 714 3060000 lol

  • With this vid, it should’ve been “Green Card, Baby” instead of “Call Me Maybe”.

  • Call me maybe is one of favorite songs!! I love the twist on this video lol the boy giving the other boy his number instead of the girl. haha

  • …. the black girl…. did i get it right?

  • Ew. The guy in the white shirt ruined the whole video. Ugly mug, and busted up ass teeth. Biggest turn off.

  • At the beggining I was like: OMG not another of those lipsynced songs featuring muscled queens but then when other people appeared I fell in love with the video! What a cute and hot crowd performing!

  • Funny, I just put a few vids up on my FB page of these parodies (the Harvard team and the female team) that eventually competed nationally in an unofficial thing on NBC’s Today Show a few days ago. I also put up others I found to be interesting ie. some cute twinks doing there take>Call Me Gaybe, it is titled on youtube.

    As for your post, I really didn’t find any of the guys hotties, a little cute, but mos def not HOTTIES. I do like the video for it’s concept. good work. Yes I am obsessed with this song. It has a great hook and catchy melody, beats, good production. It’s just funny how it has spread with parodies. I wonder how Carly feels about it? Great free PR, but is it or she taken as a joke? They say the song is ment for teen girls, but I feel I can say those lines myself at times…here’s my number, call me maybe…….

  • That was cute, but the boy in the actual video was was hotter!!!

  • Ps I love that song!!

  • The young gent in the black cap and in one shot cap and black tank top is one sexy gent, despite not letting his fur grow. Yep, he’s my choice.


  • Ummm, the skinny dude with the T-shirt on needs some SERIOUS dental work, he’s freaky looking!!! And frankly none of the guys in this were all that great looking, at least facially (which is the most important part, of course). Lastly the sorry-ass drag queen and the chubby bitch are terrible additions and need to go. Not really sure what you saw in this video Dave.

  • Brad, I’m looking at your profile right now, and seems like you are very judgy. There is definitely some cuter boys in that video !
    Maybe you could show our reader YOUR face ?

  • Super cute video, loved the Guy with tats.

  • Hard to say, I like them all! LOL they all look like they really had fun with this.

  • Too damn sweet!

  • Thanks so much for posting/sharing this…. I love the song and the video. Favorite part is when he uses the banana as a phone!

  • I’ve seen this before. I really enjoyed it.

  • I really enjoy the video. Everyone was having fun and there are some really cute guys in here.

    To those judging the guy in white shirt, individuals like you give the gay community a bad name. People will forever think we are a bunch of shallow, self-centered queens. Love should be preached, and not everyone can have a six pack, white teeth, and nice olive skin – not everyone can be airbrush. To each his own!

  • I like the song. The video parody was awfully creative. I think all involved were attractive in their own way to themselves or someone else. Calling out someone who
    has crooked teeth is uncalled for. Did you think to maybe blame his parents. Its not his fault. Plus, dental care is not cheap.

  • the boy in blue and red cap, its cute, I would totally go in a date with him, if he calls me maybe lol

  • The dude in the red/blue hat is Nicco Sky from randyblue, hes my fav porn star, major hottie with a great cock

  • omg,these guys are so gorgeous!!! love this,its awesome

  • so cute

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