15 Jun 2012

Dudes: True Blood’s WOLF!

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Move over Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) is in town!

Not a True Blood fan? Then you are missing out. True Blood is known for having  the hottest men on television but none are hotter than Alcide.

Perfectly cast as the werewolf Alcide,  Joe Manganiello is a calssically trained actor that was born December 28, 1976 in Pittsburgh.  Joe moved to LA after graduating from Carnegie Mellon. After signing with a talent agent, it took him three days to land the role of Eugene “Flash” Thompson in Spider-Man (2002).

Not only is this hunk hunky, he is an active supporter of Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh and of “The Art of Elysium”, a non-profit organization that encourage working actors, artists and musicians to volunteer to children who are battling serious medical conditions. He has also been a supporter of “Until There’s a Cure”, which is dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS, having appeared in public service announcements for the organization.

Music also plays a large role in his life, Manganiello was a roadie for the pop punk band Goldfinger. He is friends with lead singer John Feldmann and toured internationally with the group doing security.

This is one werewolf that is welcome to snack on me!

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20 comments for Dudes: True Blood’s WOLF!

  • His body is perfection.

  • ehhh…longs as he keeps his shirt off or more i do him

  • Can’t wait to see him as a stripper in Magic Mike!!!!

  • He plays a Stripper in Magic Mike.

  • Oh yes, he is pure perfection!!! I have always had a thing for him. But can you blame me.

  • He was also the hot bar tender from one tree hill. He had short hair back then. Man he’s a stud. I didn’t even like that show. I started watching it all the time cause he was on it

  • …smoking hot…but not half as sexy as Ryan Kwanten (whom I’ve seen naked, Eric, the Viking kicks both their asses!!

  • A god of flesh!

  • Odd, he has a nice body (actually, a little too on the “zero bodyfat” side for me) but appears more attractive in the suited pics.

  • Sookie better handle that…or I will!!!

  • so sexy. He could bite me anytime.

  • Definitely the hottest vampire I have ever seen. Definitely puts Mr. Stackhouse out of the running for the hottest man on the show.

  • Shyt..He can growl at me anytime!!!! True Blood, Sunday nights 9/8 central on HBO.

  • He is one of my fav in the series and Eric!!!! I cant wait for season 5 DVD..

  • not my type and i dont like True Blood.

  • Yes he is one fine look’n man.He worked out to get to be in his shape & fitness,something i’m doing now,eat healthy,and workout more at planet fitness.And to think he was born 20 days after me and 10 years later.Just up north of me in Pittsburg.I own season 1 on dvd.Yet as i been watching Chris on SVU and OZ many years,one still know’s both are very fine look’n men in their own ways.I’m waiting till True Blood with Chris comes out on dvd,not having HBO,i just might need to see if there’s clips on utube.I’ll need to Facebook like it to.I can hardly sit through season 1 alone.I might need to push myself to.

  • it should be illegal to look that good

  • He is incredibly sexy. I can’t wait until he kisses one of the male vampires…

  • FYI, he’s not a vampire on the show. He’s a werewolf.

  • I’d be humming the opening theme song to “True Blood” while I’m having my way with him. lol

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