29 Jun 2012

Watch This : Booty Camp

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Andrew Christian is back with a new sexy video called “Booty Camp”

In the video, the models are sweating as they workout very hard, bootcamp style !

They lift rocks and tree trunks, they do pushups, squats and setups… real men stuff ! lol

Watch them “enjoying” a beer at the end of the video while they get wet !


(video after the jump)

15 comments for Watch This : Booty Camp

  • Really nice dudes, but I don’t like my man shaving his pits, hairy pits are a big turn on for me, as well as the rest of the rest of the body, chest arms, legs stomach etc….Cool ad though.

  • I like all the “variety” of guys in this video

  • Dislike! When AC starts to cater towards black men, I’ll buy their products. Til then, I’ll keep my Hanes, RufSkin & FOTL.

  • sure would love to be with those sweaty dudes, would remove there undies with my teeth get them down on all fours with ass in the air so I could lick the sweat all over there ass as I ear all of ther asses yum yum…and once I eat there ass they will be stone hard my my nice wram latino mouth and when they would be hard, I would force them on the floor so all of them could fuck my hot tight latino ass yum yum..I love to eat ass, suck cocks and get fucked by many many dues all sizes welcum just fuck me for days.

  • I agree. Some muscle-bound guys with shaved armpits and no body hair, except for one guy who’s had it clippered. Not really hot without the body hair. Give us at least a hot love trail! C’mon.

  • Andrew Christian always makes the best videos to promote his line of underwear lol. I love it…

  • i love their nice butts

  • I agree. I’m tired of the trend of hairless guys already.

  • Not his hottest video (hottest one is the car wash). Dudes look great, but I would’ve liked some more focus on their asses and cocks

  • love the military

  • is AC gay?

  • Love this blog love to see all this military mens and their beutiful bodys

  • My first was a navy officer and after17 years i still dreaming whit his built body lol

  • luv it shaved and smooth…when i suck cock or eat an ass or pit, i do NOT want to spit hair…hairless is HOTTTT

  • YAWN

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