17 Jul 2012

A4A : Show us what you’ve got!

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We are always looking for hot content from our members, hot stories, videos or sexy pictures!

Share your secret fantasies, or tell the world about a hot dream you have fulfilled.

We get off on hearing about A4A hook-ups and homemade porn makes us hard!

Like to show off? Now is your chance to show what you got and let others see how do it!

Send us your short videos and pictures. Not everyone that submits can be accepted so be original, or just really HOT.

Don’t forget to include your screen name if you want others to be able to contact you.

Come on, whip it out, record it, write about it, and submit it here: blog@adam4adam.com



11 comments for A4A : Show us what you’ve got!

  • I would like to submit a personal video!!!

  • Just wanted to let the A4A community know that I met my partner for life through your website. We’ve been together almost two years now, and are planning the rest of our lives together.

    Thanks for being there for us!

  • Would like yo submit a pic

  • just wanted to take this time to thank ..all the people that work for a4a ..u r guys r great and what a great site…..thanks for being here for us

  • The site has really helped with connecting with other gay guys from all over , i would one day love to meet a guy that would desire to form a bond ,keep up the good work A4A

  • would like to submit a story how do i go about this ?

  • Fairprince it’s written in the post!

  • thanks will send a story

  • This fantastic site has contributed to some of the hottest, sexual moments of my life! As a busy professional, I find it difficult to make time to “hunt” for THAT guy, but with this site, I have been able to bypass all of the nonsense and get right to the point! Adam4adam, thank you! 😉

  • hey there sent the story unsure you guys recieved it let me know if i should resend

  • Mine is so wild but it is to be fuck for two days straight by monster cocks 9 to 12 inches or more in both holes and every guy to cum in my mouth and all the loads huge and thick white pears of cum . I dream about my ass being so drilled with big cock all the time I fuck myself daily for hrs with 12 inch realistic dildoes of different thicknesses makes me so hard when I finally cum it’s like Heaven to me.
    So far in life only had one of those but he was only 10 and it was great to feel him all the way inside me and drink his load 3 time. then I fucked him so cool

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