12 Jul 2012

Hot or Not : Olympic Male Hotties

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They are all hot, ripped, gorgeous and handsome… and they are all going to the Olympics!

But which one is your favorite ?

I can’t decide…I’m hesitating !

I’ll present them to you and maybe you can help me decide? Deal ?

But Danell, Alexandre and Teddy are my fave…

I looooove Alexandre’s face, Danell’s muscular body and Teddy’s height…( He is 6’5″ )

See my selection after the jump!


Alexandre Despatie

27, Diver


Giuseppe Lanzone

29, Rower


Tom Cleverley

22, Soccer


Aldo Montano

33, Fencer


Teddy Riner

23, Judo



Roger Federer

30, Tennis


Clemente Russo

29, Boxing


Danell Leyva 

20, Gymnastic








73 comments for Hot or Not : Olympic Male Hotties

  • Danell. Hands down. But I’ve got a thing for Caribbean boys.

  • I like that swimmer guy. Not phelps. the good lookin guy with the green eyes. These guys aren’t very attractive to me

  • Definitly Danell Leyva. He is so fucking hot. Those muscles, that face, that ass and that bulge in his copetition shorts drives me crazy. I would bet good money that he is hung like a horse. Doean’t matter, I would do anything he asked me to.

  • yes to boxing guy… yes to Judo guy and a hells yes to gymnast guy

  • I’ll take any guy in gymnastics or almost any diver. I miss the days when Speedos wear almost nothing!

  • All of them, at the same time in one massive GANGBANG!!!!!

  • Alexandre Despatie – perfect complexion and smoldering good looks.

  • Well I not only wouldn’t throw anyone of them out of my bed but I think I should find out where their beds are so I can jump in! That said, Giuseppe is the hottest of all in my opinion. Damn he is fine!

  • The pic of Danell Leyva does not do him justice. He is a very sexy man!

  • Clemmente Russo WOOOOFFF!

  • Mother of GOD…any one of those studs could have my tight hole. Fuck!

  • Lets not pass by Ryan Lochte, US Swimmer. Very hot!

  • Tom Cleverley, Teddy Riner, Clemente Russo and Danell Leyve

  • Tom (soccer/rugby guys always have a falling out), Clemente, and Aldo (fencing tights leave about as much to the imagination as wrestling singlets) would be my picks

  • Eh, a guy pretty much as to have facial hair to catch my eye and that pretty much eliminates most Olympians.

    In a side note, kind of sad that boxing is an Olympic sport; you’d think we could have evolved beyond anything that brutal by now.

  • Teddy Riner, baby. He’s got the three B’s. Body, Box, and Booty!!!!! What a gorgeous male specimen.

  • Giuseppe Lanzone, or Tom Cleverley would get my vote! They are both hot as hell, and if I could choose between the two, I’d never be able to make up my mind!!

  • out of these I like the fencer the best, Aldo is sexy and hot and knows how to jab, I really like the swimmers the best and cannot understand why they are not on your list, what’s up with that?

  • Id let a few of them fuck me just to have there dna in me

  • ill take the gymnist

  • He didn’t qualify, but he was in the trials. He is super hot and a cutie. Toby Stanley (Tobias Stanley). Super sexy in his speedo.

  • Teddy body is sick to death. But i’m going to go with Dannell I was stuck on him during the trials.

  • I don’t care for any of them frankly. NOT HOT!

  • Tom Cleverly and Giuseppe

  • Also roger is sexy but I like watching him in action

  • Ryan Lochte all the way!!! But Danell Leyva is smokin hot… and the other gymnasts as well… where are Sam Mikulak and Jake Dalton???

  • We all know Teddy’s got the biggest dick,so i’m going with that!!!!


  • Ryan lochte(swimmer)
    Danell leyva
    Tom cleverley
    Roger federer
    Michael phelps

  • Would have to say Roger Fedderer is my all time favorite. He is the most beauiful man alive. Alexander would be my #2, That would be one hott three way. 🙂

  • wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with the boxer ….

  • Teddy all the way! I’d take him on any day of the week!! Teddy Teddy Teddy…be my lover!!

  • All of these guys are hot, some are really hot but for me…none of them hold a candle to JAKE DALTON (gymnast for those who might not know). His body is incredible…and so is his smile. I could worship him non-stop.

  • I personally like all but Teddy. NO offense blacks just don’t turn me on. must of the men are hunks

  • I would have to say tom cleverley and clemente russo. Those are the two that i think are hot and sexy

  • wow all these guys are so hot, i really like Aldo Montano nice looking feet too

  • Clemente Russo!!! HOTTT!!

  • Damn…Danell Leyva…looks like I am going to have research the airing schedule of our gymnastic team…He deserves a loyal groupie…

  • David is the reason why i hate gay people and the hate on hate with other gays..theyre all cute in different ways and your comment against any race is uncalled for.. my bf is black and its *most not must*

  • Teddy Riner, love them dark men! <3

  • He’s not on here, but Sam Mikulak is beautiful!

  • Danell Leyva..Like yum!!

  • Each one has a quality that makes then sexy as hell. If you thought these guys were hot, just wait till track and field. Go USA!

  • Dannel….I’ve been a fan of his for years….he is a real male specimen.but on top of looks…he actually is a really great guy. And hot….very hot (;

  • I agree that they are all very hot men, but Alexandre, Danell, Teddy & Clemente are extraordinary.

    And to David above: You do nothing for this black either. No Offense. 🙂

  • Yummy Yummy I’ll take the boxer, the gymnast, and the diver. Hell if they all wanna play sure. That Fencer looks pretty cute and I do so love a man who’s good with his hands.

  • The hottest guys are in Gymnastics.

  • Tom! 😉 id give anything to get a guy like that!

  • Well i was looking for a Judo Teacher….Hehehe. I might have to call Teddy then.


  • The response to this survey just proves how much gay gentlemen are REALLY INTO SPORTS!! Go Federer

  • definatley would like to stroke Rogers racket, think he is so sexy and HOT

  • Gymnast Jake Dalton

  • How are you going ask hot or not and then call them hotties? Honestly, I thibk they all look like arrogant douchebag assholes.

  • Teddy, alexander, clemente and danell ALL SUPER HOT the rest of them I could care less about. Teddy’s body is hot and I’d agree with Bottom.Q.easy we all know He’s got the biggest cock of them all!

  • MY favorite is Michael Phelps I just think he is the hottest guy I really have a hang up on him .

  • I can’t decide between Tom and Clemente.

  • Not the best looking batch of Olympians I’ve seen, but find any true athlete hot. Clemente Russo is my favorite from the list of photos provided.

  • I always go for the men gymnasts. They have truly exceptional bodies, are highly skilled and have such a nice handsome look about them.

  • I want my Teddy <3

  • Lochte then Alexandre … I like Phelps too … but I really like tall men …

  • Roger Faderer is HOT, He is my #1 vote, YUM YUM

  • Teddy Riner,gets my vote!The brother is sexy as HELL!

  • They’re all f—ing hot, and I’d like all of them. But when I got to Teddy, I had to stop and lick my lips! He is one hot man!

  • Teddy Riner could fuck my hole bb and drop his babies in me every night.

  • Ryan Lochte hands down!!

  • Agree with your picks but I would just ass the boxer and Giuseppe who will have been the sexy bottom that me and the Fantastic 4 would have enjoyed!!
    OH MY !!!!

  • All are too groomed and too pretty. No thanks.

  • Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Roger Federer he is sexy…..

  • Alexandre!!!

  • I love Roger Federer but I agree with the other poster I can’t wait for the Track & Field event! You get to see the bulging biceps, and huge crotches of the male track stars!!! I also will be watching the men’s diving and gymnastic events!!!

  • Definitely Jake Dalton (gymnast); that dude is fucking HOT! He has got the most gorgeous nipples, and the rest of him is just an nice!

  • As you’ve already labeled them as hotties, you’ve, in a way, taken our ability to decide if they are hot or not.

    Thankfully I don’t have an issue with being a minority, expressing an opinion, or being contrary to popular ideologies.

    Overall I would say not. There’s a few that I guess fall (barely) under the category of “doable” but I wouldn’t go out of my way for them, nor long suffer the other baggage that comes with them.

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