2 Jul 2012

Music : Madonna’s Video Interlude For MDNA Tour

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I just found this amazing video interlude of Madonna especially made for her MDNA tour …and I need to share it with you guys.

Madonna looks totally hot in that clip, looking like her 90’s era, all dressed in black sexing herself up on “Justify My love”.

I love when she does the “black and white” stuff, it’s so posh!

Her style/wardrobe reminds me of the Louis Vuitton fashion show for fall 2011. Chic but extremely sexy with a hint of S&M.

Love the latex hat, the masks, the hair, very hot!

We love Madonna!

Check the video and let me know your thoughts !





8 comments for Music : Madonna’s Video Interlude For MDNA Tour

  • Madonna looks good. haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet. I’m busy right now leaving comments in the gay news and catching up on my day. I got a busy week ahead of me.

  • love it love it,cant wait to see her in miami on nov.19 2012 this will be my 3 time.love u madonna.

  • is the audio speed up, dosnt sound like the one I heard already. I love this video, nobody does it better than Madonna!

  • damn that is one hot vide0 interlude..smoking hot madonna .ill become straight or bi just to tap that…lol

  • She looks amazing!

  • The Video is hot and sexy!! Thats for sure. I disagree about your opinion with the fashion antics of the video. Its not even close to LV F 2011. LV(Marc Jacobs) cloth are way less sexy. As a lot of fashion critics say “LV is very old woman like clothing ready to wear LOL” LV is for people that just want to show off their label. Its all about TOM FORD Mixed with some GUCCI! Learn yur fashion! Oh wait I forgot gay guys now aren’t into fashion just gyms. Most you guys on here have great bodies, but dress like shit and have beat down to the curb faces. How sad What is the gay world coming to?

    M@tthew Sasha

  • Matthew, did you know that Madonna did a campaign for LV, I guess not, cause you seem to be more the H&M type….
    LV clothing line is not about logo at all. YOU learn your fashion. OH by the way, do you know that I own a high-end boutique ? Just sayin’
    So don’t tell me to learn my fashuion “gurl” lolll

  • No matter it is high-end or high street, do give credit to the stylist Arianne Phillips, without her, she is no Madonna.

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