16 Jul 2012

Music : “Turn Up The Radio” – Madonna

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Madonna just launched her latest music video, this time for single “Turn Up The Radio”, one of my very favorite on MDNA album.

In this video, the Queen of pop takes you to a sexy joyride around Italy in high heels and hot pants.

Madge  filmed this video last month in Florence, Italy, with a bunch of hotties !

Madonna kicked off her MDNA tour last month in Tel Aviv and had since made a serie of headlines from nipple flashing to butt flashing or even performing her song ‘Nobody Knows Me’ in front of a giant screen showing Marine Le Pen, French National Front leader, with a swastika on her forehead…. Anything to get attention !! The National Front said Sunday that it plans to sue Madonna…let’s see what will happen!

We like her like that, right ?

Check out her video after the jump!



19 comments for Music : “Turn Up The Radio” – Madonna

  • Love her <333

  • A bunch of hotties? Naaa…..over cliched-styled mannequins…not interested in them at all ..which is good because the most important part of the video is Madonna herself and she looked fabulous! Your comment is a subjective opinion and you’re entitled to it…..and you know what they say about opinions……

  • JP, and u know what I say about ur opinion 🙂

  • enough with Madonna. She’s never had talent and this is starting to make you out to be a bad gay stereotype.

  • Love the Video Madonna! Excellent job as usual!!!
    Darell Erazo

  • no talent? if u wann think of no talent think of Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Rihanna hello

  • As a huge Madonna fan, I appreciate the new video, but for that same reason I would rather see dancing or something more visually stimulating, as stimulating as it is to hear the song by itself. In any case, I do agree that the guys in this video are nice to look at, and I recognize some of them from her previous tours (like the middle hitch-hiker in the white suit, but I could be wrong).

  • It a simple refreshing video, Madonna having fun. It makes you want to dance. I can’t wait to see her in Philly, NY, Atlantic city and MSG..lol

  • smoking hot madonna..the older the better that she gets.i would tap her in a heart beat.

  • Really, Ben…. It is a gay stereotype to make a post about Madonna, yet you are the one posting on a Blog that is a part of a gay sex site? Get real..

  • Wow, cool music video…the driver is really hot. This is a fun, cool, sexy video good enough for the summer.

  • Just because Madonna puts her name on something doesn’t mean it’s gold and doesn’t mean every gay man should but into it.Personally I think this song is weak and there are better ones on that album she could have released. How many videos do we have to watch where she is running from the press? Give me a break.

  • It’s also one of my favorites from MDNA! I also Loved the video, very Euro. 🙂

  • God, what a bunch of catty bitches. Bully much?

  • Sadly she is just one cliché after another…

  • well see ,it true even grandy , dont know when to go home,

  • Great summer jam! She looks incredible!

  • Haters will Hate..lovers will love the Queen!!!

  • Wow,why must alot of gay guys be so catty,if you dont like it, fine; but dont put the woman down.She’s been on our side from the get go. And where would Lady GAGA Be without her, Hate it or love it , its all the same, She still dead rich and talented and alot of you are just bitter, Grow up, and Hail to the Queen!

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