26 Jul 2012

News : Chick-Fil-A Antigay Stances

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The fast food chain Chick-Fil-A made the front page of newspapapers last week because of its anti-gay stances.

The CEO of Chick-Fil-A has stated that both he and his company promote so-called “Christian values” and that same-sex marriage is wrong!

An analysis of charitable donations by Chick-Fil-A shows the fast-food chain gave nearly $2 million to antigay groups in 2010. (Not to mention the same amount was donated the previous year.)

Chick-Fil-A is actually looking for a location in Boston right now but Mayor Menino said  clearly in a letter to the fast food chain that “Chick-Fil-A doesn’t belong in Boston”

“You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion.… That’s the Freedom Trail. That’s where it all started right here. And we’re not going to have a company, Chick-Fil-A or whatever the hell the name is, on our Freedom Trail.”  he said to the  Boston Herald.

Further, Lisa Henson, CEO of the Jim Henson company which produces The Muppets has joined Mayor Menino in this protest. Chick-fil-A has a Muppet products as part of its give away and Ms. Henson announced that all proceed will be donated to GLAAD  an organization against homophobia.

To show their support to this protest, some people are organizing a same-sex kiss day on Friday, August 3rd. I strongly suggest to readers of our blog and members of A4A to participate in this kiss day by taking picture while kissing directly in front of a Chick-Fil-A and send it to them or to me (blog@adam4adam.com)  and I will gladly post them on our blog and on facebook and twitter pages.

Another option could be to simply fill the form in their contact us page and show them what you think about their anti-gay stances!



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  • i read somewhere else tht kiss in front of chicky bird was happening on Aug 1st????? and for everyone to go eat at KFC that day?? Can you update whats correct?

  • It is stated everywhere if you google it, on Aug. 3rd!

  • And in Chicago a representative said No chickie restaurants–Just like anywhere in the world but especially in our own backyard we should boycott all anti-gay—we have more spendable dollars than the avg hetero–so spend it on the ones that want us.

  • If I blow someone in front of that place will my pic definately be posted?

  • I just sent them a few comments that hopefully will send them a message that Gay people won’t be pushed around by any Company that makes offensive statements like they have. When will this crap end? With everything that’s going on in the country,sometimes it’s best to just shut the fuck up. When you have a business that relies on customers, why would you open yourself up to a public outcry. I suppose this is why large corporations that give large donations to the Republican Party don’t reveal themselves, thanks to the Supreme Court Citizens United decison. Hitting them in the pockebook will give them a kiss they won’t like.

  • I think that in this day and age a company as large as Chick-Fil-A should be ashamed of this nature of discrimination. I have no doubt that if they have gays employed there they have to hide in the closet.
    Remember Chick-Fil-A “Judge not lest ye be judged” Read your bible if you are not familiar with the phrase. I am nearly 60 years old and have been gay all my life. I have never been or will I ever be ashamed of who and what I am. God does not make trash so listen up your day will come.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ignorance is no excuse.

  • Kuddos to Mayor Menino !

  • I was at Chik-Fil-A a few days ago with my boyfriend and they refused to serve us and told us that if we did not leave they would call the cops…

  • Also I’ve seen a letter from Philly doing the same thing as Boston, telling Chick-Fil-A to get the hell out, their antigay propaganda doesn’t belong in the City of Brotherly Love.

  • Boycott it ,I don’t even like it ,I’m telling everybody I know not to go there

  • Oh the money they could make from the gays…such a shame, because they do make great hangover food. However in college when our LGBTA department found out about their anti-gay charity support, we organized to have them thrown off campus. Party goers of all orientations were probably healthier off curing hangovers at The Pita Pit anyway. 😉

  • I am actually believe marriage is for a man and a woman,,but I also believe that if they want to be married they should have the right,it does not effect me for them to have equal rights, I assure you that we have enought hatred in the world today,also there are many many other restaurants to dine at and I will never eat at another chick-fil-a

  • Yeah lets all go to the store or the mall or the strip or whatever you call your local Chick-fil-A and slap some slobbery kiss on your guy. That will only fuel their fire to stand their ground, and look like a rather ridulous PDA. Why not just ignore them. Maybe they would do the same.

  • We live in a country where we are free to protest and disagree with other people’s and business’ views/values/opinions and that’s what makes us so great. Let’s not become so intolerant that there is no longer room for people that have a different view. There are plenty of chicken restaraunts to eat in. I like KFC and Charlie’s chicken.

  • Aug 3 there will be a kiss off at all Chick-a-filcks bring in your BF or GF and kiss away.spread. the word!!!!

  • look you guys are proably gonna hate on me for the but this thing does not surprise me if you go to chick fli a you will notice that its very Christan sometimes there toys are bible story’s, they are not open on Sunday and it is not like the company refuses to serve gay people or refuse to hire u i have worked there and openly gay i have never gotten any bashing from ne one there the ceo of the company said that and he is like an 80 year old man not i am not saying that he is right all i am saying is that people need to pick there battles proctor and gamble (P&G) makers of well everything use animal testing for there goods lets boycott them. now i am not condoning them BUT its one mans opinion i mean come on there is so much ore to worry over then on mans opinion and one fast food restaurant its just causing a big issue where there does not need to be one and its not like every employee feels that way. and if you do feel like you need to do somthing the is not reason to be hateful people could get so much farther if that respond with thought and grace then shouting ugly thing….. please just think about it

  • Chickfila doesn’t doesn’t tell me where to spend my money and I don’t care where they choose to spend theirs. I guarantee you they paid more out in wages to gay workers that need jobs than a few higher ups donated to anti-gay causes. People are entitled to believe what they believe and by attempting to trash them for standing up for what they believe you make yourself look like hypocrites. I’m not losing any sleep over this and if I want a chicken sandwich I’ll get one and not think twice about it.

  • It seems Chick Fil A CEO Dan Cathy has learned NOTHING from history . . . aprtheid, Berlin Wall, civil rights, womens rights for christ sake!! The truimph of good over evil; right over wrong; nature balancing itself . . . karma. It is unfortunate that we, the GLBT community, seem to be the ‘flavor’ in our current history.

  • Aug 1 is ask for a free cup of water from chic-fil-a day.

  • I am a Bostonian and our Mayor rejected Chick-Fil-A and Wal Mart any access to property in the City of Boston. He is the best mayor Boston has ever had run our crazy town.

  • the food there sucks anyway. It’s not hard to boycott.

  • The Mayor of Boston read Chick-Fil-A their constitutional rights in that letter. I loved it.

  • Come on people…it’s America ..they like any company have the right to voice their opinion & they have the right to disagree with gay rights..Thts what makes this America !!! If we as gay people react in the way that the right Wing expect us to react…then we r no better than they are

  • wow this sucks. They will not be getting my business anymore.

  • What anti gay groups did chick fil a contribute to? I read an interesting statement that the mayor is catholic. Does he contribute to the Catholic Church? Isn’t the Catholic Church against gay marriage???? So he too donates to anti gay organizations. If so he should step down as mayor and leave the city. I am gay but I do not have a problem with someone else having a different opinion from mine as long as they are not trying to be mean or hurt me. To be intolerant of others who disagree with someone about being gay is the highest example of hypocrisy. I have seen no evidence that the restaurant has discriminated against anyone. One of the CEOs just voiced his personal opinion.
    As you can see we all have opinions. The whole attitude makes me feel sick.

  • I did a little research on this, I am not under the impression that chic filet is anti gay. The CEO was asked a question about gay marriage and he answered it and gave his opinion. He has his “christian beliefs”. So what, are we all that intolerant if someone disagrees with us? I suck cock and I like it, and no CEO will change my mind. But he can think different. We all need to cool our jets and go have a chicken sandwich. They are pretty damn good chicken sandwiches and love the sweet tea!

  • Thats a lie. It’s a personal belief. Be tolerant to those that disagree.


  • While I find Chick-fil-A’s position personally offensive, they are not a public entity and therefore entitled to espouse whatever they wish, so long as it does not involve inciting violence, etc. I do think we’ve gone a bit far in terms of the “no CFA here” manifestos, etc.

    Don’t like CFA? Don’t eat there. Done.

    Frankly, I’m not terribly sure that any of this is really going to take hold. For example, I still routinely see gay couples shopping at Target (another chain we’re supposed to be boycotting) and eating at Carl’s Jr (or are they on our “good” list now … I can’t keep track).

  • I just went to a chic fil A last week on tuesday with my friend girl and we ate I ddnt know they ceo was anti gay…Glad they came out … I will Never ever go into there restaurant again nor will my straight friend girl and her two kids and i used to take my nephew and nieces 2 of thm there… so Hey mr chicky …now I will eat more COW… you just lost about 7 customers for a life time …How u like us gays now……

  • I say that all gay couples should kiss in front of Chick-Fil-A while holding a bag from KFC or somewhere else! F*(K Chick-Fil-A! I’ll be glad to see them go bankrupt!

  • I think a “kiss in” might be the wrong way to go about protesting Chick-Fil-A. Those have always come across as immature and pointless in terms of protesting methods. A picket line or general protest in the parking lots would be much more effective and garner positive support for us. As well as just simply spreading the word and starting a boycott. Screwing with their income and profits sends a much clearer message than simply standing outside and kissing. The kiss in would just anger up people. I live in Salt Lake City, and every time a kiss in has happened, it hasn’t done a thing, it just makes people uncomfortable, including myself and a few of my close gay friends. I’m openly gay and very comfortable with myself and my sexual orientation and still don’t see a kiss in as a valid form of protest. Look to the history of protesting to find truly effective ways of taking a stance and protesting homophobia, people might actually listen and take us seriously at this point.

  • I don’t agree with the protest of taking pictures of kissing infront of the restaurant and sending it to them. I’m sorry but can’t a business place with Christian Values believe in what they believe in? The bible says homosexuality is wrong, however we still live the lifestyle thus indicating the bible and christianity is wrong. Christians, without violence, should be able to stand their ground.

    As a bi male, I do not believe in gay marriage nor do I believe in the bullying tactics of several gay organisations.
    If one does not agree with Chick-Fil-A, then simply don’t give them your sale! Its that simple, encourage others to boycott and let the loss of revenue be your voice.

  • …Who the hell cares if chick fila doesn’t care for gay people. I don’t eat there anyways….and My gayness doesn’t depend on who likes me…and they don’t have to like me, hire me or do anything for me, they are entitled to believe and think however they choose–just like we do. They have the same rights as my gay ass does…and I’m still happy and gay. Move on folks and spend your energy on something that matters…

  • Don’t eat there anymore

  • Nobody will be eating chicken in this joint anymore

    Bye Bye Chic-A-Dic-Fillet

    Eat Bojangles or KFC on Aug. 3, 2012

  • I clearly support Chick-Fil- A’s stand on this issue, not because of their so-called Christian values, free enterprise has room to speak their mind on this issue..but gay marriage in my own opinion is clearly wrong, I dont support seeing gays holding hands much less anything else in public. Im not a hater but if you’re gonna be gay, keep it at home, not in public.

  • I actually work at a Chick-fil-A In Alabama where I live, and we are most definitely doing the kissing thing on the third. So it’s not fake.

  • Sure, i’m going to end up with a heart attack just because i don’t care for chick-fil-a’s policies. i’ll just not eat their food.

  • I think just to up it we all should shoot videos of ourselves dancing in front of chick fil a locations to the parody song “Chow down at Chick-Fil-A” by Willam Belli

  • Well, if I did wat fast food I definitely
    wouldn’t b eating with chick fil a anymore. Im glad that I read this bc I will gladly take part and continue to take a stand for anything and any group that SUPPORTS civil rights and equal rights. good news is…I don’t get so wound up by all the residual homophobia hype like I used too. Those days are long gone any anyone left still holding on to the hate can just keep it within themselves bc no one cares if u hate us
    anymore. The day is coming that THEY will be hiding from us. We aren’t going anywhere TRUST ME lmbo. We still love you world!

  • As a valued company, brand name, or entity it is shameful in the eyes of the world to use your brand to to do any thing other than unite and appreciate mankind for all of its many differences; gay or straight, race or religion. These days if its not love your promoting then how can any other group expect to win promoting any thing less.

  • August 3rd is my B-Day and I now get to go across the street and get kissed by my Boyfriend.

  • I dont think we should all be in an uproar over this. A company should have the right to support what they believe in just as we do. Frankly, I dont eat there because they are way overpriced, lol. I dont agree with their donations, but at least we all have the freedom to donate what we want to whom we want.

  • It s ok for ppl to not be ok w homosexuals, BUT, it s not right to use ur business license to promote ur personal opinions, it s a license to do business..Serve food n shut ur damn mouths already.

  • Fuck the chicken men. I am from Boston, now living in Florida and am glad to see the MAYOR of Boston saying fuck off as well. I did enjoy the food at that place but have made a vow to NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN. Fuck the chicken and bring on the beef

  • hope everyone who is on board with this one tells everyone you come in contact with to boycott them forever. Lets show them between ourselves and family and friends we will bring you down and let the world know we are everywhere SPREAD THE WORD. NO MO CHICKEN

  • I think the best way to stick it to Chik Fil A is to make it the new gay hangout. What better way to help them see than to flood them with gay!

  • Ok so i think this has gone way overboard. I use to work at one last year and it was a great experience great crew and bosses. I can tell u i didnt felt discriminated against and i certainly never refused service to gays. To these butt hurt activist. STFU!! Its a restaurant with no political power. Support other restaurants if u dont like chickfila dont get ur panties in a bunch. This is a first amendment issue. A citizen expressed his OPINION and the government (boston and chicago) is barring a business soly on its OPINIONS. NOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE SOCIALISM

  • ahh come on who gives a rats ass?!

  • I will do just that, when offenses come woe unto to the offenser, this there the religious right is so religiously wrong, the Lord would instruct them to love their enemies……………

  • guess what i am not going to eat at chick-fil-fucking-A.anymore..

    – btw i would love some friends to talk too as of now, a lot of pressure going on right now coz i am not out.. btw Dave i want to email you a story if you want to publish it here..

  • I don’t eat there anyway. I am not about to pay $6 for a sandwich that is literally bun, chicken, pickles, bun. -_-
    only think there worth anything are the waffle fries. But those dont save the day entirely. but I Think this is hilarious! I need to find a boy to kiss! Hahahaahah

  • Well this is a good article, I am writing an argumentative thesis on same sex marriage giving my stand and showing oposition. This will greatly help.
    In the mean time they will not get my business anymore and I’m sure the gay and lesbian community will boycot this resturant.

  • The hypocracy of a Chil-Fil-A is comedic. the probably of some staf, as well as those in the corporate field, of being Gay is most likely higher, percentage wise, than what they profess. Men and women that work at Chic-Fil-A do not speak our for fear of being fired from their jobs. Instead of spending millions of dollars on anti gay propaganda, use it in a more productive way. Your concern of who is, and who is not leads me to wonder why this issue is so concerning to you and why does the subject iterest you so much

  • So I guess one can’t have his/her own opinion anymore and have to accept everyone and everything..I am not a self loathing gay or agree with Chik-fil-a and their position but that doesn’t mean they can’t express what they feel….aren’t we still living in America where freedom of choice is allowed? Not everyone is going to embrace the LGBT community as we want.

  • They are a private company, and this is America, so what’s the big fricking deal? Sure I may not agree with them, but all this ‘organizing’ just seems very, well…

  • Chickfila as been this way every since the opened the first store. Last weeks news in not really news much like Anderson Copper coming out.

    While I am totally against their stance, they do have a right to believe in what they choose and donate their money to whoever. Much like myself.

    I think we would be better of protesting and kissing in front of congress and get the government to recognize our rights.

  • I sent an email to Chik-fil-a. Here is what I said:

    Just to let you know…I support Chik-fil-a and the First amendment to the US Constitution. By the way, I am gay.

  • Really? Who cares? Everyone and let me REPEAT .. Everyone has their rights to Freedom of Speech and their own opinions. I am a gay white male. I just dont understand why gay people are constantly in some type of uproar about something. If its not gay marriage its something else. Really? How many gay dudes do you find that have been in a relationship for over 6 months (and thats being GENEROUS)? I can count on ONE hand a few couple that I have met over the past 20 years, that has been in a committed relationship for over 5 + years. We all know how we all are…I just get so sick of the whining. The gay society is by far one of the most miserable cultures in this world. Lets just keep pushing this shit and OUR belives on others and we will end up just like the ones we are trying not to be. So ya take those pictures kissing your man, belive me, ChiK- will be around longer then he will… Peace out..

  • Kudos Mayor Menino, one pol that tells it like he sees it.

  • Although, I do not agree with their statement, I do not think it is a cities place to tell a business that employs people that they cannot operate. As long as they don’t discriminate in employment, fine. Our society has become too
    sensitive. I’m gay, but my sexuality is not up for public scrutiny….I keep my personal life private….whether I am in combat or making a traffic stop….the enemy could care less about who I fuck…

  • Taking business away from Chick-fil-A is fine. Even a kiss-in is fine.

    Denying a legitimate, legal business a license to operate is not. This opens a slippery slope of government deciding who can operate based on a political agenda.

    Don’t forget the day when the shoe was on the other foot and gay people would have been denied on the same basis. Depending on who’s in political power the pendulum could swing back the other way to anti-gay discrimination.

    In other words, be careful what you ask for – you may get it.

  • How is this news to anyone? It’s a private company that sacrifices an estimated 30% of its revenues to be closed on Sunday. But the real question is, is being opposed to gay marriage as a personal belief really discriminatory. I think it’s misguided and uninformed, but it’s how someone genuinely interprets their values. CFA has openly gay managers and crew members. That’s not discrimination. It’s chicken. Eat it. Don’t eat it. But don’t get all twisted up about it. CFA gives away about 10% of its profits (that whole Christian thing again). Much of it to groups that have something many would question. But then again, I’ve had serious issues with some of the crap the NEA funds and calls art so we all can find places to poke if we look for it.

  • I don’t see what the big deal is. They have the same right to donate to anti-gay causes as we do to donate to pro-gay causes. Everyone criticizing Chick-fil-A should look at themselves and realize that the same power for us to donate, assemble and frequent establishments in the gay community also extends to those that might have different views than us.

    Discrimination is alive and well within the gay community. How do you think a straight man would feel walking into a “gym” to find out it is a bath-house?

    People should just shut up and let others live their lives — I don’t want to be criticized for my beliefs, and Chick-fil-A shouldn’t be criticized for theirs — that is what makes American a decent place to live.

  • I really don’t see what the big deal is. Obviously it’s horrible what Chick-Fil-A is doing, and they are promoting what i believe is anti-Christian values. But they have the right to believe whatever they want.
    What is taking picture of us kissing going to do?

  • Yeah but I’m sure they don’t discriminate against the money. I’m sure they don’t care if they’re patronized by the gay population, freakin’ hypocrites

  • I dont think they have the right to say who can love who, I’ll never eat there again, their so-called food chain isnt that good anyway.
    Looking for my soulmate
    C L C

  • And FYI it was on the local news that its August 1st

  • I for one will be protesting this policy by NEVER eating at this chain again. Does the CEO not realize that this is the 21st century and life, love and partnership comes in all types of sexual orientation. I applaude Lisa Henson for decision to donate the proceeds to GLAAD.

    Take ur chicken and stuff it where thd sun doesn’t shine you homophobic jerk

  • Honestly, it is wrong but why bash the company? It is their views and we should respect that. If we do the whole kiss thing wouldnt this be be feeding the anit-gay movement in the long run? Equality is through politics, not demonstration… Just saying…

  • I think it is wrong to tell people what they do is wrong. I do feel that chick-fil-a has the right to speak their views though. The same way anyone has the right to speak their views. We also have the right to not support their business. I understand the outrage but, that doesn’t fix or change their opinion. I feel the same way about Christianity as chick-fil-a feels about Homosexuality. Everyone has the right to their beliefs. Once you start forcing those beliefs you become al-Qaeda, who them selves kill christians for their beliefs.

    I feel people like that should be treated like angry militants an boycotted. They are ignorant and prejudice. A company like that doesn’t belong in America. Or does it? We claim to be a christian nation. “God Hates Fag’s” remember? This is the same thing over again. More people need to treat homophobia and anti-gay stances as hate and prejudice, should not be tolerated, and treated as such.

    I think people should ask In N Out how they feel about homosexuality. They are a company that supports “Christian Beliefs”. Our government needs to treat this as a human rights issue not a religious stance. Anyone who truly understands Jesus would know he doesn’t hate anyone and if he was alive today, would be the #1 supporter of gay rights. He lived among Thieves, Prostitutes and Lepers. I think christians should better grasp their belief system before they take public stances about someone else’s lifestyle.

    And if people are seriously going to go kiss in front of Chick-fil-a… I hope you know that is childish and will prove nothing. Get together and organize something that matters. Thats what’s wrong with people now they will get together to do something negative but never to help anything. We are part of the problem. This should not have been able to go on for this long.

  • Hatred is as hatred does.

    Why feed into their bullshit? They’re slitting their OWN THROATS, so let them be!!

    True, the CEO is an asshole, but why do we need to KEEP hearing about it??

    Why not go after Carl Kartcher from “Carls Jr.”?? He’s the biggest HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLE ON EARTH………

  • See Ya Chick-Fil-A You want to be religious? Read This Luke 6:36 Judge and ye shall be judged! I don’t know about your God, but my taught Love.

  • All i have to say is what goes up must come downnnnnnnnnnnn
    I have friends that work for them and they will let them know CHICK-FUCK-LAY

  • Kiss Away! But the publicity won’t hurt their business like lack of business. That’s how you get attention! Hard to believe this is 2012 and we still have bigotry.

  • If Rush Limbaugh is any indicator, all of this publicity will only increase CFA’s bottom line.

  • sad but true….In my town where i live, at least 2 of the managers are gay and have profiles on the A4A site….too funny ! God is the God of love, too bad so many choose to see that different !

  • Marky C Baby : August 1st they suggest to go ask for a large water….
    But august 3rd is the kiss-in :)

  • Chad obviously u dont understand…
    It’s a way of showing that we are against their policy

  • JC : Not because ur frustrated at your life that you can say that gay community sucks.
    Think further than your nose !

  • Tom : ewwww really? I think I’m gonna throw up !

  • I find very very weird that some of us here almost approve the attitude of that restaurant. I guess it’s a question of education…
    I personally never heard of that restaurant and will probably never eat there (cause I dont eat junk) but I will never support such a company.
    Some say ” they have the freedom to choose what they want to do”, yes, they can …but when it comes to human rights and discrimination, it’s going to far.
    It’s like if they’re telling me ” I hate you”. You think I would eat there. NOT!
    So for that, I will make sure that everybody who read this blog know about Chick-fil-A. Now if you wanna eat there anyways, go ahead, I don’t care! You’re free to do so:)

  • wsuguy: feel free to send your story at blog@adam4adam.com

  • William : WOW you are weird !!!

  • Hmm well I am from the Boston area but I have never eaten there just because they don’t seem to be too prevalent. They do have the right to believe whatever they want as long as there aren’t any discriminatory hiring practices. Other companies like the Jim Henson Company can(and I am happy they did) publicly deride them for their views. I am a little concerned about the major actually using power to keep them from setting up shop. He has the right to send them letters, but blocking them from doing business worries me a little so I am torn about it. What bothers me more is that I have seen a couple of gay and bi guys saying that they are against gay marriage. I mean such a level of self hatred boggles my mind. Personally I have seen it before but I am sure others have.

  • While I agree that gays deserve equal treatment just like any other member of society, I do not think that it is right to jump all over an organization for their beliefs and viewpoints. Is it frustrating in this day and age to listen to some of the nonsense that is out there? Absolutely! In my humble opinion, I think that they have the right to their opinion; gays have the right to theirs and so on. Personally, I do not eat at places like that anyways, but if I did, I would reconsider spending my money elsewhere because that is my right. Let them have their viewpoints and let us gays keep calm, cool, collected and focused on the big picture. There are so many advocates out in the world that really ARE making the world a better place, and I think by reacting irrationally, in appropriately and disrespectfully, we stand the risk of setting a bad example for the rest of the country and of the world. We ARE better than that(not to mention color coordinated and just plain fabulous). :) Positive food for thoughts my friends. 😉

  • Oh and to add to my earlier blog, I think that too many Christians forget that such petty viewpoints they take on homosexuality really are that of an inferior mind; God is that of higher intelligence and is above such thinking. That being said, I am. It a religious person, but am somewhat familiar with the Christian bible–much of what is preached is CLEARLY a human interpretation. If I were to believe in such an entity, I would believe that of course God makes no mistakes and therefore must have put everyone here to accent each other, not be turned against each other. Wars were never meant to be waged against each other in the name of God. War is also not just something fought with guns, spears, modern technology, etc, it is also what is the degrading of an equal claw of people in this country and on other parts of the world. It really is sad that so many terrible things happen over something as irrelevant as sexual preference–it really is. Anyways–I’m done blabbing.. Have a gay day all. 😉

  • Omgoodness–darn iPhone and auto correct—I should have proof read… I meant I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS PERSON. I am not illerterate really! Lol

  • Although my post was removed (don’t know why because I did not use profanity or promote hate), I am pleased to see that a lot of like minded people agree with me. Chick-fil-a should be able to have their own views and the picture idea is dumb! Just don’t spend your money there. Go elsewhere.

  • All this up roar and reaction over this company is making us look like fools. How is being for something automatically mean hating something else? So they have a different opinion. If you don’t like it don’t eat there and move on. Good grief.

  • In OPEC countries, homosexuality is a crime that sometimes carries with it the death penalty. How many of you are going to stop buying gas for your cars?

  • All I can say to that is it’s OK because he who places judgment at the end will be judged

  • Guys get over it, what would the world we live in be without chick fil a?

    I’m not going to ever stop eating there because they aren’t doing anything to try and start mass war, or kill babies but just share their views and expand


  • I say that I agree with some guys here like Curious and brandon above. We live in a free country and now we are trying to “shut-up” a group? Just don’t give them your business and that’s it. Curious how in Santa Monica a group of Atheist have been attacking Christians there and no one seems to say a thing……just a thought!

  • Who Cares? Why hate? all this type of thing does is breed more hate. what be a part of it?

  • I don’t really understand how kissing in front of a Chick-Fil-A and taking a picture of it is going to help anything. I do not agree with the CEO’s stance, the company’s charitable donations, nor will I ever step foot in a Chick-Fil-A (or ever have I been to one, for that matter), but kissing in public seems kind of childishly obnoxious. Let’s show how intelligent we are instead, like Mayor Menino has done on our behalf. We can find ways to keep companies like that out of our communities and not support the ones that may already be there. On the other hand, I don’t condone the action of public affection in front of a bigot, I just reserve it for direct cases of discrimination, like when you’re making out with your boyfriend in your car and a passerby tells you she is going to call the police if you don’t stop. If this is the case with Chick-Fil-A and they have discriminated against gay employees or customers, then let all hell break loose.

  • I had lunch there a few days ago…it’s one of my favorite fast food joints…will continue to go as much as before, if not more!

  • I am gonna catch hell for this, but I say we need to take a step back. The CEO of Chik-Fill-a has a right to his opinion and beliefs- no matter how antiquated, historically inaccurate, and backwards they are. His corporation has the right to support whatever political affiliation it chooses. You know why? This is America. That is supposed to be what we do here. Freedom of belief and expression. We’d be pretty fucking pissed if A corporation pissed on our right to do and say what we like. I mean, isn’t hat what our whole struggle is about, Equality? The Asshole shouldn’t be forced to publicly or privately support behavior and views that he does not approve of.

    You know what though? Disney/The Jim Henson Company Celebs, politicians, and John Q Public – Of which I am a member – Does not have to feed the beast that is Chic-fil-a. I don’t have to give him or his corporation my hard earned money, for him to give it to those that would stop me from having my right to do, thin, feel, and say what I like.

    Its very simple… He has a right to say what he wants. I have a right to show him how I feel by not buying his products.

    Besides, I cook better chicken at home anyhow.

  • Marriage is a religious ritual, voo doo, witch craft, a superstition. The government is supposed to be separate from religion. Mark Twain said,”Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.”Busnesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone without giving a reason. Humans are not biolgically set up for just one mate.That is a scientific fact.

  • I heard on the first there will be a pro chik-fil-a day in my area pretty much to counter this day on the third

  • U guys have it all wrong!!!! Do ur research look at the interviews they ask the CEO what are “His” belief of family value they never ask what are “Chick Fil A” belief! N beside that if someone refused their service at a chick fil a cuz of there sexual orientation, they woul be fired at the spot! That is not the company’s core value!

  • Cesar: YOU should make YOUR research lolll
    We never mentionned anything concerning refusing to serve a gay client.
    Re-Read the post….

  • i don’t give a damn. i love those sandwhiches LOL

  • Not new, but good to bring it to the spotlight.

  • Who cares? Freedom of speech…although it wasn’t the best business move they’re still entitled to their opinion…and they have bomb sweet tea and waffle fries so this def won’t keep me from going back

  • Love chick-fil-a. Since when did supporting traditional marriage become antigay? No wonder I dont respect the gay rights movement. Sweat tea and and chicken sandwich sounds good right now. Freedom of Speech, it goes both ways anti-christian bigots.

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