11 Jul 2012

Watch This : Is Abercrombie & Fitch Gay?

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Abercrombie & Fitch always had male-objectifying marketing campaigns, showing beautiful young men.

They always denied that they were targetting a gay clientele or using homoerotic imagery in their marketing.

Their new promotional videos (there are 4 of them) are produced by none other than Bruce Webber, featuring hot wrestling scenes (not gay at all!).

Will Abercrombie & Fitch finally admit they are a tad bit gay this time or will they try to sweep it under the rug?

It’s gonna be hard!

Check out the video below and comment!


(photo credit : Abercrombie & Fitch)


64 comments for Watch This : Is Abercrombie & Fitch Gay?

  • If that’s not gay, then Perez Hilton is straight!

  • This is what a lot straight guys do, hold each other in awkward positions, playfully touch each other, give kisses on the forehead, & call it, “Wrestling”.

  • okay, no jeans, no shirts, just hot guys in the shower. in addition you had to watch very close just to see that some of the hotties were wearing A&F shorts. Had I not noticed the A&F I would have thought this was a hot gay porn and not part of A&F’s new ad campaign.

  • lol i agree

  • thats go gay

  • it is so gay and sexual exposed … this brand name is for caucasian gay style , afican and asian wear this brand name , i think , they are want looking for caucasian gays

  • They alway have been, and finally decided that since its “cool” to be gay they’d finally come out in support. How progressive of them…

  • Why are they “wrestling” in the shower?

  • If that’s not gay, nothing is!!

  • So what if they are gay. I am and love it. Personally I feel they are borderline pedophile, not exactly ground breaking advertisement either. If they were normal looking imperfect gay male humans getting it on that would be groundbreaking.
    Interestingly I was constantly told by an older “sugar daddy” type these clothes are me.

  • that’s about as gay as gay gets without being gay porn!

  • It is blatantly homoerotic, why even ask the question?

  • oh yea that is gay.

  • Its gay its as gay as Ricky martin.

  • I have seen gay pornos that were more str8 then that video.

  • I’m not sure about Abercrombie, but Fitch is definitely gay. He’s been in my pants.

  • That is soooo not gay. My ‘straight’ friend and I ‘wrestle’ in the shower ALL the time. So a cock slips and ends up in an orifice, it’s not gay. Not gay until the two naked cock heads touch, or someone blows a load.

  • so very Gay

  • I’m not sure how that could not be called gay.

  • Hot, looks very GAY to me. Just wish I was with them ……lol

  • Nope not gay at all…I would call it “Bro-mance”

  • Tibor, you have it backwards. Its Abercrombie who is gay. Fitch has been known to go both ways on occasion, but is “mostly straight”. 🙂

  • tis caled the power of sex thay nowing how market to a tragget audiance sex is power then come to marketing thatand anf and hollert oly traget saly whsite people core i no iuuse wit complaney tht run by white elfutant people

  • HELL YEAH…..NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This isn’t an Abercrombie ad…

  • Isn’t this what ‘soft porn’ is? Ya, kissing, hugging, snuggling and outlines of dicks through wet shorts. It’s pretty gay lol

  • Gay, Gay, Gay

    I find it funny that straight teenagers and twenty-somethings of both sexes make A&F one of their wardrobe staples, spend hundreds on imported labeled clothing, and pride themselves on carrying a “homo-erotic” shopping bag through a mall.

  • I think that it was and is a company that supports that Gay community. They just don’t want to come out and say it. Please when all the advertisement store, print, and media is homoerotic. You tell me that they haven’t been targeting us from the beginning they know we are the one’s who “butter their bread” so to speak. Oh and to mention many other labels like A&E, Hollister, Express, etc. Need we go on. Well enough of my high horse of knowing my market which is FASHION and the retail business. So all you gays out there mourn with me now the loss of the store we love the most and go shopping at A&E…LOL Shop online at Abercrombie DUH! and Hollister. 🙂

  • Its not gay they are all comfy with their sexuality. LMFAO

  • ummm, F-A-G…GAY….Period….

  • I’m just not sure…..will someone recreate the scene with me, I’ll need to experience it to make a conclusive decision

  • Looks pretty homoerotic to me. But this is “groundbreaking” WHY? Homosexuals have been around for as long as the earth has been spinning. Why are we celebrating something we’ve been aware of for the majority of our lives likes it’s an entirely new epiphany?

  • Really hott

  • Beautifully gay…

  • It’s whatever!!!!

  • I just keep on wating for them to start blowing each other. lol

  • It is not gay, I have never sucked a dick and Adam4Adam is web site to help promote anti gay relationships.

  • Who cares, so y pressure them….damn y can t ppl just leave well alone…they know their clients well, young impressionable boys who want nothing more than to be an individual by wearing the exact same OUTFIT as the bestie….NOTHING GAY about that….fyi, their clothes suck n their buyers don t seem to get out much…their clothes NEVER change n the price lol hell no

  • Now i know y my son n all his friends are always hugging,,,,lol….perso.ally i just think it s inappropriate marketing for such young consumers.

  • It’s overtly marketed as highly sexual, to demographics that includes the gays. If you are asking this question.. Then, I’m afraid to tell you that you have been sucked into the ad itself. Questioning if the ad is gay means you’re already hooked! Wake up. Of course gay are included, may not be gay exclusive, but definitely homo erotic by nature.

  • Let me think….um GAY

  • I could vomit…and im gay as a goose!!!

  • who cares? Abercrombie and Fitch are douche.

  • yeah this commercial just made me lose my virginity all over again and i had a deep roaring orgasmic noise all side that….it 2.7 million on the gay radar…

  • If I were str8 and were watching that… I may just want to start wrestling! And therefore, I wouldn’t have to go to church with my girlfriend on Sunday because I was playing a sport with the boys… Hmmmm???… Is homosexuality becoming a sport? If so, I’m already on the team! And yes, I’ll pin you down… LoL!

    I’m NOT gay, I’m a wrestler!!! Duhhhh…

  • Nope, nothing gay about this video. No sir. Not at all.

  • First of wrestling is the GAYEST sport there is. Most guys that wrestle are at least bi they just don’t admit it. They like grappling, and touching and rubbing against another man and feel the male form and strength. This commercial is as homoerotic soft core as it gets.

  • I think I need some clothes from A&F……hot video

  • There’s no way to denied that as gay

  • If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then…

  • I’m a bi guy (not out) and what’s so gay about that video? My str8 friends and I always wrestle around partially clothed, then join each other in the shower and continue to wrestle around putting our crotches in each others faces. Sure, we do that kind of stuff all the time. (Note the sarcasm)! But agreed, it’s a hot video – making me wish I was one of those guys.

  • So, ah…that was some pretty hot softcore porn there…excuse me for a minute…or ten…

  • So stereotypically gay

  • oh to be a perfect lean ripped god with cheek bones you use to cut diamonds.

  • OMG if that’s not gay then, im! Pope lorenzo the 1st black Pope from the hood

  • As gay as the gay porn I masturbated to earlier today

  • I’m kind of saddening and ashamed at us gays at the moment. We preach and demand equality and say we celebrate diversity. But when someone or some group creates something that we feel aroused by it must be gay.

    Kind of makes us sound like the very people who oppose our civil rights.

    The argument can easily be made there are str8 men that like to watch 2 girls; thus there are str8 women that like to watch 2 men. Perhaps this video was catering to them and not us (and fyi “google it” women make most of A&F purchases by demographic).

    Prejudice is after-all the only non-prejudice thing in the world.

  • I’m still waiting for the moneyshot. Until then they are just a couple of Mormon boys in the shower.

  • Isn’t A&F “targeted at the 18-24 year old group”?

    What are 45 year old men wearing that shit for? Really?


  • GAY

  • nothing this original, c’etais kool.but i expected more funnn…..

  • Hot….but gay.

  • dumb this racist clothing brand sucks anyway. if your over the age of 24 you shouldnt be wearing these clothes anyway you look stupid. and who cares about their ads? everyone knows that this company has been gay since day one, why is everyone so surprised??

  • I wish a guy would kiss me on the forehead like that.

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