18 Aug 2012

A4A : What’s up ?

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Hey guys, what are you doing this week-end ?

Let us know, we like to hear from you !

I am in Montréal right now because it is gay pride w-e ! Yayyyy !

Today is the community day, tonight there is an awsome Drag Queen show, and tomorrow is the parade and T-Dance!

Come check it out if you are around !


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  • Why is a4d so hard to meet a guy its a shame how u live n a small city and ppl make up crazy shit dam we all need that touch.

  • Bored @ home. No cock to suck/fuck this weekend. Bummer.

  • Flying to Detroit from Tampa with my gorgeous bf to spend 2 weeks in the woods in northern MI near Marquette and maybe make some new friends with the boys of NMU! :)~

  • Palm Springs!

  • What up, A4A?!
    I really wish there were some interesting & attractive men in Fort Worth, TX. You have the God-fearing, in the closet holy-rollers, the cheating on their boyfriends guys, the older than my oldest preference men, the I’ve-never-been-in the-same room with a Black guy (even though it’s 2012) types. Oh, and the I-just-graduated-from-high school-last week boys!
    That’s what I’m dealing with this weekend.

  • Today is Mid-Mo Pride here in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

  • While a sleepy weekend can’t compare to Gay Pride in Montreal, yesterday’s Kansas City, Missouri, outdoor extravaganza charity event at Dan Meiner Studio for KCFree saw hunky, half-dressed models sudsing luxury cars and sashaying drag queens, while beverages snacks were served to the A-list crowd dancing to a DJ. Then, everybody zipped over to Hamburger Mary’s for great drink specials and more laughs.


  • I am hoping to suck many cut cocks this week and eat many many squeky clean ass and maybe a yum yum bubble butt ass I am also hoping some guys with cut cocks fuck my hot tight latino ass.

  • unlike many gay guys, I WORKED… i don’t get weekends off let alone a day off very often as a truck driver…

  • wish i could attend a gay pride wek some time

  • i have had many dates from A4A and some were more than i expected to be in a very satisfying way. others were high expectations and major disappointments! overall i love all the sex that came from it! always and adventure!

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