16 Aug 2012

Music : Happy Bday Madonna !

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I can’t believe Madonna entered our world 54 years ago !

That’s almost twice my age…. (Maybe I would have chance with her since we all know she likes young guys…. hmmm maybe I could send her a love letter lolll)

What an influence she had over pop culture, it’s crazy…She opened so many doors …by shocking everyone !

Happy Birthday Madge !


16 comments for Music : Happy Bday Madonna !

  • Fuck Madonna, I hate this woman and her music!.

  • So, does this mean she is the oldest non-taleted whore out there?

  • Ya know, I totally forgot I share a birthday with her. lol

  • great photos
    happy bday to the queen

  • i love madonna she is one of a kind .happy birthday and looking forward to see her in concert pretty soon!

  • I have met Madona many years ago in Miami, her second husband “the cuban” was my neighborn. Always love her and her music…. i will go to see her here in Dallas Oct. 20th

  • madonna will always be my lady gaga fuck dat bitch love you madonna happy birthday

  • Yeah! Happy Bday Madonna

  • Happy Birthday Madonna . Thanks for making or lives more interesting living vicariously through you . I have a question I always wanted to ask you ,And I wonder if anyone else ever had the guts to ask you this . I Love you and always will , but , Are you A member of any secret societies Like the Free Masons Or the Illuminati ? and if you are, What did they offer you to carry out there request ?

  • happy bd you over-rated talentless lump …

  • Sorry, but Madonna sux! She’s a lip syncing hack! And she ruined Guy Richtie while they were married, glad they are divorced! You sir are a dumb ass that acts like a typical gay you are the stereotype!

  • happy birthday madonna! the ultimate pop icon.

  • Yep,all the best.Hackneyed,derivative skanks need love too.And many more,before you’re buried in a Y shaped coffin.

  • happy belated birthday to the material girl

  • nobody in the music world can hold a candle to Madonna-the greatest female pop singer ever and always will be.

  • fuck all you haters. Madonna has more talent in her pinky finger than all you hatin ass bitches have combined.

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