29 Aug 2012

Pornstar : Alessio Romero

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Allesio Romero is all man and just exudes confidence and sexuality. He comes from Mexico and is very proud of his heritage. His hairy muscular body is beautifully adorned with tattoos that all have deep meaning to him and it is his gentle soul and masculine exterior that draws people in. His deep brown eyes draw you in and his smile lets you know that there is something a little bit mischievous going on in his head when it comes to sex. A self proclaimed “Pig” Allesio is they type of guy who will try anything once, and if he likes it he will probably take it to the next level or invent something new. Allesio is the type of guy you want to cuddle with and at the same time have him take you to the basement for some kinky fun too!

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32 comments for Pornstar : Alessio Romero

  • Holy damnnnnnn

  • Damn he is the sexiest man you have ever posted. A real man not some pretty boy or smooth twinkish model.

  • Been there done that when he lived in LA. Would go there again anytime 🙂

  • OMG!!… F-ing LOVE my LATIN MEN!!.. I would LOVE to get topped by him!!… HOT!!..

  • he does not turn me on at all. not my type. 2 thumbs down.

  • eww she nasty and i agree he dosnet do a dam thing for me tow tumbs domwn

  • This man is absolutely gorgeous! Come.slip in my bed.anytime!

  • Hot but I’d like him more if he shaved his butt ,I’m not into hairy butts

  • My dick would go limp.

  • Not too often y’all post a man……kudos & fukkin hot

  • Waooooo que Lindo

  • hes handsome…he still gets a SNOOZE though, but only a half snooze since he actually looks like a human being and not like a dumb cookie cutter model like you usually like to post…

  • Why are all these dudes covered with stupid tattoos? One thing I like about European porn is that fewer guys have trashed their skin with “body art.”

  • Rugged and handsome at the same time. This guy shows confidence and is not afraid to b himself. That’s something many guys lack. I love this guy and would want him anytime instead of all the fake looking and boring pretty boys 😉

  • He is hotttttttttt….. I’d love that burrito in me.

  • mmmmmmmmm I LOVE Mexican cock. I could suck one right after another, that foreskin, those balls, nips. Perfecto…..My favorite foot a BIG Burrito

  • make that 3 of us. not interested. not hot. not even warm.

  • Meh. I’m sure he’s sexy enough, but the photos posted aren’t very flattering.

  • he is very attractive an sexy. I like this. the pretty boy fake look is too over done. glad to see what a real man looks like. thanks adam4adam.

  • DAMN!!!! He is hot!! I’d spread my legs wide open for him if he liked older men. He is so sexy!!

  • I agree with Scott. While he is OK and would be doable he is not something we would seek out. Guess that just proves the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is that beer holder? 🙂

  • One word….Smokin!

  • A perfectly fine looking sexy man, until he went and screwed it up with the tatoos.

  • Met him at a pool party. If anything else, he is a very nice person and easy to talk to.

  • He’s sexy

  • i want to call him daddy while he’s pounding my tight hole!

  • Hot! Just so damned hot!

  • Not my type at all, but enjoy it.

  • Would not touch him with a 10ft pole.

    Looks to nasty and grungy. To many damn tattoos.

    For the life of me I don’t know what people are thinking when they doodle all over their bodies and have the idea that it somehow enhances their looks.


  • Being “nasty” or a “pig” is what makes him so fuckin’ hot!

  • I do not care for the tattoos but love his body.What I really like is he is not a pretty boy.

  • He is one of the beautiful hairy bottoms I love to watch — repeatedly!!!! 😛

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