28 Sep 2012

Music : Aguilera’s New Music Video

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After a lot of teasing, Christina finally revealed her new music video for “Your Body” today.

The story and visual effects are interesting…Throughout the video, Christina meets hot guys, hookups with them and then kills them.

Like a real expert, she wears a different sexy outfit to kill each victim and each murder she does is very…..colourful and explosive!!!

Check out what I mean below and let me know if you like!



5 comments for Music : Aguilera’s New Music Video

  • I like it

  • I love her n I love the song n video

  • Men should be boycotting this album just based on the video. If we changed the roles, and had a male singer make a comparable video in which he lured women to his hotel or for a ride or into the women’s restroom for sex, only to kill them all after the encounter, would women not be outraged? Would men not follow suit? I think such a video in reverse would be condemned and either recalled or boycotted. The same should go with this one. She has a great voice, but this vid is not acceptable by the double standard so common now in our society. Women get to be the victims, and we’re all supposed feel sorry for them. And yet, in this video, the men are the victims and all I’ve been reading on the internet is how “fun” it is and how “tongue-in-cheek” it is. Sorry, wrong is wrong from both sides. Be men. Boycott this one guys.

  • She looks like a drag queen with all that make up and that rats nest of rainbow hair extensions is not doing her any favors.

  • Did she say “barely right now”? Or was that the Regal? Lol. Girlfriend is much more talented than this.

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