8 Oct 2012

A4A : Happy Columbus Day

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Hey guys, hope you had a nice week-end…

Just wanted to wish you a happy Columbus Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Were you off today?



8 comments for A4A : Happy Columbus Day

  • No I was not off today but I want to GET OFF today…LOL

  • Hell naw. Don’t nobody celebrate that shit no more. I didn’t even know until I saw how light the traffic was and found out school was closed. LOL Holidays ain’t what the used to be. Ya lucky if ya get New Years.

  • Nope – had work today. I got cruised at the gym around lunch time and showed off a little bit with this dude in the shower across from me. But unfortunately we got interrupted and didn’t end with a hook up. Maybe next time though cause we run into each other all the time. Today was just not crowded because of the holiday and got a chance to get a better look at each other. So now we both know each other is interested and could lead to good things.

  • Had the day off and got off with my bf ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Nope. That’s what sux most about being in sales… holidays don’t exist.

  • A holiday for Columbus?
    What did he do?
    Discover something that already was habitated by people? :p
    All he did was come into someone’s backyard and saw he found it.

  • I never understood why we even had a holiday for that vile bastard. He raped, stole, and pillaged from nearly every native people and tribe he ran into once he found land on this hemisphere.

  • Yeah, he landed in the Bahamas. I don’t know why the hell we recognize him in America…

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