27 Oct 2012

A4A : Tonight is Halloween In Clubs

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Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying your w-e so far?!

Tonight is Halloween in clubs, and there are many parties everywhere… What are your plans?

Are you going out? What will be your costume?

I have 3 parties tonight, I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to attend all of them…but i’ll do my best!

I’ll dressup as a chick again this year….but this time, a hot rich woman: coyote stole, diamonds everywhere, little cocktail black dress, fancy shoes…

It will be lots of fun…

Enjoy your evening and feel free to send me a picture of your outfit at blog@adam4adam.com !

I might organize a contest like last year!!


12 comments for A4A : Tonight is Halloween In Clubs

  • yess im dressing up as always

  • sorry, but a gay man in drag for Halloween…not very original and kinda tired…dont you think??

  • Hell, I thought every night was Halloween in the clubs! LOL The bois are in there looking weird or dressed like something they really ain’t. I’m not going out, but for Halloween I’ll be dressed as an attractive middle aged man who still ain’t got nobody. Wait…that’s what I was last year. And the year before. Seems like that’s how I dress everyday. …

  • I’m going in costume and I plan to hit both Splash and Fiesta, but I don’t have tickets to either one so I doubt if I’ll get in.

  • Enjoy. You should try dressing up as a DICK instead of a chick for a change!

  • I went on a bad date for cluboween. After work; after midnight. For four hours, I was sitting in his car, then at the restaurant, then at his car again and desperately trying to keep the conversation going so as to avoid awkward silence which would give him an opportunity to pounce. Complaining about your life to me is really a boner kill. Thanks A4A :(

    P.S. please find me a better set up for my New Year’s eve make out date

  • Who made it officially party night for Halloween?

  • Patrick, No I like the attention I get from straight boys when im a “chick”

  • Charlie, we are 10 friends, and every year we dress up as gurls…and we love it.
    I actually don’t really care if you don’t find it original :)
    It’s very fun!!

  • wow some guys have reall iuuse dont they boys sound like they are jellous case we look good

  • Went out in My Flightsuit Sat nite.. I couldn’t keep my zipper up guys kept pulling it down and playin with my goods

  • Jace….we don’t have “ISSUES” (correct spelling). We’re just asking the questions, that’s all….We are not “JEALOUS” (correct spelling) “beCAUSE” (correct spelling) there isn’t anything to be jealous of……so you see, there “REALLY” (correct spelling) isn’t any problem here. Throwing the question out there. Isn’t that what this blog is about?…btw, do you have spell check????

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