24 Oct 2012

Hot Or Not : Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake just got married with Jessica Biel last week and they released their wedding photos in People Magazine today.

Which brings me to ask you…Do you think Justin is “still” hot ?

Personally, I think he was very hot 5-6 years ago, when he launched his last album…he was a bit beefier more muscular and his face looked great.

But I googled him today and I had a hard time finding a hot photo of him in 2012. His face looks tired, older and wrinkled …for a 31 y.o man. He is also skinnier and I don’t know if I still find him hot?!?!

Maybe it’s the marital status that changed him…lol

What do you think?

Google “Justin Timberlake 2007” and then “Justin Timberlake 2012” … very different face!




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  • JT is always sexy … this post is blasphemy…

  • NOT. What? That’s it, ain’t no more to it.

  • Dave,

    how about you put yourself in the Hot or Not chair?

  • Paul, it will come one day…

  • definitely NOT HOT!!!!!!!

  • Well, he’s hotter than Justin Bieber, that’s for sure.

  • Different strokes, I guess. He used to be situationally hot. I like my guys to look mid-to-late 30s, mostly. The 12-pound teenager look usually doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I’m more an older-Justin-Timberlake fan than a current-Zac-Efron fan. But they both lose to someone like Adam Pally

  • When he was young and had the longer hair he was fucking hot. Not into the guys shaving or cutting thier hair all off. Not hot

  • He was hot back in the day and had a raw sexual appeal. Today, he is just as sexy in a matured and much more manly way. Twinks are fun to play with but when it comes down to it I want a man, not a boy.

  • Hell yea he is f’en hot would let him fucking me all day and night Lol

  • ABSOLUTELY!!!! *drool*

  • Not as hot as he once was nor as hot as he thinks he is now.

  • I personally don’t think that Justin is HOT at all.

  • Who gives a flying f**k whether JT is still hot nor not? He’s off the market, regardless, for now anyway.

  • Who cares?

  • HOT! He just grew up, we all grow up. None of us can be Peter Pan, we can have the Peter Pan syndrome, but we still grow up at least physically! I looked at the photos and he just grew up, that’s it. Tom Cruise grew up, so did George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the list could go on and people still think they’re hot!

  • That’s called the magic of “aging”.

    Let’s see a pic of YOU 5 years ago and one of you dragging your ass outta the sack this morning.

    Were you “hot” 5 years ago and still today?

    It’s all a matter of perspective and frame of reference…..

  • Look up the SNL episode where he hosts with an opening dance scene acting ‘not hot’ then the skit he won an emmy for wearing a bear bottle costume called Liquorville and then ‘Its alright in a 3 way’. I nearly wet myself. He is even more hot now that he is laid back and doesn’t care now and can dance, sing do anything but is still real in person. I could see meeting him somewhere and then hanging out. I want a guy like him. Sing, dance, ‘dance’ and real.

  • He’s a sweet guy. That makes him hot still. I give him a 8/10. lol

  • Justin T is like the rest of us, getting older, looking different. I has to be hard to be in the public scene day and night. I don’t envy him. I think he is talented tho. and he has a nice different voice, higher pitched than most. I like that about him.

  • I’ve always thought he stinks of arrogance. Seems to think way too much of himself, never found that remotely attractive. A no-talent arrogant pretty-boi.

  • NOT…. never understand the sex appeal for guys or women for that matter… i don’t care much for blondes but even so, not a fan of his look…. i like his music and his movies though

  • Hot, well he’s ok, but one thing that made me take a second look, he’s got a cute butt. Not bad of an actor as well, he was pretty good in Friends with benefits. Other then that Justin Whoooooooooo.

  • After that video was played at their wedding, I can’t appreciate him at all.

  • When he was younger he was.

  • i completely agree!! i think he is still hot but not as hot as he once was..his face does look a bit to skinny these days and looks a bit odd…

  • very hot

  • Hell yes ,Right up that crack ,he can dance on my face /

  • OH HELL NO!!! Lance was the hottest member of NSync…..& can act & sing much better than Justin WHINEberlake.

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