9 Oct 2012

Music : Adele’s Skyfall

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Have you heard it ?

Skyfall is the latest James Bond theme, and it’s our dear Adele who sings it.

The dangerous but delicious ballad, in my opinion, is totally amazing.

I’m not a James Bond fan, but the track totally makes me want to go see the movie, November 9th, the day of the worldwide release.

So for now, listen to the track and let me know if you love or hate !

Listen to it below!


15 comments for Music : Adele’s Skyfall

  • while I do enjoy the song and LOVE it a lot more than the last horrible one from alicia Keys and Jack White I have to say it is a classic sounding Bond song.


    It’s not nearly as awesome as some of the older ones. It doesn’t have the feeling and intensity that Goldfinger had, or even The World is not Enough by Garbage.

    It has a great sound and is totally a Bond song but I feel that Adele didn’t get a chance to show off her vocal abilities. As far as bond songs go it’s good, not the best. And as far as Adele songs go I’d have to say it’s really weak, even if I do still like it.

  • Agreed. This song probably is one of those that needs to grow on you to like 🙂

  • Love it

  • Yeah, it’s a cool song, but not spectacular…this is the kind of song Shirley Bassey would kick into high gear…I know, apples and oranges… I love Shirley and I love Adele, so I won’t compare any further. Thanks for posting!

  • I LOVE Adele! And I think everything she touches now turns to Gold! Its an amazing, haunting, and perfect 007 Bond song.

  • I agree with Crayak wholeheartedly. It was certainly a missed opportunity for Adele. It’s a good song, but it’s not the knock-out punch I was anticipating from her. At best, in my opinion, it’s about #11 as far as best Bond Songs go. It’s not as good as “Diamonds Are Forever,” “Goldfinger,” “You Only Live Twice,” “We Have All the Time in the World,” or “Surrender,” but eons ahead of “Another Way to Die,” “If You Asked Me To,” and “All Time High.”
    I do give her kudos, though, for not shying away from the movie title like the most recent submissions.

  • Absolutely, BryBry, the queen diva supreme, Dame Shirley Bassey, would no doubt knock “Skyfall” out of the park. “Skyfall” already has a “No Good About Goodbye” quality to it.

  • Perhaps, it would be a little better if the James Bond Theme wasn’t thrown in the middle of it (in your face) as if the song couldn’t stand on its’ own. Then the last note… come on now, really??

    Eons ahead of Rita Coolidge?? Patti LaBelle?? (scoffing…)

    Cute that you used the word “eons” considering thats the name of the company that produces the Bond films: Eon Productions.

    We’ll see if it ties for #1 in the US with Duran’s A View to a Kill though… We shall see… (rubbing evil hands…)

  • Love Adele but song is just so so….but ok for a bond movie

  • I love it!!! Been waiting for this Bond flick for a while and then Ms. Adele is doing the theme song… gonna be EPIC!!!

  • Love it, and reminds me a bit of the good old stuff from Portishead

  • I am very disappointed. I find the song rather dull and I love Adele. My favorite Bond theme is You Only Live Twice, but I also prefer Nancy’s single version to the film version. LOL

  • I think it fits perfectly… The Bond Franchise has a knack for integrating a great action packed mission scene which lead into the theme. It’s perfect for a bond film top 40 maybe not. I bet my 007 tattoo on it!

  • Better luck next time Adele:
    UK Peak Position: 4
    US Peak Position: 8

    Perhaps you should have waited til October 26th, then it’d be time to see Cloud Atlas.

  • I love Adele……although this did not showcase her voice. The ending was the the strongest. Wish it would have been better. Still……she will make it a hit.

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