22 Oct 2012

Music : Remember Melanie Amaro?

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Melanie Amaro is the winner of last year’s X Factor USA. She secured a 5 million dollars contract with Syco Music and Epic Records by winning the contest.

But have you heard anything about the songstress since last year?

I only remember that Pepsi commercial alongside Elton John in which she was singing a cover of “Respect” ….which failed to chart.

“Don’t Fail Me Now” is the new single for her upcoming album…

Personally, I like her vocals….but I feel like the song is missing something…. a “umph”

I’ll let you be the judge, check out her new video below and let me know if you like!


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  • This was soOOOOo Boring… i couldn’t even get through this song… but then again i didn’t really root for her

  • i think it sounds great. don’t think it will be that much of a hit in this time of music. we are in the club theme time.

  • I adore her. I think she is so good, She just needs to find the right people to promote her.

  • The song is ok, I agree not any umph,, and also if she got 5 million dollars in her contract what is it going to? That video was very low budget I could do the same video for at least 1000 dollars… all i need is a green screen and a few friends lol

  • The lyrics like most songs are okay…
    But I don’t think it was a good enough song for people to want to hear it on the radio.
    She’s a good singer, but this song makes it seem like it’s going to pick up and doesn’t. (Which is disappointing)
    Great talent, but not the right time to be releasing songs like this one.
    She needs to get a person to write her songs or work with someone who will help her get the right songs out.

  • Yess vocials are good but whatevver team she has behind her is not doing enough she needs to find a good producer and put her ass out a good record… Something simple but that will get a person moving thas how it is now

  • Shawn M is right on tardet

  • target lol

  • how funy i was jsut listin this the otehr day

  • she has a nice voice, her high notes are weak, but then the song is not that great, but it has a catchy refrain.

  • Im from the same island she is from and know her well. I think she is jusg getting her feet wet. She is still EXTREMELY shy but I think with guidance and more umph from her promoters and producers she will do good in the future. Btw I agree with all the comments except the first one.

  • SUCKS!!!!!

  • Yea, I didn’t understand this song at all. She definitely should have showed off her voice more. And there were parts when a club beat would come in and thought the song was about to turn into some hardcore club/electronic Rihanna type of song but then nothing happened. : ( I hope she comes out with something better SOON or she might be done in this industry. She’s so talented so I hope she gets it together.

  • the song is horrible…sorry couldn’t even go through the song!

  • her vocals are good ,however in this times having a great vocals doesnt get you far specially if you lack creativity when shooting a video and apparently she doesn’t connect or transmit any emotions on this video to keep you interested.bottom line is creativity wins against vocals!

  • I really thought that when it went into the dance beat she was gonna kill it but instead she slowed it back down with FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW

  • here’s the problem, 1. you queens need to get out of the clubs once an awhile to just enjoy a cute song. This song is a windows down, sunny day drive kind of song…. i will say that the part where’s she comes into the club to sing was a huge FLAT spot,, by repeating the SAME exact lines in the same EXACT key was boring,, there should have been a major key change and she should have busted the vocals out THERE.. the wardrobe was FLAT, the video production was FLAT… for 5 millions, i think she needs a refund on her produced this song and who directed this video and start over……… as far as someone saying her high notes were weak, i have to disagree, to sing falsetto on ONE word so quickly between other words in her normal voice is EXTREMELY hard to do and it, unfortunately, THAT IS THE HOOK…. but it’s not enough to keep this song going in regards to radio and chart play or as you’ve all said, the clubs… but it’s catchy in it’s own little way…. Sadly, I don’t see the winners of X Factor or The Voice ever hitting the same success as past American Idol winners… I had an audition, well two in fact for The Voice, but after watching the show the first season, I didn’t like the set up of the show, pitting singers on the same team together and then a judge, WHO PICKED THEM BOTH, then sending one of them home,,, hell no,,, i get the VOICE aspect and not the LOOK, but it’s format after that is stupid… I’ve yet to watch the X Factor but Simon Cowell is beating a dead horse, but then again isn’t that how the British move their cart & buggy’s still.. (my apologies to any British men in here, yes it was a low blow, but I can’t stand the man)

  • side not, i could here Leona Lewis singing this but MUCH better…. she needs way more experience in the studio and on stage to make a song HER OWN…

  • i just went back and watched her original audition for X factor and DAMN,, how time and money and the MACHINE has pushed her into something she clearly wasn’t. The video she made now, they almost tried to make her look like she was a asian/white mix and BOOM the extensions and color… so sad that the music world, FUELED BY US, the consumers as well, makes such changes in these young girls…. I personally prefer her vocal style on the X Factor but radio is such a driving force for these studios,,, look at Jennifer Hudson,, she has this amazing voice yet has really only had 1 hit on radio, Spotlight…. her true vocal power and ability is not radio, it’s big voiced, big songs and radio no longer wants that and it’s unfortunate…… I am so thankful that PINK is still PINK after all these years.. that bitch has not changed a bit, she’s still tough, she still writes,, she still does it her way,, maybe the execs were afraid of her all those years ago, who knows, but she does what she fucking wants and I LOVE PINK…… not all these little girls trying to be cute in an adult club mixed world.. no thanks………i wish this girl luck, but sadly, doubt we’ll here much from her unless she makes a HUGE change in producers…

  • Check out the remixes. I personally like the Papercha$ers the best.

  • I think it will do very good ,the video is just ok it show,s her too much I understand they probably had a low budget but still could’ve done better if they wanna promote her n succeed i like the song not happy with the video ,thanks for sharing cuz I didn’t know her before I kinda like her voice

  • who is she? never heard of her. i am 55.

  • This song couldve been a lot better . I think she needs some new producers cause this sounded real dual . Has no character …nothing to make you wanna get up and dance or even a catchy hook…..

  • She wouldn’t have won X-factor with that song or performance. She is a much better singer than shows in that song.

  • I love it!

  • I think she has the umph…. but the music needs to be cut back a bit. Less is way more in her case. She kills it vocally, but its like producers just added every noise in one single just so it can “MAYBE” live up to the hype of the music thats out there now.

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