29 Oct 2012

News : Sandy Is Here!

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Sandy is here….The hurricane gained strenght overnight.

NYC city shut down its mass transit system, closed its schools, ordered hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and several hundred utility customers already are without power.

Some friends of mine went grocery shopping yesterday and they told me the shelves are empty…people are packing stuff for the worst case scenario…

So my advice to you guys is stay safe, be careful… Even though it’s Halloween season, don’t pretend you’re a superhero!

Here in Montreal, it’s mainly wind and maybe rain later tonight…Let’s see what will happen when Sandy will hit cold winds coming from the north, I heard it could create a gigantic snowstorm…

So guys keep me posted, let me know if you are ready and if you are safe and let’s hope it will only last few hours…

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  • Montreal? Lol… in Manhattan nothing is going on

  • Silvio, what’s so funny ?
    I have a dozen of friends in Manhattan and they all saying that the rain is non-stop and that it’s kinda windy…

  • Nothing better then a hurricane party 🙂 but be safe and stay dry

  • I live in NYC and its really bad right now. Just because some of us live in manhattan doesn’t make the island invincible.

  • Well I live in 51/9 ..I dont see anything here…very calm

  • I Wonder If NYC will have Thounds of FEMA Trilors like MIssisippi ?

    And will NYC put up with STATE FARM refusing to py claas like they did in MISSISSIPPI?

  • Hey Dave,

    Presently going through the eye of the storm down here in Delaware. So far all is well. Thanks

  • I have friends that went to NYC for the weekend for work conferences and are now stranded on the East Coast, without a way to leave until Wednesday night at the earliest. I hope they get out of there. We don’t have hurricanes here in California, and are glad about that!

  • i live in ohio and i went to to lake erie to see the 12 foot waves and got soaked! but thoughts go out to those of you on the east coast that are getting the brunt of the storm

  • It’s been very windy for the last couple of hours in southeastern PA. Our power is still on, but our neighbors are mostly without. Hoping for the best. Fortunately I don’t live in an area prone to flooding.

  • All this wind and rain just brings one thing to mind…I want SANDY KNEES!!!!!!!!

  • Here in California, we are hoping for the best-case scenario for you East Coasters. Stay safe!

  • I’m in Baltimore and right now it’s raining cats and dogs. Winds are pretty bad and my power just went out.

  • The destruction on the Jersey Shore is unimaginable. My area just got power back late on Friday. The pictures you all see on the news and the Internet are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve lived here my whole 31 years on this planet and I hope I never have to see anything like this ever again wherever I end up living. There are whole towns that are going to have be condemned. 2 friends lost homes. I never thought I would see anything like this in my life.

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