23 Oct 2012

Pornstar : Dan Darlington

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When this mountain of muscle known as Dan Darlington walks into the gym, every gay men want to do him and the straight men want to be like him. He is just sooooo sexy and beefy. He likes both guys and girls, having a special interest in pubic sex and threesomes. With his dirty blond spiky hair and piercing steel blue eyes, he simply smiles at you and you are blown away. Even long sleeved shirts would not hide his massive arms, but luckily this horny gym jock is most often found in tank tops and gym shorts.

And if you think he had to compromise his manhood for a beautiful body, you could not be more wrong. He has a dick that will make your mouth waters…. We could watch him jerk off all day . His ass is also incredible… furry, chunky, juicy…

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Let me know if you like him…I bet you do!


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35 comments for Pornstar : Dan Darlington

  • He can fuck. me anytime anywhere anyhow!

  • Cute but dick is kinda blah. And isn’t that what we’re here for? lol

  • I want to do porn with him

  • Luv to fuck n fill that muscle ass

  • Too big (not where it counts:) Not my type.

  • Hes kind of cute hes not entirely the most handsome or beautiful or gorgeous, I have seen better with a bigger dick, but hes average I would have sex with him.

  • Hot, but I am not a fan of tats. It’s crazy to me that a man so handsome and sexy would fuck up his looks with a bunch of tats. :o(

  • He s cute….but not the way you describe sbove

  • hes hot but his dick isnt that juicy

  • Id love to lick this guy from his hair on his head to the soles of his feet and everything in between…. damn,,, bring him here….every inch is gorgeous

  • yuck nasty grose not hot

  • yuck

  • Very very very

  • Wow, he IS beautiful!

  • Dan is a hunk. I would love to have a piece of him and let him do whatever he wants to me

  • Hansel you are probally a size queen who cant even handle or even feel a dick slide in you.

    Jace Dude im sure allot of people say the same thing about you.

  • I would love to get hold of him.Love those big muscle’s and that hughe cock! Thebigger the better!

  • nice chest just enough hair and nice cock would like to bend him over and pound that hot ass of his

  • Jeremy Walker is waay hotter thean this darrington guy. Sorry

  • Great average looking guy. i would love to have him anyday. It is not always what you have but how it is used.

  • First thing I would do is suck his big beautiful cut cock until he feeds me his load, then I would get him on all fours, spread his hot butt cheeks and proceed to eat his squeky clean ass, then he would be throbbing hard and ready to fuck my hot tight latino ass, yum yum will dream about his ass and cock tonight.

  • Typical comments from typical gay men. 1. Size queens 2. Shallow, vain, and superficial. 3. There is more to a man that what shows on the outside.

  • Greg, it’s a post about a porn star lol….we’re not gonna talk about his univerity degree…

  • I’m laughing at the post about his dick being just Blah. Then again, I’m an ass man and this boy has an awesome ass. Yum

  • He looks like he’s lacking brain. Muscle guys (to me) are a big turn off. Too conceited and spend waaayyyy too much time in the gym. BUT! he does have a nice butt.

  • I’ll take 2!

  • Such an akward and sometimes just bad taste in men this dave guy has. I mean seriously zac efron? Lmao. Now this guy is one of those because hes buff that hes the hottest shit around. No thanks, id rather have a ripped slim man or average toned real man any day. Also his fave is average, and kind of has that airhead dead in the eyes look.

  • Al, Oh and your taste is better right ? Saying MY taste is worst than YOURS lol….
    I like to show a variety of men on here…blonds, slim, smooth, hairy, black, etc…
    I’m not in Looooove with all of them, but this guy has a killer body and good enough face…
    Let me check your profile……
    Hmmm…. I see….

  • i don’t really get your taste but….yah i dont get what makes him hot.

  • Eh. Face is doing nothing for me and I don’t really care about dicks, large or small … it’s the overall package and he doesn’t have it from my standpoint. Do like the patch of fur, though; so, so, SO tired on totally smooth porn artists.

  • Steve , he is not totally smooth….
    Oh, and when i show hairy guys, some people complain I show too many hairy guys, and when they are smooth people complain about how smooth they are…
    Tastes are different for everyone…stop complaining 🙂

  • gay people idolize this shit? He looks like a fuckin american bison, nothin about it is attractive now…oh , and just wait till he ages a few years…..big tub a lard…..you gay ppl are twisted….

  • He’s not the best I’ve seen better looking men.

  • I think he’s cute. I’d do it.

  • I maybe a top, but I would flip for him and let him take my tight hole big time after I fuck that muscle hairy ass of his.

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