30 Oct 2012

Stories : The Buff Runner

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A few years ago I was on vacation in Santa Barbara and decided to go for a run up in the mountains. So I came out with my tank top and some short running shorts (I like them cause they show my jockstraps just enough) and drive to a trail I had heard about from a guy I met at the club that Sunday that is supposed to be amazing. So I start my run and get about a half mile or so before I see that I’m coming up to someone (I’m now shirtless at the point an dripping in sweat, hot day plus the fact that I rarely run). He is sitting on a log shirtless as well catching his breath. As I approach he asks if he can have some of my water. So after I give him some we chat a little bit.

He looks to be a few years older than me, maybe 30, buff as hell. “I like a man in a jockstrap” he says to me “every one likes a bottom that is prepared, even on a run.” I notice he starts rubbing on his cock through his shorts. I personally love outdoor sex so I was on my knees very fast. He said something about how he liked that I was an eager boy as he pulled out his thick cock, but I just knew I wanted it in my mouth. After a while of sucking his sweaty cock he stood me up and bent me over the stump and pulled down my shorts and started eating my ass. His tongue pushed deeper and deeper as he rubbed his hand on my crotch. Each push of his tongue made me want his cock in me so bad. He pulled my throbbing cock from my jock and stroked it as he began fingering me. He then went to his bag that was with him to get a condom “you want my cock in your ass?” he said slipping it over his dick.

He began rubbing the head of his cock against my hole teasing it. Still bent over on the stump I could feel my cock pulse with excitement. He spit on my hole and then jammed his cock in my ass and began thrusting deep into me. Each time rougher and rougher, it hurt so much at first but I didn’t want it to stop, I just wanted to keep feeling his balls slap against my ass and his cock slam in and out of me. He pulled out, turned me around, picked me up under my legs and pinned me against a tree and continued slamming my ass while biting my neck, I could feel the bark scratching my back, and I just love how he just wanted to ram my ass and use me as his sex toy. I could feel his breathing begin to pick up as I was about to cum. Harder and harder he pounded into my ass as I moaned louder and shot my load onto our chests. He pulled his cock out pushed me to the ground and shoved his cock in my mouth as he erupted his cum in it. After he finished he had me lick all my cum off of him pulled up his shorts and grabbed his bag and walked away. I then noticed he had a full water bottle in the bag pocket as he walked away.

After that I went back to my hotel, my back was all scratched up and bleeding and I was rock hard again just thinking about that run.

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  • Luv sex out in public. Really hot!

  • hot but story short

  • Instant hard on

  • OMG I think that was me in that story, because that is exactly what happened to me!

  • nice, erotic story!

  • This story get me so fcking hard tell more stories !

  • Good story,it just goes to show that the clothes do make the Man!

  • Y can this not happen 2 me

  • very hot got me on hard

  • Damn! Very hot!!

  • ummm, if you’re gonna tell a safer-sex story, shouldn’t the guys in it be having safer sex? no pulling out of the ass but then blasting down the throat of a bottom who probably bit the inside of his cheek while getting slamfucked up against a tree.

    this story to me illustrates the growing trend of guys who think they’re being safe because they’re only indulging in less-risky behavior instead of full-on unprotected anal sex.

    i call it ‘halfbacking,’ and it is a deliciously slippery slope.

    when you mention a condom in a porn story, it becomes the point. negating that a few paragraphs later is sloppy storytelling, unless you address it in the narrative.

    this tale would’ve been better without the condom. whether life would be is another story.

  • einathens: I appreciate your comments, but the stories are sent to us by a4a members, and we publish them.
    Therefore we don’t edit the story

  • this story is so damn hot and sexy, it got me turnedd on. I loved the use of natural lube (spit)

  • those were rhetorical statements meant for pornwriters in general, not meant only for the author of this specific piece. sorry that wasn’t clear.

  • Love these stories, instant hard on!!

  • Dam so fuckn horny now reading this bullshit ( I want it to happen to me)

  • I would have loved it but no one dose that shit in ohio if I can find a man like that bring ut baby

  • Love a good run, too. Alas, only eye contact has happened to me.

  • Umm can a hot guy take advantage of me like that please

  • Omg im rock hard just reading the story. That’s hot

  • sounds too good to be true sounds madeup

  • Loved it been single to long its sad just reading a story like this got me really wet I enjoyed ut wish story was longer

  • I also got rock hard reading these stories! love my 6 in dick sucked to completion.

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