18 Oct 2012

Watch This : Brad Pitt In New Chanel Ad

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Brad Pitt is the newest model for Chanel No. 5 perfume.  The Academy Award nominated star is the first man to be named the face of the French House top-selling perfume ad campaign – which is a women’s perfume.

The video is part of a $10 million advertising campaign for which Pitt was paid $7 million, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

In the ad, Brad, 48,  is seen with long hair and dressed very casually monologuing these words :

“It’s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns, and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are, my luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No.5, inevitable,”

Some people say he looks sad or mysterious, some people say they don’t understand the video, some even say it sounds pretentious… But whatever people say, Brad looks pretty and I’d love him to be my “daddy” for sure…

What do you think? Do you like the ad? Do you think Brad looks great in it? Check out the video after the jump!


(Photo credit : Chanel – Photographer: Greg Williams)


36 comments for Watch This : Brad Pitt In New Chanel Ad

  • good video, however, Brad Pitt does not look good to me. He is a fine actor and wonderful voice, but I don’t like his looks. I wonder if Coco Chanel would have approved of this sort of advertising to entice women to buy No. 5.

  • Brad Pitt can still get!

  • I think the video makes him look old. Like he’s thinking if I crack a smile wrinkles would appear. I think he’s sexy but him and Mrs. Angel are such attention seekers. What management team would throw this at him? He accepts a female perfume deal. He should lose the hair and as always sexy eyes!!!!

  • He does look kinda sad, but the emotion of intrespection could be what he’s trying to project.

  • Yea he used to be hot but is too old for his new look. Not doing it for me anymore 🙁

  • Does not work for me. He is a has been. Go away. Cut that nasty hair and damn take a bath. You stink! Dayum!!!

  • Looks like the years of smoking gave caught up with his looks and his voice. The bloom is off that rose. He isn’t even trying to be sexy……………is he?

  • LOL!!.. I don’t get it..

  • LOL! That was dumb!

  • It’s NOT “Share the Fantasy!”

  • never understood what all the fuss about brad pitt. he does absoutly nothing for me. never has , never will .give me a hairy chested guy that dosen’t shave his nuts and bush and i will make a fuss about that.

  • That long hair looks greazzy. Now the Pitt in Thelma and Louise, that was sexy Brad. This seems silly, but for $7 mill, what the hey!

  • Damn Queens ,dont hate the player,hate the game,anyone in here commanding 7 mill for a few seconds of video come on down and be heard,other bitches,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • SOMEONE thinks he’s worth 7 million dollars for this

  • Seriously. That ad is a piece of crap. He’s old, used, leathery. Really no sex appeal whatsoever. Like a failed professor who puts his hands between the legs of the undergraduate girls in office hour. Meh. But besides, it’s not a very good piece either. Chanel, and No 5 in particular, is about the fine line between tightly controlled and exuberant. Mr Pitt, and the ad he stars in, is neither.

  • Maybe if his hair was short. It would be better. It didn t make for me.

  • He is still nice looking, but so many other celeb guys are hotter to me. Give me Hugh Jackman, Patrick Dempsey, Bradley Cooper, even Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, over Brad Pitt anyday of the week.

  • I agree with the majority of the post’s here… Brad is not looking good anymore he definately has let himself go. At least cut the hair but yea the dirty look is not hot for me and seems only his success makes him attractive to the public.

  • 7 MILLION dollars to recite lines,,,, SERIOUSLY… I drive a semi and risk my life everyday and this guy along w/ other actors make 7 MILLION dollars for a perfume ad… GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK…… and yet these ppl truly believe they DESERVE such wages…. it cost over 10 bucks to watch a CRAPPY movie, Y because the actors make TOO MUCH DAMN MONEY……..he’s a good looking guy, although not a fan of blondes, but overall WHO THE FUCK CARES,,,,,, and YET these celebrities truly believe they are like everyone else, YEAH RIGHT

  • FYI, the ad is lame.. the angles, the lighting, the script, and his overall performance sucks….the reason these upper crust perfume companies make such stupid commercials is that IT”S PERFUME,,, and they know it’s a lame product to advertise since unlike many products, YOU SMELL IT, NOT LOOK AT IT, so they make these awkward dumb ass commercials to make it seem DEEP,,, well it is deep, DEEP FULL OF SHIT……

  • Brad is getting older but is STILL HHHHOTTTT,,,,, his look is trendy and sexy

  • Nah…don’t like it at all.

  • what an Idiotic commercial . Their scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one .

  • Why does he always look dirty?

  • Appears to me that he was overpaid by about $6,950,000. Should have spent that money on a decent production budget for a real commercial. Going for the rugged weathered look isn’t working for him. Just looks like he needs a day at the dog groomer’s.

  • Duh!

  • Very disappointed. His best is behind him now.

  • This should end any pretense that Mr. Pitt is a “serious” actor. He is only a voice and a “look” — which seems to be fading — . Perhaps his wife is planning to adopt lots more kids and he really needed the $7 million? Nah — just greed.

  • Gross, he looks like he hasn’t showered in a weeks! :/ I find nothing attractive about this man!

  • I agree Perry, he still does have a nice ass…

  • I’m as happy as a buzzard in the back of a gut truck to hear all the negative comments. Who says gays don’t have class. This just proves we do! He looks recycled. Thank you for your honest comments.

  • He is such a sexy man but I hate the beard and the long hair, makes him look unkempt. 🙁

  • even though Brad will always be one of my top fantisy guys… the add was no good.

  • Brad is losing his looks I am afraid

  • He looks dirty and thugish ! enuf said !

  • Lol Ive never been a fan. But at the same time he is bringing in a lot of money. So for those who may not like it? He’s still going to bring in more money. I’ve always worn Chanel before they even decided to go with him. my only complaint about the Cologne is it doesn’t last at all like it use to. Maybe they changed it? For $80.00 you’d expect it to last all day lol

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