24 Nov 2012

Member Of The Week : AssPunisher

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Once again I received many many many request for our “Member Of The Week” post…thank you so much!

I will keep all your profiles/pictures in my file for future posts…

This week’s member of the week is AssPunisher. AssPunisher is clearly 100% top… with a nickname like this, he is definitely into fucking asses and in a deep and hard way! This hot 26 years old fit man is from Austin Texas, he is mainly into bubblebutt-fit-bottoms and he is packing a 8 incher!

Ass Punisher is HIV negative but an interesting thing that caught my attention in his profile is that he is open to meet positive guys…This is something we rarely see in the gay community, and I thank you for that AssPunisher. Poz guys can be as hot and they can be a hot fuck too… Thanks for being open on that matter.

If anyone of you guys want to be A4A’s next member of the week, please send me your nicest pictures by email (blog at adam4adam.com) with your user name. Please include at least one clear face shot and sexy body shots as well. Please don’t send blurry/bad quality pics.


(more pics of AssPunisher after the jump)



53 comments for Member Of The Week : AssPunisher

  • humm nicde pics but this constest see to be rigged guys of you ask me

  • very sexy…very hott…yummy man

  • Of course it’s rigged, Dave pics who he thinks is hot, it’s toally biased, big deal. It’s not like you get a prize if you win. But the guy this week is hot, that’s all I’m saying.


  • great body and all, but these guys are a dime a dozen, it seems to me like the ‘member of the week’ is just you blogging about dudes you find hot, and is an opinion of
    ONE man, not the readers of your blog.

  • edward : feel free to start your own blog and do the same πŸ™‚

  • I want to be member of the week who i do that?

  • Sorry guys…just not so much.

  • 1st shot. hat and glasses.
    2nd shot. headless.
    3rd shot. shadow from the hat
    4th shot. shadow and hand.

    why can’t guys post clear face pics of themselves.

  • He can punish my ass anytime

  • Lol! all pro pics! Get out of here with your exotic locale and such! LOL!! Go make some bottom happy! lol

  • He has a sexy body.
    Why would you say it’s rigged Jace and this is only the 2nd “Member of the Week”?
    Also I don’t think it’s a contest. I think it’s Dave’s choice. I might be wrong.

  • It is rigged, we won’t see any average joes or older men, its based clearly on Dave’s taste.

  • Mark: No, I like very tall big muscle hairy men….
    So your comment is unjustified !

  • Another member of week looking for specific people. Why don’t you pick one who wants someone average? Don’t forget everybody is not a godess?

  • Nice, too bad he’s a Top πŸ™ We do share some of the same likes in men.

  • You’re welcome tho come over tho my house anytime….

  • Yummy I’d most definitely ride this Texas cowboy!!!!

  • I hate when guys shave. Trimming errant hair is one thing, but we’re guys, we should have SOME fur

  • Hey Dave….I personally am pleased you picked this guy as well….I like what you have to say about him. I’m especially glad this is a black dude. I’m getting tired of white men getting feathered many times…..
    I’m sorry to bring this up again but once again we have “Jace” writing something that makes absolutely no sense if you read his post verbadum….always the misspelled words and just poor, poor grammar πŸ™

  • That stomach makes my dick hard! Apparently reading that someone is negative has become the perfect excuse for unprotected sex without guilty feelings. Status is and should be irrelevant if you play safe. And if you don’t, it means nothing. Everyone should be as open minded and educated as Asspunisher!

  • Very nice and hot, but 8″ isn’t a lot to punish an ass Asspunisher!!! #justsaying


  • This just goes to show that the Adonis Factor is alive and well. . and gay people as a whole have yet to become the progressive community we need to be. . . 1 step forward, 8 steps back. . maybe one we will concern ourselves with things other than who’s hot or no. . Way to go Dave!

  • AssPunisher can conquer my ass any time!

  • Hot young and hung!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Meh!


  • The train won’t be the only one cumming down the tracks. Thanks for the pics πŸ™‚

  • I honestly don’t find him attractive at all

  • he’s just some guy who works out.

  • Great looks, great attitude.
    Nice to see another guy that obviously looks after himself and gets the attention because of it.

  • @ Blog,
    Despite what some would say I can see why you voted for him. For one, I respect the fact that you respect that he’s HIV+ friendly. How many profiles that you see that says that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down playing others that want to be safe. But to make it known that he is a very interesting thing. And shows he’s a very humble man So Thank you Dave for sharing this profile. It also shows that not all men of color are unhinhibited. Respectively speaking of coarse.

  • jsut goes show you guys sme are bord woth class other will ever have it sady

  • @Charlie. If you’re going to talk down about someone’s spelling and grammar, it might be nice to have proper spelling in your post. It’s “verbatim.” Just saying. And yeah, the guy is hot, BUT glamour shots can do a lot to make even average dudes look better. Professional pics, boo….. He’s probably an escort.

  • You people take this to serious lol we are supposed to like this blog and enjoy the beauty of man…that’s why the member of the week is here. Think….not to start a damn debate lol …now the hot or not photos yes debate on ….would love to see what the world says about me being member of the week ha ha ha #thickboysrule!

  • He can punish my ass.

  • Nice looking guy, but the arrogance of his profile is a turn-off… all sexual, and pretty self centered (like many ‘total tops’ tend to be). Not my type at all.

  • Now we are going to have “members of the week” that Blog fucks (not “likes”): (black) hung guys (did someone say size queen?) I think that “member of the week” should be a vote we make from guys who send Blog an e-mail asking to be a member of the week. I’m just saying…

  • Coco, feel free to start your blog and do so πŸ™‚

  • A lot of the negative comments on this blog are really unjustified. Complaints of this being a “rigged” contest are ridiculous. NO ONE EVER DENIED that “Member of the Week” is simply Dave’s pics. So what? Also calling him a “Ho” or saying guys like him are “a dime a dozen” are unnecessary, unkind slams. That dude didn’t ask for this… if he’s not your taste, it’s fine to say that, but to start slamming the dude is pretty shitty. Can’t we treat each other better than THIS? (I’m not normally known as a bleating heart, but come on guys, don’t be douchebags). And finally: I happen to think the dude is HOT. Maybe not what you’d see on the cover of a magazine, but still Smokin’ HOT compared to damn near every dude I meet in real life.

  • Omg i love black guys!

  • Hey, Charlie, speaking of people’s spelling, the word is “verbatim” and not “verbadum”, and before that I think you meant “featured” and not “feathered”.

  • Tomzuk, if you click on the link to AssPunisher’s profile, you’ll see clear face pics.

    Also, if AssPunisher is open to sex with poz guys, I think it would be a good idea for him to say whether he practices safe sex or whether he’s one of the “anything goes” guys. That’s kind of important information, no? If he’s a bug chaser, well, that’s just fucking sad.

  • Ten bucks say’s he does drag

  • he also didn’t check off “safe sex only” so how do we know he’s not a barebacker who’s lying about his status?

  • Seriously?

  • Ok. When you start your own blog (which isn’t that difficult) you can rig your very own member of the week with shots of your favorite hotties. And I’ll complain to you of how rigged it is with twinks, leather daddies, or whatever you think is hot. And you will probably say, “it’s my damn blog i’ll do whatever the hell i want.”

  • Asspunisher … the complete package for that stereotypical gay guy.

  • Very very nice, Do you ever get to Los Angeles?

  • Asspunisher is a very fine, hot specimen of the human race! I would lay down or get in any position he wanted me in to fuck me good!!

  • Damm he is one hot hot man lovin the hot body and especially like the pic on the railroad tracks too hot

  • Not my cup of tea but thank you.

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