14 Nov 2012

Music : Xtina And Blake Shelton’s Duet

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Christina Aguilera launched “Lotus” tuesday… The album is definitely not her best but there are a few good tracks.

My favorite on the album is “Just A Fool” and it is a duet with the gorgeous hunk Blake Shelton who is also one of the coaches on the popular talent show “The Voice”.

The song is called “Just A Fool” and it is a great great great pop rock ballad. The harmonies are stunning and powerful and Blake sounds hmmmm hot!

Get ready for chills my friends, it is an incredible song!

Below is a link for the video where Christina introduces her song.

Let me know if you like.




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  • That’s a great duet. I love both of the artists.

  • love love love it!!! Blake was hitting those high notes beautifully! Xtina sanging the house down! hopefully this will be a single.

  • This album is actually pretty great. Its just what she needed to release. This album is getting really good reviews thus far, leave the music critizism to the music critics.

  • not bad there

  • Great kick-ass song! Blake and Christina sound really good together on this record. I hope they sing it on the Voice sometime.

  • Nice!

  • I personally like the song. I didn’t know that Blake could reach Christina’s pitch in the song, and for that I applaud him. Their harmonies are on point and it just sounds great. Although my favorite song on the album is blank page, this one is a close second.

  • Hot hot hot that what I have to said

  • Xtina? Pinks are welcome to her. She’s lightyears ahead and above Lady GagMe, however. (but really! did you see the absurd dress/gown/shorts outfit she had on while singing with Cee Lo, a whale in white pajamas, on the Voice Monday night? really?! what the hell are we thinking? and it’s this load is embroiled in a sex scandal? with some woman? really?)

    And then there’s Blake? Straight guy, so not a workbench candidate.

  • What I’ve heard so far I love in this album ,my favorite so far is let there be love I’m kind of a dance pop lover ,I love her voice ,I think we should support her more ,I already bought my copy

  • That’s a great song….

  • Enjoyed it a lot.

  • Amazing song…who knew Christina A. could/would go country-ish? Definitely makes you reflect your past loves.

  • Such a great album. Her best since Stripped- and this is a standout among her track w/ Cee Lo Make the World Move, and Cease Fire…what better a voice to do an anti-war song? Just beautifully done. She looks like a Goddess too!

  • I love this. then next thing you know he’ll “be a leavin his wife Miranda fpr this tramp .. hope not .. but the song really is amazing

  • Everybody should focus on people’s talent n not her looks ,who cares if she’s chunky or thin ? She’s a singer not a contestant in a miss universe pageant ,stop being so damn mean to others

  • I have to be honest. I’m not feeling it. I think the vocals are good, but I just don’t believe them. You know when you listen to a song and you believe that the artist believes and feels what they are singing…..well, I’m just not getting that here. The production seems to overpower them, that they are just singing at the top of their voices, but not with real emotion. I’m a true vocalist lover.


  • Apperently, the clothes pin worked, eh? Good song!

  • Hunter, whenever you open your mouth- er…type on your keyboard, it’s always a huge rant of negativity and anger. most of it quite unprovoked. and i just want to know….who hurt you?

    Meanwhile, i haven’t heard the song yet, but i’m going to go hunt it down on youtube. i think it’s pretty cool that the judges of The Voice are all doing songs together and keeping relevant and current in the industry. like it’s one thing to be coached by someone that was super popular in the 80’s but you’ve not heard from them since. but it’s a whole other thing to be coached by someone that’s making hits NOW. plus, it sorta fills you with a bit of pride. like you turn on the radio and hear the song and you’re like “yeah! that’s my coach! :-)”

  • I love this song…the two of them sound wonderful together.

  • I think this song proves ONCE again that xtina does NOT know how to contain her vocals,, she has a bad habit of OVERSINGING everything she does… the girl has a great voice but i’m finding it harder and harder to listen to anything she does as it makes my ears ring, she’s not pretty to listen to.

    I’ve never been a fan of Blake, he’s in a heap of other country singers who sound EXACTLY alike and I think country needs to change up their male lineups SOON as you can’t tell one male singer from another and i miss the days when u heard ONE note and knew EXACTLy who it was.. they all sound and look alike these days, BORING….

    as for everything saying he’s hitting the same notes, well, he’s note actually, it’s called harmoney and when she goes up, he goes down……

    it could have been a great song, but it doesn’t find a foothold in pop, nor country, it just hovers somewhere in a bluesy area that isn’t quite blues either…

    i’ve been singing all my life and just sitting here listening, it hurt my ears..

    I prefer to listen to Pink these days,, that girls knows when to ROCK and knows when to be quiet.. Christina needs to take some lessons from her…..

  • I like the heavier Christina and the pic at the top is AWESOME,, very old Hollywood a ala Jane Mansfield.. very pretty

  • her voice is so annoying and raspy

  • If it’s Christina Aguilera then it’s fuckin fire….

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