23 Dec 2012

A4A : Happy Holidays!

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Hi guys!

From everyone at A4A, i’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays!

Have fun with your friends and family!

Share, celebrate, drink, eat….fuck (lol)!

Let me know your plans and what ya’ll doing in the next few days ….

Big kisses !



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  • That eye candy pic should put every A4A guy in a holiday mood.

    Nice physiques, especially abs.

    Thanks for A4A for making it possible to meet neat guys. That’s a great gift.

    Best wishes this Christmas Season and in the New Year to you guys who provide A4A and those who jazz up the site with appealing profiles.

  • Thanks Jockfever, one of the nicest comment I’ve read here.
    We are very happy to offer a free site for you guys to meet other guys, that is our mission !
    Merry Xmas to you my friend !

  • You have a great holiday season yourself. Hope all you wish for comes true for you this Christmas and in the new year. Thank you for this site and the way you manage it. For some of us who are older it is nice to be able to meet guys from here who actually want to know an older man for more than their money, which I have little of, btw. lol
    Hope you continue to do the good work and that you prosper.

    Best wishes!!!!

  • New years resolution….get rid of the orange on the site! I’m actually a web designer. I’ll do it for ya!

  • Danny: check it out in the months to come ๐Ÿ™‚
    Working on it !!!

  • Hey dave nice pic I would rather to meet yo sexy ass instead

  • hnic hunk, U have few accounts….which one is the good one ? I’ll check u out ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Merry Christmas A4A! Ho! Ho! Ho! guys. It’s the holidays.

  • Ho Ho Ho and wo…. Hope Jolly Saint Nick can get them all down my chimney… I’ll be sure to leave out extra milk and cookies however he can leave the pointsetias, tree,and Christmas balls in the sleigh. I’ll take the four of them totally naked under the tree… I’ll turn the heat up !!!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all. i hope that in 2013 everyone wishes and goals come true. Have a great week and weekend guys.

  • “Happy holidays”?

    Diwali; over.
    Bodhi; over.
    Chanukkah; over.
    Saturnalia; over.
    Festivus; over.

    What’s left?

    Oh; Christmas. And Kwanzaa and New Year’s, but with a pic of guys decked out only for Xmas. How convenient.

  • Thank you A4A for all that you do. Happy Holidays to all…

  • Why don’t I get Xmas cards like that Wow!

  • Who are theses 4 very handsome santas?

  • Hoat all will having that all will be enjoying their White tukasae this year! Be safe and fun! LOL

  • I would love to fuck with one of those santas!

  • If only I had a squeky clean bubble butt ass to eat and a few cut cocks to suck or to fuck my hot tight latino ass, I would be so happy.

  • Wow! Dave. I’m definitely loving the eye candy. Thanks. I’m in more of a giving mood now. How about a little Dave under my tree too? You sexy man.

  • sosexc : I’ll try to show u guys some of my holiday pictures in january

  • I would love peace on Earth (yeah, like that is going to happen but one can wish) and solace to the families and friends of those killed in Newtown, and — guilty pleasure — the anticipation of the return of “Smash” on NBC in February. Happy New Year 2013, guys!

  • merry x-mas. spent last night at my ex’s. close with his family. dinner drink and gifts. today? with my ex’s ex boyfriends place. dinner wine and gifts.

  • happy holidays a4a and guys

  • Great Holiday pic Dave! Thank you!

  • Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my roommate and 2 very good friends, one friend stopped by to see me and wound up talking more to my roommate and so got on A4A and one of my buddies was on so invited him over. Well turned out that my roommate topped my buddy while my friend thru A4A topped me, then my buddy came to my room and topped my friend from A4A while I sucked and nibbled… all in all a very good start for the holiday.

  • I hope you guys have a Happy New Year! Thanks for making it possible for us to meet hot guys! Keep up the good work.

  • These are the hunks from Next Door Studios. Marcus Mojo is the one with the gold ball, Samuel O Toole is the one with the Poinsettia, Austin Wilde is the one with the tree, and Rod Daily is the one with the striped ball.

  • wish these santas visited my house hot santas

  • Hi Adam for Adam …what a great site ..happy holiday’s to all

  • Nice Photo and Merry Christmas one and all and to all a good night…. Now having said that was their no minority models available to add to this shot not even as an elf???
    a little color would have been appreciated

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