8 Dec 2012

Entertainment : Hunky Santa’s Singer Suing Carly Rae Jepsen?!

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This morning I learned that Aza, a Ukrainian singer, is suing pop star Carly Rae Jepsen and her manager for alleged copyright infringement. She has reported that the song “Call Me Maybe” sampled lyrics from Aza’s song “Hunky Santa” without approval or consent. Really ?!?!?! Where in the song?!??!

So I googled  “Hunky Santa” to find the video featuring Aza and a hot handsome sexy model who plays the Hunky Santa! 

This lawsuit is right on time for Christmas… weird coincidence…. maybe Aza is trying to get a little buzz around her ?!

“Hey Handsome, do you want to be my Santa?”  she sings while wearing Christmas red lingerie ….lolll

Watch Aza’s video after the jump and let me know if you can find the “stolen” lyrics… Oh and most importantly, let me know if you like the Hunky Santa 🙂



(video after the jump)



38 comments for Entertainment : Hunky Santa’s Singer Suing Carly Rae Jepsen?!

  • Similar-ish! OAN: I’ve got a new song to add to my Xmas playlist.

  • No… Although that santa is kinda cute in many ways, I don’t feel this song has anything to do with “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Lyrics and tune barely even any closeness. I say a bunch of hog wash. Really…

  • No. I am dumber for having watched that. Cute guy, but awful song.

  • great vidoe kind funny thoe

  • just someone trying to get free publicity out of any media outlet possible with a frivolous lawsuit

  • I think she is referring to the part where she says call me here Is my number… Lol

  • Hate to say it but even though hunky Santa is just a playful song and I don’t think it was ever meant to be taken as a real song. Some of the lyrics and there contents were used in call me maybe. Even how they were song sounded similar.

  • Hmm, a Russiam singer suing over copyrights.. I’ll take that one and raise you a Nigerian prince that will give you $ millions if you send him $1,000. Pure scam! Plus she looks like a whore.

  • What the hell is this no talented reformed whore talking about. Damn Bitch, go back to walking the streets. Shit!

  • Yeah..the lawsuit is just to get her pub. Hunky Santa sucks! Nobody would hear of it otherwise. No simularity. Santa’s goodlooking but he ain’t my idea of a hunk. She’s hot though. Even though I don’t like pussy. LOL
    Thought Ukrainians celebrated Christmas on January 6 with Father Christmas anyway?

  • Horrible

  • eye candy was nice, loved her necklace more, hehe

  • Who cares about the song! Just turn my tongue loose on Santa and I’ll show em how you ride a reindeer!!! OMG!

  • I just wasted 2 min and 32 seconds of my life 🙁

  • Uhhh am I missing something here? Sounds nothing like call me maybe….

  • LOL! What does this have to do with Call Me Maybe at all?!! Nothing she’s crazy! Cute model!

  • she sucks the song is nothing like CALL ME MAYBE shes just a slut looking for attention

  • Maybe it’s just me, but this song sounds more like the Tears for Fears song “Shout” then Call Me Maybe.

  • i agree with lex the only similarities i noticed was where she said call me heres my number. idk if she knows this but carly’s song says heres my number so call me maybe. the song is called call me maybe what else would you put before it. hated the song loved the guy lol. aza needs to get over herself. i think shes just pissed her song sucked and carly’s didnt lol

  • Hell no! That Aza can’t even sing!!!!
    No way related to Call Me Maybe.
    She’s just mad cause she isn’t very successful.
    Idle hands are the Devils playground!

  • the only thing i heard was in one piece where she says “callme here is my number” thats it but its no where near “call me maybe”.

  • Not even close!! This is pretty bad

  • OMG is she for real,I wasted a click

  • Guy is alright I wouldn’t kick him outta bed if he was in it already and song SUCKS this AZA can not sing if her life depended on it now please SHA SHA AWAY Aza mortal wds from Ru Paul…

  • couldn’t even finish the video since it was LAME.. but then again she’s just like American singers, FAKE breasts, FAKE hair, UGLY face, and NO talent……… the song sounds nothing like Carly’s song and no lyrics were stolen and U did exactly what she wanted for ppl to do, WATCH it……

  • Aza go home. You’re drunk!!

  • She’s ugly as hell. The santa is delicious.

  • similiar… yea santa hunk is cute

  • It sounds more like “ice cream truck” by Cazwell … he should sue her.

    Actually I should sue her. I will never get that 2 minutes of my life back.

  • This song is in not similar to call me maybe in any way, only thing similar is here’s my number, and I doubt she should get any money for that. Her singing is awful, she looks lie, a porn star, maybe she should stop singing and film some porn and get money that way then this stupid lawsuit.

  • Just call it “stupid”.

  • anyone who sues someone who gets a little famous is just out to get money for themselves that they dont have. jealousy. leave carly rae alone

  • i thought the song sucked and heard no similarities. i would love to blow santa though!

  • She’s lucky she has big fake tits and a decent body because the singing was awful and the similarities I’m not seeing so shes saying no other person can say call me well men call me here is my number …..

  • I love the ending of Call Me maybe! LOL LMAO

  • she looks like a slut trying to get with a great looking dude just for his looks and she can’t sing she said the same eight words the entire time. she needs to be sued for making that god aweful sound… she calls music. 😀 i don’t like it and i don’t think carley rae stole that from her

  • Wow.. that made “Call Me Maybe” look like “Citizen Kane” compared to that.. I didn’t realize other countries were capable of music that horrible. The song is a bad ripoff of “Santa Baby” anyway..

    BUT.. legally speaking.. in most cases like this… the claim would be that the writer heard the song and incorporated it into their own work.. be it intentional or subliminally… I don’t know if Jepson even WROTE the song.. but seriously.. how the hell would she have heard that song? I’ve never even heard of AZA and I liisten to some pretty obscure music from all over the world
    someone just wants promotion on their crappy crappy song

  • Agree with the guy who said he’s now dumber for having watched that.

    Don’t really get the those fawning all over her Santa. He looked pretty average to me.

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