17 Dec 2012

Fantasy : What Are Your Fetishes?

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There are many  kinds of fetishes, depending on the object being fetishized. Fetishes come in three varieties : media, form and animate.

In a media fetish, material is what is obsessed over. Media fetishes include rubber, leather, latex, spandex and many more. With a form fetish, it’s the shape of the object that has great significance. Underwear, socks, sneakers all fall into this category. Feet, pecs, butts, penises, and all that good stuff are also considered fetishes, but since these objects are human, they’re called animate fetishes.

People can turn anything into a fetish. There are different degrees of fetishism that go from mild to wild. It’s quite easy to tell whether your fetish is getting out of hand. Basically, if your fetish interferes with life, your relationship or your work , seek the help of a professional.

For me it’s hard to only mention one, seems like I have many. For example, I adore muscles especially big pecs. I can look at them, suck and lick them, touch them with passion for a long time. It is one of my biggest fetishes. I think I also have a fetishes for big cocks… lol ! I’m serious…I never really had sex with guys who have small penises, it doesn’t make me hard. I like big ones…and I rather masturbate than having sex with a guy that has a small penis.

Another fetish for me is a man’s beard. It is hard for me to have sex with a man that has a freshly shaved face. I always ask my hookups if their face is shaved or not. There is no better feeling for me than a scruffy face rimming my ass, or kissing me and I can litterally lick the guy’s chin and face for long minutes. Actually I think “hair” would be the fetish in that case because when I think about it, I also love hairy penises, hairy legs and arms….

Do you have any fetishes ? What is your #1 ? Any weird ones ?



129 comments for Fantasy : What Are Your Fetishes?

  • DEFINATELY the underwear one. Love a nice bulge on a hot body. I get off for days feeling a hot cock in undies ;). It’s a must for me. No boxers, just tight stuff.canyone else?

  • Blue eyes and blonde hair


  • nipples and body hair, especially chest hair

  • I enjoy, in no particular order:
    1-men with nice smiles and a friendly available demeanor.
    2-nice feet
    3-men who enjoy pleasing my sensitive feet
    4-men with thick sensual lips who also are good kissers
    5-nice beards
    6-men who are very verbally direct:
    “I wanna fuck you.”
    “You ready for another load of my cream, Michael?”
    “Hey, I hear you love long, hard fucks! Let’s get to it.”

  • Omg man i am a sucker for nice feet the ones in this pic are sexy :) i have to see a guy’s feet b4 we hook up thats horrible i know…if they r ugly feet i have to focus on something else n we will only J/o.. i no this is crazy but this is me :) UGLY FEET CANNOT TOUCH ME BUT I CARESS NICE ONES..I GET HORNY JUST BY LOOKING AT NICE FEET:)

  • For me, DEFINITELY feet! Feet turn me on so much, most times I could just get off to them and not even touch the rest of a man’s body.

  • No way can I post just one.
    Muscles. I especially get hard over large muscular ass, legs and calves.
    Sex outside.
    Someone watching me have sex.
    Full dress suits. Including ties, vests, French cuffs, sock garters. (WOOF)
    Sexy underwear-no boxers or bvd briefs.
    Jock straps. Especially orange or black.
    Ok. Now I’m hard.

  • Definitely underwear

  • fart sucking!… just kidding. I’ve got a thing for large adams apples and broad shoulders, plus tall lean white dudes with big dicks, love em.

  • Ass. I just love me some ass. Bubble butt to no butt, put a naked ass in my face, I go to work. I love getting inside ass, I love eating ass, I love sucking cheeks with hickeys, I am an ass man. Just wash that hole before my tongue enters.

  • i get hot seeing a mna with out a hist, hairy or smooth with nice nipples to suck on, and of course a man with a bulge in his unerwear, like to pull them off and watch their hard cocks bob around

  • Erotic wrestling for me.

  • I don’t see showers as anyones fetish, it’s a huge fetish for me. I think it began in reform school, group showers, surrounded by wet and shiny bodies, I still miss reform school.

  • I love WAM play WAM stands for Wet And Messy. I love getting messy when playing with a partner(s). I enjoy getting messy with sweet food substances like whip cream, chocolate sauce just to give you an idea. I guess I like the idea of being humiliated in public too. Like if it’s my birthday and I’m out at a restaurant I wish I could always get s pie or cake on my face. Then in the bedroom I’d love for my partner to eat it off me.
    Have a great day, I can not wait to read your other fetishes.

  • My fetish is dad son roleplay

  • 1. bondage
    2. watersports
    3. scat
    4. leather
    5. raw
    6. big juicy lips
    7. too many to name lol

  • I agree with Micheal totally but my biggest fetish is a well built guy wearing jeans, and leather boots that are his normal wear,,, not new shiny boots,, but a guy thats comfortable wearing that kind of dress on a daily basis…I love a guy in leather with a scruffy face and masculine looking… No fems for me. Its the overall demeaner with me from head to feet and as long as he wears boots,,, it turns me on… but love what Micheal says too at the end of his….yum

  • Uniforms… so hot I get to be around hot men in and out of uniform being in the Army ;)

  • YES! I have an underwear fetish
    but actually I LOVE short guys!
    small dicks!

  • I don’t know, are threesomes a fetish?

    Never really thought about it to be honest. In looking through my somewhat extensive porn collection I am noticing a trend of darker hair, brown eyes and boy next door kind of guy’s which also describes my BF.

    I also have a large chunk of sports related, guys in singlets and football gear in particular. So maybe jocks and spandex?

    Lastly, they are all younger. Not twinks or underage, just that young twenty something. Which also explains my BF. By the way, I am 40. If that makes me a dirty old man, then so be it as I quote Herbert the Pervert of Family Guy fame, “JACKPOT!!!!!” :)~

  • ARMPITS!!!!!!!!! right from the gym or a long hard day . MAN SMELL!!!!!

  • My basic fetish is underwear. Love a good pair on a sexy guy. Dont even have to be tight as long as they can have a bulge in then. As for my other fetish its a little more out there but im a furry. And its my biggest one. I get harder then anything in suit

  • I love for my bottoms to wear long socks when im fucking them. I just noticed recently that when my guy wears socks its hotter. Esp if they are latin wearing long white socks. Fucking yummmmm!! But i think to myself “does that make me racist because i like the latinos i fuck to look like cholos?” but it turns me on. Even black socks are hot. I also loveeeeee hairy guys. I think its because I look like a damn 17 year old with a massive dick, so I like my guys to look like men, or daddys, or coaches. Hmmm what else? Is it also a fetish if guys with long hair on their head turns me on? I love guys with long hair, but they have to be masc. I dont do fem guys. Damn, I guess overall I have a hair fetish.

  • I have a thing for fitted hats. New Era to be specific, it makes me so horny! Love getting head by a guy wearing one and love having sexy with a guy that has one in. It’s hot.

  • Cig Smokers
    Hearing guys swear/talk dirty
    Hard/rough sex
    Baseball caps

  • Feet for life!!!!!!

  • I love guys in leather. It may be as simple as guy wearing a black motorcycle jacket or a pair of chaps to full on leathers

  • Great topic. The look, feel, and smell of athletic socks, especially white, make me a little nuts.

    Nice bare feet are also a big turn-on, so it’s great to see so man guys above are wired to like feet. Athletic shoes, work boots, and scent left in a hot guy’s ballcap, t-shirt, briefs, jockstrap are turn-ons. Maybe this is part of an athletic gear/sweat fetish because the taste of a guy’s sweat, after a sweaty tennis match, can be hot.

    I’d like to understand fetishes better, but the media/form/animate categorization above doesn’t seem terribly helpful.

    For example some guys are into athletic socks and don’t get turned on by dress socks (and vice versa). The sock “material” makes a difference but your text calls a sock fetish a form fetish.

    It’s been shown that women react strongly to male pheromones so I wonder if liking male scent should even be called a fetish. It seems normal.

    Liking male muscles, pecs, penises, hair, chests, butts, and legs also seems normal.

    I guess it becomes a fetish when the object takes on unusual, abnormal sexual significance.

    I guess that’s why some guys say, quit analyzing your fetish and just enjoy it.

  • Given this definition, just about anything you like can be considered a fetish… I have an ice cream fetish!

  • Underwear…
    In fact I would say it was my 1st form of porn as well. Back when I was young and my mothers JC pennys and Sears catalogs would come in the mail, my brothers and sisters would go to the toy sections, but not me. My 1st selection was checking out the underwear sections.
    They were the sources of all my jerk off sessions even before I could produce real loads !!
    no matter what ever the play, my fav is still looking at a guy in sexy jock straps manley mens underwear. My b/f says its my mind conjering up images of whats inside, cause he says hes never met a guy who gets off more giving another guy a blow job than I do. I honestly think Its why he keeps me around LOL. So with that being said I think giving good head to a guy would probly be my second all time fetish….

  • PictureGuy: what do you mean fitted hat?

  • I love taking a hot shit on a guys chest..Especially if he has a nice firm chest.. Turns me on..

  • Wow great topic, where to start? I have read everyone reply and the only thing that didn’t appeal to me was food. I guess that because I never tried it(yet…but it made the list). I love just about everything everyone has wrote but if I had to pic one it would be the dad /son DOM/sub role (ESP with a virgin or a young guy without much experience). There is a look when you are fucking them with their face is buried in the mattress and they finally get use to you being there and they have your cock deep in them and they turn around and look at you. That look of “thank you!” Or “that’s what it is supposed to feel like!” Or just “AHHHH”. It is the most powerful thing I think they can give you ever. I guess a feeling of you own me now. It’s awesome when no words are spoken. I will fuck a guy and hold off as long as I can to keep from blowing until I get that look. After the look, he is getting filled!
    I am also impressed when that young guy uses all his powers in his back, neck and legs to twist his body while you are buried in him just to turn around and look at you. I was going to go Xmas shopping…not now!

  • Hair,,,,
    I like a very dominate man with long hair and a totally hairy body. I could lick every inch of it for as long as needed. It’s my kriptonite.

    Sweaty man,,,,
    Love a man that has been outside working in the sun all day getting totally sweaty. I’d give him a total tongue bath,, from head to toe and not miss a spot.

  • Cum fetish!

  • Curved cocks…….sounds odd…..but a curved 10″ is amazing. (Curved to the far right).


    especially if he has a captivating smile and perfect WHITE TEETH!

  • White guys,Good kisser and underwear on nice masculine sexy body .:.and I’m black litino maybe that’s reason I love white masculine muscular guy

  • Cum! lot’s of cum

  • Huge black cocks: once in Atlanta one night in my hotel room, I had four different black guys with huge black cocks fuck my tight white hole. Still get hard thinking of the 40-some black inches pounding my was that night.

  • nice golden showers and cum sprayed all over me

  • I love sexy underware. Any color or type!

  • body hair-pubic hair-armpit hair-facial hair

    nice feet

    WHITE athletic socks


    uncut dicks

    musky-manly scent

    big dicks : )

    master/slave roleplay

  • Sneakers. Especially Vans. The first time I had sex it was in a restroom with another skaterboy and all we were wearing were Vans. Every time I have sex, wearing them reminds me of the first fuck I ever had.

  • A good kisser, a high sex dr, blue eyes, a hot ass, and a big cummer, a man that can shoot a big hot load is a real turn on

  • My fetish is butts. I love a guy with a nice bubblebutt. Doesn’t have to be the biggest but I love round smooth butts.

  • muscler bears hairy bears spitting licking WOOF!

  • Scruffy faces, light chest hair, and Levi’s.

  • Scruffy faces, light chest hair, and 501 Levi’s.

  • I don’t really have a fetish. Granted if my hook up has a fetish, I can work with it. There is nothing I have to have to get excited, but a willing partner. I guess I just like sex.

  • Dark hair guys with brown eyes, and a 5 o’ clock shadow,with a gotee :)

    and can’t forget bonadge , while thay are tied up drip hot wax, ( white looks like hot cum )

  • playing with nice ass

  • There is something about a cock and balls sticking out of a pair of blue jeans that I crave more than just a naked cock and balls.

  • I am so into feet. Love sucking toes and having mine sucked.

  • I guess by the definition I have a animate fetish. I LOVE FEET.. But I’m not going to suck, lick or smell anyone’s feet, but what really turns me on is playing footsies. I’ve played with a few guys in the service and I absolutely LOVE the way that their soles are rough.. When playing/after playing I love rubbing my feet against theirs, just love that feeling.

  • My fetish is girth. I love sucking a fat cock and having it shoot a thick load on my face. I also prefer men older than me. Both would be ideal. Before you ask, I’m 27.

  • 1. Dress socks, [black or blue ones]

    2. ball caps, especially if they are worn backwards

    3. muscled chests, great pecs and biceps

  • All the above :-) First and foremost is underwear. I love anything that tight and shows a mans bulge. I could play with a guy in his underwear for hours. Jockstraps, spandex, bikinis, boxerbriefs, anything and everything LOL. Hot bodies, 6 packs, chest, ass. You name it and it turns me on but the most fun is a hottie in his underwear. Are there any guys in NJ into it? get to me. Look me up in Cntrl NJ, njguy39 :-)

  • My fetish’s are:
    1. Uncut
    2. Dirty talkers,
    3. getting blown while smoking!

  • Underwears are a huge turn on. Especially boxer briefs, I love seeing the outline of their penis or their bulge!

    But I love men in silky gym shorts that are fitted right. Not only can you see there nice outline of there bubble but, but I love when men run in them. I love it when there bulge swings, its a huge turn on:)

  • Bubble Butt I want to eat it! Lots a white teeth on a tan face! A GOOD PRONOUNCED LUNP BETWEEN HIS LEGS – i CAN RESIST!

  • My odd fetish…knees…touching them…having mine touched is a direct line to an erection

  • big bubble butts and arm pits and the smell of a man after a long sweaty day…

  • Younger slim skater boys with big cocks that like to bottom

  • being verbally abused in bed would probably be up there too in the fetish department

  • So many…..

    1. Married men

    2. Hairy men.

    3. Men with wide shoulders, deep chests.

    4. Armpits

    5. Nice feet and hands.

    6. Veins in arms.

    7. Men with hairy knuckles and hairy arms from elbows down to wrist.

    8. Men with muscular legs, smooth and hairy.

    9. Dark haired guys with blue eyes.

    10. Guys who tell me what they want and how they want it.

    11. Men who like to show their stuff in the locker room and showers at the gym.

  • Hot and rough kinky sex. I don’t know if this is a fetish, but I love my hair pulled, slapped, choked, and verbally insulted. I love pretending to be a victim.

  • I dont like feet , but
    found out not to long ago, i love my feet worked on makes me crazy .Is that a fetish ?

  • Definitely suits!!! Nothing is hotter than a guy in a nice fitted suit that hugs his legs & his ass. I’m a leg man too, LOVE big thick thighs that fill out a nice pair of slacks, khakis or jeans. As for underwear, they gotta be boxer briefs, especially ones that go midthigh. Gotta be verbal too, love hearing a guy moan & groan while I’m pleasing him, with a little dirty talk thrown in for good measure. That about covers the major ones!

  • mine are:

    1.Stereotypical Jocks
    2. Hypnosis
    3. Furry transformations
    4. Wearables (leather, rubber, lycra, latex, spandex, collars, harnesses, etc.)


  • water sports, feet, just love to look at pretty feet and prince ablerts…. yum, i need it now. Last but not least i love love love underarm hair, not bushy but just the right amount.

  • A dude dat talks shyt…..a dude with sum timbs on butt ass naked on da couch while i give him head with his hand on the back of my head. A fitted is a turn on 2!

  • I see a younger guy especially in his 20′s or so wearing leather and I go nuts. Just says masculine stud on it and since I’m a bottom it just does it for me. Cowboys with leather chaps and work glove are a great combo too!

  • Pubes, big bush, hairy ass and taint, hairy nuts, hairy pits. Pubes pubes

  • Don’t see my two favorates anywhere on here so I must be really odd. Not into feet, but LOVE nice hands(manicured nails). Long or unkept finger nails is big turn off. Next and opposet of everything I’ve read on here, is guys that wear NO underwear. Huge fetish!!!

  • I LOVE MUSCLES* PECS* SEXYBALDHEAD & SEXYTHUG LOOK, but professional with employment ;)

  • Jock straps
    Man smell
    Underwear smell
    Like when a guy spits in my mouth
    Cum swap
    Dad/Bro roleplay
    Large broad shoulder men
    Thick thighs
    Body hair
    haha yea pretty much it for me…

  • esp feet and well worn underwear/jockstraps…… i love to collect them and be forced to wear them ….. i love to have a mans feet all over my my face body ass hole cock turns me on so badly ……

  • Smells
    hairy ass & dicks
    dirty socks
    REALLLYY hairy pitts

  • 1 reheads
    2 blond
    3 russian guys
    4 asain guys yumm

  • Yess I have several. No favorite but all inclusive. I love role play, nip play, spanking w/light bondage, tickle torture, rimming a clean pretty asshole hairy or shaved, dirty talk and a few others. Treat’em rough n make’em like it!! Turn me on n turn me out!!

  • Pubic hair definetely!

  • Enjoy dom/sub encounters. Role play. Paddling, crop, slapper, cane etc. I switch. All with mutual consent.

  • For me havin some one smack my bare ass with a firm hand or a leather belt is an instant rock hard boner for me not sure why jus know if my ass stings my cocks solid… :)

  • mine is definitly underwear. i love a slim, smooth or shaved body in some tight quality underwear. none of those saggy boxers or regular store pairs. i mean like the really nice stuff you gotta get online :)

  • big low hanging bull nuts & a hairy manhole to munch on

  • Give me a man commando in new jeans and work boots. I would worship him and do anything he needs. Also cum, any way, any where and any time. Also STOP shaving everything. All natural is so hot for me.

  • Not just underwear, but USED underwear that a guy has worn and just taken off. Nothing like putting his on me.

  • Lots of chest hair, and sweaty crotches turn me on!!

  • In no particular order …
    1. Nicely trimmed and kept facial hair (nothing like a good stubble on your ass, balls and/or face)
    2. Nicely trimmed and kept body hair (neat, clean and tight is a must: no smooth twins or grizzly Adams wanted here)
    3. Raw (but I gotta be into ya seriously to let ya do it)
    4. Cum – in my, on me, down my throat, up in me – the bible says the man’s seed belongs in the proper receptacle (ME!) I never have to worry about making a mess on my furniture and sheets – EVER!

  • Getting dick and cum are both my fetishes :)..


  • Outdoor sex at the park with a very hairy man!

  • Guys wearing dark-colored dress socks have always been a major turn-on for me. The socks should be thinner than athletic-sock thickness, but they don’t need to be as thin as the “thick-and-thin” or sheer socks are. Gold Toe socks are great. Patterns are great. Somehow navy blue is more of a turn-on than black, but black is fine, too.

  • Feet
    Eating Ass

  • I love to piss in a tight hole while I fukk or get drank right from my cock

  • Underwear. Not boxers but tight undies. I luv to see a big bulge, alsoalways wanted to be the center of a gang bang, I want to be used face and ass : }

  • And Uncut Cocks. Nothing like uncut cock.

  • I have a fetish for wearing tight low rise girl jeans and one piece speedo swimsuits. Is it weird but it turns me on.

  • A big cut black cock coming at my mouth through a glory hole. Hard to find nowadays. Also love, pits, biceps and stubble. Low hangers making noise slapping against my chin or buns. Deepthroating! There are things I don’t like, too…..waxed or shaved pubes, uncut. I don’t care how pretty the guy is, if he is uncut, I am totally turned off.

  • There’s a difference between a fetish and something you like guys…. Kissing is not a fetish…

  • I love Black Cocks and Cum loads!!!! I seem to get more Black Studs that love to fuck a tight white ass too!! Love sucking their cocks and taking them deep in my man hole!!

  • Flat abs with a thick hairy nature trail. You know where it leads.

  • I like getting gangbanged. Is that a fetish or a perversion?

  • 1. Clean manicured feet
    2. Jockstraps
    3. Big thighs
    4. A nice clean hole-love to eat and play with it
    5. Big dicks
    6. Hairy men

  • Uniforms military/cops
    Tight Underwear Bowerbriefs/Briefs
    Role Play older brother scenes are HOT

  • 1. Smooth skin – I don’t care if its naturally that way or not. My boyfriend is naturally smooth almost everywhere and who knows what pact he made with what force in the universe to get such blemish-free, beautiful tan skin. It just drives me fucking wild.

    2. Long hair – Instant boner when I see a handsome guy sporting long hair. My boyfriend’s blonde hair is 3 feet long. I love to wash and condition it in the shower. I love to brush it and run my hands through it.

  • I love to smell a guys socks, the smellier the better, then move to his bare feet. I also have a thing for having my clothes ripped. When I was a few years younger, many was the time I had to go home from a meeting naked. Makes me super hard to have it done

  • I luv me sum swordfightin’ !!!

  • oh….cockdockin’ too !!!

  • When does something cross over from an attraction/turn-on/pleasure into a fetish? I always interpreted “fetish” as something that one finds desirable that is outside the norm. Most of what I’m reading here seems fairly commonplace. Curiously, not seeing much mention of leather or latex, which are pretty traditional fetishes (at least in our community).

    I really, REALLY get off on jacking into terrycloth. But I don’t have to have it to get off and I don’t fantasize about it so I’m going to say it’s not a fetish. But by the standards of others, it would seem to be.

  • Unshaved armpit hair. I can’t stand it when a guy shaves his pits. I want to bury my face in them and lick, suck, drench them in my spit, and drive my partner wild–this drives ME wild. No deoderant please, and be clean–not disgustingly ripe. Armpit hair is just about the first sign of puberty in a young male, and I have been obsessed with it since 7th grade when I started fantazing about all the hot boys with pit and pubic hair in the school showers. I feel like a guy is shaving away part of his manhood when he shaves his armpit (and pubic) hair.

  • My fetishes are on the wild side you could say. I am an all bareback bottom and love the eel of a raw cock sliding in and out of my ass and my fetish come from that in that i also love to go ass to mouth. I love the taste of my ass or any ass on a mans hard cock even if its just the taste or something dirtier i love to suck them cocks after they were in a ass raw

  • Athletic bodies or jocks if I had to choose. However I just like men period everything about them from there body to there attitudes and personalities.

  • What a great topic to discuss!! I have several fetishes I would consider that get me going. My biggest of all is underwear. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated by underwear. However, it was more the bulge in someones underwear that got me going. I used to compare bulges in my dad’s bodybuilding magazines when my parents were away at work. Haha! Today, its still bulges, though I have big thing for boxer briefs and jockstraps; my two favorite types of underwear. And I prefer classic colors such as white, black and grey. Other fetishes include cum (on my body, on my face and up my ass), hairy chested men, bearded men, glasses, dominant men in bed, gear and short socks, armpits/man smells and basketball shorts on athletic guys…because they typically sport a really nice bulge in them!

  • i love armpits the hairier the better and the stankier the better too i love them rough and tough. :D

  • 1. Nicely kept feet.
    2. VERY hairy men.
    3. Absolutely LOVE the look of a man wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. And if he has the olive skin of an Italian or Greek man, so much the better. Anyone need an envelope or stamp licked? My mouth is watering just thinking about a gorgeous hairy barefoot man wearing blue jeans.

  • 1. Watersports
    2. Cum
    3. Bare
    4. Uncut, but only if fully retractable and clean.
    5. Hot, thin, young guys (usually str8) who smoke while I suck them (but only up to about 25-yrs-old. btw, I don’t smoke, just like it when the above do).
    6. Hands. Either boyish, smooth and elegant or strong, smooth, and well-proportioned.

  • not bears, but unshaven men
    full lips
    guys that like to give massages, rim, and suck
    guys that moan when they’re getting fucked
    Rocco Reed
    tall(er than me) guys
    football/rugby builds
    cute guys with grey hair… not Anderson Cooper, he is ugly
    Married Guys (because they’re usually so giving in bed)
    Higher ranking military men (they’re softies in bed)
    white thuggish guys
    straight guys at the gym that go commando
    girls with phat asses

  • Nice feet and same size or bigger feet then mine, muscular legs, trimmed pubes, starting of facial hair

  • I have a few, for starters I like big cocks, and macho black studs are areal turn on. I guess it is because I’ve had such great sex with them, and they’ve beem so damned nice to me. I like to be dominated and forced to do what the other guy wants. I get off on being tied down, whipped hard and fucked hard, Some pain is always a must, and I can take a lot. The utmost, and it’s only a fantasy, is to be castrated and enslaved. My other fetish is uniforms> I was born and grew up in San Francisco in the days when it was a big navy town. Seems like there were always a lot of hot studs needing to get their rocks off, and I was always there to help them. That tight assed cracker jack uniform with those 13 button pants showing nice package,

  • For me,,,, HAIR. Long hair, scruffy face, hairy chest, pits, ass, pubs, etc. Would love to find a man like that to be my MASTER. Make me lick every inch of that hair,,, beat my bare ass if I miss any.

    Also want that MASTER to totally dominate, humiliate, use, abuse me to his pleasure. Make me service ANY and ALL men he desires. Tie me up and let them have their way with me.

    DAMN,,, I’m horny now.

  • Big broad shoulders, big feet, scruffy hairy legs, light beard, big dicks, sweaty body, lightly hairy crotch & ass. Oh and muscles and stuff like that of course.

  • I love the jock type that wears racer back tank tops with amazing arms and hairy pits! And really super hairy pubic areas

  • I don’t know if it’s a fetish or not, but I am totally turned on by feminine black men. My first gay encounter was with a feminine black man and whenever I’m around one, I get so aroused.

  • No mention made of going to a secluded gay nude beach (if you’re fortunate to live near one) and watching the guys romping around the sand and water with everything flippity-flopping up and down while sitting there getting a hard-on. And later in the day…having some “fun” with another guy right out on the open sand with other guys watching from nearby. Is this considered a “fetish” as defined in this blog?

  • I love piss! Willing to take either submissive or dominant role. I love a man in a wet, pissy diaper, especially if I have told him to wear it to please me. I wear and piss in diapers, too, and, at times when I am diapered, I am quite submissive and crave piss.

  • Panties! I have always enjoyed wearing womens panties.

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