4 Dec 2012

Hot or Not : Blake Shelton

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Is it only me but this man is woooooooof !

I was watching The Voice yesterday (like every Monday) to see my little Blake. After the show, he was doing a Christmas Special with other country artists.

I must admit that I was very impressed by him, no wonder he won the Entertainer Of The Year title at the CMA’s few weeks ago.

He is very charismatic, funny, tall, strong, hot and his deep voice gives me chills….along with a solid hardon!

Do you find him hot too? I like his average/guy next door look. He is obviously not a top model, but he looks manly and he seems confident enough to be packing a good 9 incher!  To me that’s HOT! lol Lucky Miranda!

I wouldn’t mind playing with his body all night long, what about you?



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  • Oh gosh yes!! He is totally HOT!! I just dont like his singing. But that aside id do him as often as possible hehehe 😉

  • I might throw him out of bed for eating crackers, but he wouldn’t get up off the floor. :o)

  • That man is hot hot hot!! He’s welcome in my bed anytime!!

  • nahhhh…. adam levine on the other hand… hot damn! ha

  • not hot to me at all

  • I would totally lick him from head to toe, stem to stern and back again! Could get lost in that smile for days… I love watching the bromance between he and Adam Levine on “The Voice”. He might be str8 but I’d do him in a heartbeat.

  • i hate hate hate hate his giant potato head/pointy nosed/squinty-eyes face! My BF puts it on that stupid-ass singing show (that has that other fat mo-fo with the face I can’t stan) just to enrage me. Hate hate hate. Whew, I feel better now.

  • He is hot and is singing is good but I dont care for his language when he speaks. I am not a prude I know every cuss and dirty word there is. I do not enjoy hearing him say pissed off and other terms. It works for stand up comedians but not for family entertainment such as the Voice.

  • No. Not a turn on. Give Adam Levine all day long, every day. I’ll make his voice higher than it already is.

  • Most DEFINITELY HOT, just like a lot of the men of country music! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I could get him, Jason Aldean, and Easton Corbin in the same room!! Mhmmmm!

  • His personality makes him a not.

  • Fuck Yea Hes Hot AS Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So not hot. I would not play with him he would have to pay me

  • Yes, his personality does make him hot. I really enjoyed his christmas special last night. Adam Levine is one that you want to fuck, but Blake is one you want to marry.

  • No Adam Levine is better looking and has a better personality.

  • I would do him for sure, especially if he has a cut cock to fuck my hot tight latino ass and I hope he has a hairy butt cause I love to eat squeky clean hairy butt ass for hours oh..he must have a hairy chest.

  • Hell yea he is HOT! I would love to fuck him and pump a huge load deep inside that tight ass!!!!

  • Hot sexy daddy.

  • I just have to say seeing him on Tv is one thing but to meet him in person and be upclose and personal is another. Coca-Cola 600 charlotte motor speedway i had that priviledge of meet and greet w/ that behemoth of a man. Miranda must squeal almost every damn nite

  • hell no not hot

  • What makes him hot is that he looks like a next door tupe of guy. Simple, nice, goodlooking 🙂

  • Even English not been my first language, his accent really turns me off.

  • Yes he is a modern day gentalman and not to many of them these days i would love to see what he looks like underneath them jeans

  • I would pass on this one.

  • str8 dont play with them. like mine gay or even put up with bi. str8 s never

  • God yes this man is hot good ole country boy just how I like em

  • Everyone is hot to someone n he is NOT to me….not a fan of his voice n sad he s what wins entertainer of the awards……his voice is do so so……Garth Brooks was an AWESOME entertaner, ,Reba, Barbara,.Dolly etc………’country sucks these days……


  • Hot hot hot

  • He is a good looking average man but his personality makes him hot as hell. He could get it for sure

  • Hell yes. I’d play with him and his “thang” any time. I’d love to be his underwear between his tight jeans and his hot ass!!! I’d make the cracker crumbs for him myself. Love a man from the south;)

  • So very hot mmmmmmm what he could do for me

  • he is hot but adam levine i am in love with. that guy is so sexy and talented

  • I can think of very few men I find as UNhot as Blake Shelton. The thought alone makes me ill.

  • BS is HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • Hell yeah Blake is HOT!!!! He could do me any way he wanted..

  • Like the manly masculine look. Would do him anytime. Not sure what people see in Adam Levine. Give me a more masculine guy like Blake.

  • Not at all, Never, Next.

  • he is handsome ,not hot at all!

  • Blake is the total package….handsome, hot and talented. Yikes!!!

  • He is hot for his age

  • Who is this person? Never heard of him before.

  • He is Hot ! But Adam Levine is Hotter..Was hoping you would have a shirtless pic of Blake.

  • No. Not hot at all. Neither is Adam Levine. I don’t get their appeal

  • I might not go so far as “hot” but given a chance I wouldn’t walk away from an opportunity to explore a little something with him either…

  • i would have to be asked twice to crawl into his bed but then again i would probably drag him into mine. big country music fan and have most of his cd’s. he could sing to me all nite long or do anything he wants to me.

  • Blake Shelton is anything but hot! Ugly and no talent!!! Sorry

  • I think he is a sexy guy and it adds to his sexiness since he’s such a sweetheart!!

  • Never really thought about him much and don’t care for him as an entertainer, but he does have a nice body and I’m also betting he’s packing a big one. Yes, I’d do whatever he’d let me do all day long. But there are many other men in music I’d pick over him, I have to add.

  • He’s straight so he’s not up for consideration. Unless of course you’re a hypocrite and feel the respect too many straights don’t give you or the “Gay Community” over your sexuality is wrong while feeling it’s somehow right for you to not respect them and their sexuality.

  • MAYBE 20 years ago, but nah

  • NOT!

  • He’s a HOTTIE! No questions about that!

  • Yes! He’s built like a MAN and not some prepubescent twink. Very hot.

  • Yes, I definately think that Blake is EXTREMELY hot! He’s very handsome and his personality makes him even more attractive. You can tell that he’s a real man that has all of his priorities in place..I love him!

  • Fuck yeah he’s hot love his personality and his look.

  • Blake Shelton has it all! Talented , sexy, calm outspoken a man’s man! And not least : He’s Rich & powerful1
    He has been around for a while, but seems to be coming in to his full potential this year, And because he is smart will probably be around another decade!
    Blake Shelton knows who he is and what America likes!

  • C’mon you can do better than this guy. He’s not a troll but hot? NO! Pick any soccer player from Europe-HOTT!


  • Blake is cute. Adam Levine on the other hand hot and sexy mmmmm!

  • Definetly hot wherefore art though Romeo. Who needs Romeo when theres Blake shelton…. Mmmm sexy and manly not to mention big beautiful sexy blue eyes….. Yummy..k

  • I must admit the 1st season that I watched him on the Voice I was not fond of him. Something has changed this season and I am more and more attracted to him. Yes I also feel Adam is Hot yet at the same time I would not turn Blake away either. I am not crazy about country music but there are some singers I enjoy and i’ve come to realize he is one of them.

  • I always thought of him as an ok sort of average guy but now that you have me thinking of that hot 9″ cock he is right up there. I will look at him different now 🙂

  • NOT! Plus he’s a homophobe!

  • Am I the only one who recalls his anti-gay comments from days past? A BIG no!

  • OMG no, seriously? He is far from hot. Just my opinion though. Adam, I wouldn’t walk right for days.

  • Yea he’s hot!!..ive been listening to him for years..hes a Koo Kat!..and he has the same birthday as me and was born in Ada Oklahoma like me!

  • Agree 100% that Adam Levine is the top stud on The Voice but Blake is a cool guy just not in Adam’s league.

  • I’d do Blake and let Miranda watch.

  • mmmm no…I can’t stand those redneck squinty eyes that make him (and countless other rednecks) look perpetually pissed off.

  • He’s NOT CUTE! Sorry really average looking!

  • Meh…

  • Sure, go ahead and mess with Blake, and then get a taste of Miranda’s gunpowder and lead…

    Personally, I’m not that crazy about him…

  • I do like them country men but, Blake? I don’t look at him as hot or not, that’s up to Miranda, after all… she did marry him! I see a good chunk of those saying Adam Levine. Now if his image was in place of Blake’s, I’m pretty sure there’d be many a wet keyboard! (psst, wipe your chin)

  • Definitely Sexy… I wouldn’t exactly call him “HOT” (same thing with Brad Paisley), but to try him out once in both positions would be ideal…

  • I would be hospitalized with alcohol poisoning before I’d had enough to make him doable. I think if he and I were the last men on earth I’d still just masturbate.

  • ewwwwwwww him nor adam is hot…adam’s brother is much more hotter and is gay …adam is str8 so he says..still not hot tho….couldnt pay me to sleep with either of them…not kosher at all…ewwwwwwwwwww

  • I don’t care for him. I’ve seen him on Chelsea Lately and he seems like he’d be fun to have a beer with but I’d have to have about a case before I’d do him. I’ve also seen Adam Levine on her show. I’d do him if he didn’t shave his chest. It’s nice and hairy and covers the stupid tats. Not sure I’d do him if he shaved his chest though.

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