10 Dec 2012

Member Of The Week : SpMuscles

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Once again I received so many pictures from guys who wanted to be our Member Of The Week, thanks to all! Every week, you make it hard for me to choose…. so many cuties! But keep in mind I always keep your photos in my file for the next week.

So this week, I chose a cute latino who lives in Chicago, his username is SpMuscles. He is 33 years old, muscular body, cute face, works in IT, he has the whole package !!!  When I red his profile, he seemed to be long term oriented, he believes in love and monogamy, he seems to be a good guy!

To find more about him, check out his profile and introduce yourself in him, ehhh…. TO him !!

Maybe you can ask him to show you his private pics…. I saw them (that’s one advantage of working for A4A…lol) and they are quite nice!

Congrats SpMuscles for being our Member Of  The Week, get ready, you will receive tons and tons of messages from cute men from around the world!

If you would like to become our Member Of The Week, send us your best pictures and username : blog at adam4adam.com

Have a great day guys!



19 comments for Member Of The Week : SpMuscles

  • Not my type.

  • Seems like a great guy. And hot as all hell if you were looking for a young, urban, trendy, model-like, cute guy. He’d be everything you could ever want in a man.

  • Very cute. Will make someone very happy, one way or another.

  • Not my type, but im sure he is a great guy 🙂

  • He’s a smoker. Smoker = no chat…period.

  • That head looks photoshopped onto the body.

  • Why is every member of the week a bottom and racially ambiguous?

  • Whooooooooooo…he is tooo cute!

  • my type, but I swear that head is Photoshopped on.

  • Can I have you for Christmas?

  • He’s sexy. Wish him the best of luck finding his soul mate

  • hot my type either

  • Whenever I see a very attractive guy on a site like this who is looking for a relationship… I just have to wonder “What is wrong with him”?

    Of course, people have said the same of me, so who am I to question? LOL

    and yeah, the smoking thing would turn me off too…

  • Good point, G90814. How can a guy nominate himself for “meat of the week” on a site that has tens and tens of thousands of “hungry” men and at the same time claim “oh, what I really want is love and monogamy”. That’s a giant disconnect. If you’re looking for monogamy, do you post your goods on Hook Up Central?

  • Not my type at all either and as others,smoking is a deal breaker…..except for dick smoking, of course.

    Best of luck to him. Hope he finds that one.

  • hmmmm cute face but no mention of HIV status….clearly poz. Be honest about your status people!!!

  • I love how 98% of the comments are negative. Come off it the guys entitled to whatever he wants to put on his page. I think I don’t wanna say jealous but gay men are just like if not worse than woman. Don’t like seeing a good looking guy getting attention. I’m sorry he doesnt wanna post average joes. like you guys said its a sex site and there aren’t gonna be many hits on a site if the ppl are average. Ppl wanna see attractive ppl not a guy with beer
    belly or crows feet. Not to be an ass bc i’m definitely not just keeping it real bc this is reality we live in but this is western society and we revolve around beauty and if you can’t hack the fact that your getting old, washed up, or fat suck it up and deal. Get botox, dry off or exercise.

  • Okay… damn, his furry pecs are sexy as all get out. Granted i think he’s too well groomed and all that talk about monogamy and what not was a boner killer, he’s still a sexy man. I wouldn’t say no to eating his ass on a pool table in a leather bar.

  • LOL @ Jakester: I take it you’d prefer them to be tops and white?

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