19 Dec 2012

Photography : Leather Man

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I love this edgy ‘Fascist Fashion’ themed shoot featuring Ford model Lane Carlson, photographed by Joseph Lally and styled by Jean Luc Francaise.

Do you?

It is edgy, but beautiful at the same time!

Few days ago I wrote a post about fetishes and many of you mentioned leather as being a fetish, so I found these amazing images to show you, hope you like !


(more photos after the jump)


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31 comments for Photography : Leather Man

  • He’s hot but I’m not convinced.

  • A man in leather is love forever! The smell of leather on a man is so intoxicating, even a simple leather jacket on a man gets me hot.

  • hot stud, but he dosen’t need the leather

  • I can do without the leather 100%, but his build is absolute perfection!

  • the underwear shots are hott…all the rest…too much fascist Nazi shit for my taste…sick

  • agree with MidwestTop… he’s hot but he doesn’t strike me as a real leather man, there’s a certain confidence that they have that i find lacking in these photos. He looks out of his element.

  • the whole military leather get up is too over the top, but the leather briefs…..SMOKING HOT!

  • Just another poser or leather queen living in the ghettos. Those of us in the real world know how to wear our leather in just the right way to make the statement without being a spectacle. His best look in these pics is the ‘bikini’ shots.

  • Leather is the biggest turn on for me. I love the smell, touch, sound, and taste of it on a man.

  • ics i and 4 are hot the restr are ok that these pics ahave be retutuchdd you can tell his body in rel life wouldnot look like that

  • Dis some nasty shit!

  • Butterface

  • The shoot is hot ,so is the man .I feel a little guilty having my Nazi SS fantasy .

  • He is hot and sexy in that leather mmmmmm!

  • The guy is hot, but the leather is not.

  • It is a sure turn off. Anything that looks like it came out of a Nazi German vault is a major turn off.

    Feather is also a fetish. How about a wing angel?

  • Just the Speedo is enough for me 😉

  • It’s not just his looks men are attracted to, it’s the power and dominance suggested by the attire he wears as well as his physical build. Even if there are guys that aren’t into leather, I feel “Masculinity” is still an issue for gay men. Sometimes I get looked over for another man because the person chatting me up thinks bigger muscles = more masculinity. It’s an illusion as a lot of you should well know and I’m not indulging it. I’ll go around wearing a skirt for as long as it takes for men and society in general to realise the clothes do not make the man. Nor does the physique.

  • Hot guy, cool gear, lousy photos: worst lighting of seen of a supposedly professional session possibly ever! It’s not even effective as a spontaneous concept.

  • He is absolutely stunning.
    The pics are gorgeous.

  • Leather looks good in moderation, but some guys look like there in a Halloween Costume, too much. Just sayin…

  • I always wanted to dress in leather. Havent found anyone to indulge me 🙂 Alatino42

  • EPIC …hats off to the stylist….throwing back.classic leatherman gear..feels fresh and drips with fashion jizz like a grand fetish does

    Lighting and photography ..of course are amazing.

    Mr. CARLSON transmits all thr sexual confidence it takes to wear a second skin made from a sacred animal and not be digested by it. That takes a real man.

    I find the entire layout enchantingly hard says my piece of meat. We both thank you.

  • there is a world of difference between a man in leather and a leatherman.

  • The leather is incredibly sexy, but in all honesty with that face and body this guy would look hot in a pink tutu and Ugg boots.

  • He’s hot and looks good for sure.

    What has happened to your picking a member of the week?? I haven’t noticed any recently.

  • Like leather in moderation but full leather is not hot to me…

  • Love the smell of a man in leather. Just a simple leather jock strap is hot and turns me on

  • I agree with some of you,some of the real Tom of Findland can show this model how to wear the gear. The smell of leather can be pretty hot, and i’ve sniffed alittle in my day lol.

  • I happen to be a leather pig,,, especially boots on a real masculine man that thinks nothing about how he looks, which makes him even hotter to me… show me a real man,,, not an imposter, masculine rugged wearing some jeans sort of tight and some big ole leather work boots and id lie down anywhere for him if he wanted me to.. hell, even knee rubber boots, and hip waders get me turned on big time and love having sex with that kind of man while hes wearing them. Love the feel and smell and taste of another hot mans leather… yum

  • No leathers everrrrr.

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