18 Dec 2012

Watch This : Hot Man Taking A Shower

Category: Jack-off material : Watch this !

What is more exciting than seeing a hot athlete taking a shower ?


I’m speechless!
Check out the video taken by a hidden cam, and let me know your thoughts.

I’m hard, I need to jerk off !


(video after the jump, click on “movie 3” and then click again to watch)





15 comments for Watch This : Hot Man Taking A Shower

  • short but sweet. goodlooking guy. great physique. very appealing buttocks. would like to help him out with his shower any time.

  • Not to bad for a porn clip.

  • mmmmmm! I so want to drop my soap in there!!

  • Christmas carol on the overhead is a nice touch … almost has me thinking this is genuine. Guy is definitely hot but I have to assume this is staged or you wouldn’t be posting it.

  • I don’t know…I found it boring. the idea is hot. but maybe not that one. sorry. I usually love your posts. This time…eh

  • Who is the athlete. I gotta know

  • The dude is hot but i dont much care for watching guys shower it does nothing for me

  • So much good ass to bit! I’d get tongue cramps and squashed cheeks burses! Somebody gat’a do it!- And 10-1 nobody would stop you!

  • I left a comment yesterday about the fetish thing, that I was surprised no one had a shower fetish, I guess I was wrong. I find group showers very erotic, I still miss the reform school group showers, its where I developed my shower fetish, and for watersports. Once I was showering and felt warm water on both my legs, I looked, and saw two guys, one on either side of me, they were pissing on my legs. They thought I’d get pissed off (no pun intended), instead I got instant wood, it was hot, ever since then I’ve had a love for group showers, but nothing was hotter than the group showers in prison (yes, I’ve led a troubled life, but I’m all better now LoL). Imagine a group shower filled with guys all pumped up and sweaty from the gym, washing their muscled chest, meaty thighs, washing their cock and balls, tight asses, I still jerk off to what I saw in reform school and prison.

  • That looks like an LA Fitness…haven’t seen any guys like that in the shower there though…damn…

  • You can tell me real guys (str8 guys) do look at each other even get a lil hard. I once over heared two guys talk about get a woody in the shower at the gym. Claiming they were hard from working out. Every guy has had the thought….not every guy has acted on it.

  • He would be hotter with some hair on his chest.

  • he constantly flips his cock so that it fluff’s up a bit so when he is done drying off the guys will think he’s hung BIGGER than what he really is – NICE NICE BODY though !!!

  • damn the guy in the shower has the nicest bubble butt, I would love to suck his cock, kiss his big white butt and eat his squeky clean ass for hours.

  • This is just like any other gym. Fort lauderdale LA Fitness has guys like this all the time.

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