20 Jan 2013

Celebrities : Bieber’s Bulge and Butt Crack

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Yes, Bieber is horny too.

This weekend, The Biebs showed his bulge and butt crack on Instagram. He deleted both picture few minutes after, but a bit too late, everybody saw them. The bulge was quite intense for a 18 y.o kid….unless he stuffed his pants with a pair of socks…. As for the butt crack, nothing impressive…quite flat and uninteresting! But I’m sure you are curious to see…

Check out both pictures after the jump !


assbieber bieberbulge


94 comments for Celebrities : Bieber’s Bulge and Butt Crack

  • bulge is OBVIOUSLY a stuffed whatever… what a waste of space!!

  • That’s funny he’s wearing elastic pants like an old lady hahaha

  • that crack is whack! as for that bulge…my pinky is bigger than that

  • Looks good to me! I’d do him…

  • cute butt, non the less 🙂

  • A dick on a lesbian is still just a dildo 🙂

  • Well lets just say that pic is real and not stuffed. It appears the boy is packing. And if he’s packing I’d def swallow that cock and every drop that cums out of it!!! As far as that ass, I’m sure it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom and I’d rim him as deep as I could get my face in there until he was squirming and begging me to fuck him! Thanks for the pics.

  • H might as well get a sex change. He’s too much of a pussy.

  • Maybe in 10 or 15 years, once he finishes puberty…

  • I thought A4A was a gay sight, no a lesbian one?

  • Bulge??? Not likely that large in reality. If you noticed(How could you not?) he’s wearing pants/sweats/or the now popular, and my guess, Pajama Jeans…Anything with an elastic waistband will almost always have a lot of excess fabric(Unless they’re skin-tight!) that has to go somewhere and, usually, it ‘puffs’ out. It’s the same reason you can’t readily “see” todays basketball players ‘junk’, unlike in the old-school days when the shorts were short and practically looked painted on.(Thank goodness Olympic divers still wear Speedo’s!)
    I do “agree” that it looks as though he dresses to the left but, if you look at the distance proportions, he’d have to be ready to bust out the world’s largest ‘obese person’s double inguinal hernias’ ever seen on a skinny little twig of an almost little boy.
    Time to get an eye exam peep’s!

  • that bulge isn’t that impressive… so he’d better come out with some real irrefutable dick pics.

  • humm verry nice that is that isnit stuffed boys

  • I don’t anything interesting!

  • see

  • C’mon, enough with this pedophile BS!

  • OMG who cares about this pretty girl or whatever it is, I love hairy men with hairy butt and bubble butt and a squeky clean ass for me to eat, this girl or whatever has absolutely NOTHING FOR ME.

  • Has fame gone to the brain, I hope not. He seems like he does not know what to do next !

  • Yeah I agree with the above comment, that bulge is not dick shaped at all, it’s just a poor stuff job. Send in a boy to do a mans job, meh.

  • Poor stuff job. No wonder Gomez left him.

  • I would lick that crack.

  • crack isnt so great either

  • Just a typical flat ass white boy.

  • I really wish people could give this kid some space and let him have a private life. if we are not careful we are going to have another Lohan out there acting up just to piss people off so that people will leave him alone…the level of celebrity that we have in this country is astounding and I cannot believe that we have nothing better to do with our time.

  • Are those elaastic waist pants??

  • I agree it’s stuffed but wasn’t there leaked pictures of him nude when his laptop was “stole “

  • He’s still wearing Pull ups? Wow!

  • He just substantiated his homosexuality. LOL


  • I’d plow that ass to no end, and then cum in it..

  • Beiber? Seriously?

  • Thick jeans can mound up like that just because of his hip position and thick under shorts…
    The Bebe, is not really selling as much as many other recording artists, so I’m think’n he’s dying to show off his stuff to get press space! He’s hot on Twitter, but not, so much where the money is….I still haven’t heard a song of his I can remember? Same for the Joneses Brothers?

    Bruno Mares with the right song could push The Bebe right off the teen star list….I predict – And Bruno won’t need to flash his ass to do it!

  • Agree with Washington…that so called bulge is hideous. Sad really….

  • wtf…there’s nuttin to see…u got that right just a waste of space…omg!!!!!!!

  • It looks all fake i think he a closet case homo any way so y dose he do all dis maybe fa attention….. he not cute all the old men out there waan fuck him like hes a piece of candy….. justin beiver im not a fan but grow up

  • Seriously lame n no proof either are him………..is this all gay men can write about,,,,bulges,etc……who cares

  • Lol… No ass

  • those are the most boring pics I have seen in a long time. even the previous pic of him shirtless, is boring. also, the tats, and piercings, do nothing for me.

  • the Bieb is such a fag wanna be…lol…I wonder if Lil Twist is poking his white boi pussy with his black cock?

  • He has a nice ass.and a sexy body

  • just not exactly what i expected the boy isnt well endowed

  • Don’t nobody have time for Bieber
    Next topic

  • Well beside all the old trolls who have no shot.

  • when the n00dz coming bieberrrr???

  • I doubt the 2nd pic is even him.

  • he’s damn funny!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • I doubt if he even has a cock. He does not turn me on. Leave beaver for the 12 year old girls.

  • yea… and a little untailented twink at that

  • he hot and that ass thats ” flat and uninteresting” is hot a juicy!! I’d fuck it!

  • yawnnnnn… not impressed…

  • The only way I will ever believe that is not a stuff job is if I seee it uncovered and it looks that large otherwise I still think he is nothing to get excited about

  • He’s a lesbian. If anything, he should have cameltoe… 🙂

  • Obviously stuffed his little pants, his little white ass needs a tan, but I am quite turned on with the tats, he just needs to rock a sleeve or two and a chest piece and Viola!, he’s desirable, or at least a Tad bit more interesting, his Falseto sets him back a few bars for me.

  • He can sit on my face till he shoots his bulging load

  • when he hits puberty let me know.

  • Nothing, just nothing like the twirps music!

  • It Official, He’s a Lesbian

  • Why show butt crack unless ….?

  • Bulge, i don’t care about..But tap that.flat ass if.he.gave me chance..Yell yea..

  • Yawn. That has def been primped, stuffed and manipulated to look larger. I mean he prob would still be fun but…yawn.

  • He is cute. Hot??? Now he needs to prove what he has got… LOL!

  • I am not a cathilic preist. Boys do not appeal to me. I like men.

  • It’s apparent he must not have much of anything to work with. Stuffing your pants really bieber?at least try to make it look like something instead of a hot
    Mess! Uugghh

  • That bulge is so fake -.- and his ass crack looks ew

  • Justin is a handsome man, and I can see why the girls love him. But let’s face it… if he had anything to show between his crotch, he would pull the Chris Brown…..lol
    At this point I just feel like a pedophile watching these pics….lmao…

  • I doubt either pic is really him. I saw on the news that there is a guy who can pass for Bieber. They are practically identical. I just don’t see Bieber’s handlers allowing it to happem.

  • Fattybumbalatty : he controls his instagram, so he put the pictures out there…

  • Yawn

  • First, I doubt like Hell these pics are of the Bieb. Second, STOP ALL THE HATE!!! You don’t have to like the kid but shit-talking an 18 year old?!! Really?? Don’t you guys have better reasons to get up in the morning?

  • camel toe

  • He is all publicity. It looks like the tats are trying to give him a tough look and now he is openly courting a gay look. He needs a good thick dick in that ass to straighten him out,just come out aleady!

  • Show your butt when all else fails….. Maybe if I was a pre-teen girl, I’d get excited- Chicken Meat!

  • ok i dont really think its stuffed but cmon guys we should all be able to tell what part of the bulge is d*ck and what part is the balls… id say its almost all balls so ya.. not impressed

  • I don’t know what to say about this boy. On the one hand being called a lesbian by this group, I get it, but just seems mean-spirited; don’t we have enough of that without adding more?

    I don’t like him. He has nothing that appeals to me musically, don’t like boys that have been plucked and waxed and shaped at the salon; the plastic look doesn’t work for me.

    Is that bulge real or significant? I don’t know. I don’t care. Never been hung up on cock size. It is what it is.

    If that boy is your thing, enjoy. He’s all yours.

  • Oooo yes Justin Bieber and his bulge is off the hook I’ve got the pictures of him where he’s actually naked and his cock is nice, hes got a fat cock. my family works for local Bay Area radio station and I got to go with him and the radio station clothes shopping at Pier 39. he’s got a nice little twink body I wouldn’t mind having a piece of that ass for his balls in the picture I believe that’s his cock check out the photos of him off his computer and you can see his cock has got a fat cock head, & hes uncut with a fatty head nice balls and so you see hey sexy smooth twink body, oh so smooth and yep that Canadian boys fucking Fine and hotter in person

  • I wonder if that little ass has been penetrated yet 🙂 I’m sure he would love it.

  • There is nothing really to say about these pics except gross! Bieber reminds me of Leo Dicaprio he was gross looking and looked like he was going through puberty for a long time until he hit age 30. Same thing for Bieber, he needs to finish puberty right now he looks like a little boy trying too hard to be a man.

  • Justin WHO? LOL

  • welp.. tell me again.. why should any of you care if its fake or real? again. isn’t like any of you will ever know what he doesn’t release.. kinda hilarious all the hate comments.. on here..

  • when put his pants he didnt pull his boxers down so it rolled up to look like that… guess what ive done the same…… but quit wearing them i wear boxer trunks. dont bunch up

  • Is this guy’s 15 minutes of fame over yet or not? He’s at least at minute 14, he’s no Justin Timberlake and his puppy dog good looks are transforming into badass thug wannabe just like all the other child stars that try to ascend into the mainstream adult venue and fail.

  • I love twinks and hes super hot. Coulndn’t care less how big his cock is. Just want to suck on it and swallow that big teenage load

  • LOL I’m a white boy and I don’t have a big bubble a$$ but at least I have a shape to it….

  • Dave. The guy is only 18, and already is under the microscope. Bugger off. Or is that ‘butt out’? 🙂

  • they are fake photos people, jb doesn’t have blonde hair nor does he wear black earrings

  • i thought she has a pussy

  • he is such a pretty girl…fuck n fill that boihole up…n have the little boiqueer begging for more

  • Hay I wasn’t finished ragg’n on the Beber!

    The consist on this site seem to be the berbe is a Lesbian!

    What is worse than being called gay? Being considered to be a gender other than what you are caring…Ie: DICK LESS !

    Some may consider “puberty” to be a career?

  • Just another cute kid. Isn’t his 15 minutes over yet?

  • he’s proving himself to be the douche that I’ve always believed him to be…

  • Who Cares?

  • When will he just disappear?


  • Why all the bad talk about him? He is super gorgeous! Fine as hell!

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