11 Jan 2013

Celebrities : David Beckham Shirtless For H&M

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We’ve seen David Beckham almost naked posing for different campaigns including one for H&M bodywear collection. But this time, David was spotted running around and break a sweat for another H&M x David Beckham bodywear collection set to launch february 6th.

See images of the man shooting the campaign all around Hollywood with director Guy Ritchie. I’m pretty sure the images will be awsome!

Check out more images below!


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25 comments for Celebrities : David Beckham Shirtless For H&M

  • He’s hot & he knows it. Although he would be hotter w/o the tattoos.

  • With all that ink, he should keep his shirt on.

  • Still hot..but it’s comforting to see even the beautiful age.

  • David USED to be and he is so over not to mention he should not open his mouth! oh! Such a small dick!! He is not longer a gay man fantasy but a nightmare. Next!

  • I really don’t see what everyone sees in this man.

  • I really don’t see what the big deal is with him…. and all the tats, really? Looks like a circus freak. No thank you.

  • well he is ok…but come on now be 4real i have seen much better sooo whatz the big deal with him???????

  • No thanks, tats suck, if he has a cut cock I would love for him to fuck my face and I know I would love to eat his fine squeky clean ass, would be fucking yummy.

  • I’m not trying to bash the guy, but I don’t get why he’s a big deal. Hmmm…

  • he looks like he’s out of breath and bored. Skinny black wife beaters do nothing for him. Part of his allure was his “naturalness”. This is not natural.

  • Impressive bulge in that 1st pic Mr. Beckham. He has great legs.
    Whatever he’s selling I’m buying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I hpnestly dnt understand people’s lust for DB…

  • That is one Hottt man!

  • He’s A Bad Ass Mother Fucker and a Super Duper Great Guy. I would love to be on his speed dial.

  • not impressed, whats the big deal about. a guy with his shirt off. not that great. now take his clothes off and show us his uncut cock, thats nice.

  • he’s ok. shrugs. does nothing for me.

  • the guy’s a fucking stud. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • He’s straight so he’s not up for hotness consideration. Once again, the Loud and Proud members “the Community”, who supposedly forster respect and acceptance of people regardless of their sexual orientation, disregard that and mentally rape a straight guy. And then they whine that the straight community does not give them the respect they so much deserve.

  • have to agree with others he would be beter without the tats, he has too many he’s ook but not hot

  • Great face, fine build but can do without the stupid tattoes

  • I would sell my soul for just a few uninterrupted hours alone with David. Of course it would help if he were to also give into ALL I would do to him and him to me, lol. He is HOT and his tats rock!

  • DB is overrated!

  • I hate the new-now-next mentality of some people. David was and still is a gorgeous guy. There’s no need to look for the next candy to compare him to folks. Some guys like Beckham, are the “David” of our times. Just stand back and appreciate. You can have your latest eye candy, Beckham is the real deal.

  • Ugly chest I have ever seen in an athlete. They call him sexy because they have only one word in their vocabulary

  • Love the chest, ink, and attitude…he has it all and that makes a great bad boy

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