21 Jan 2013

Entertainment : Beyonce Sings National Anthem At President’s Inauguration

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Today, President Barack Obama was sworn into office for his second term at the White House, becoming the 44th president of USA.

National Anthem was sang by one of my favorite singer, Beyonce Knowles. I just thought about sharing her amazing performance with you guys.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out below, it is great!


(photo: Getty Images)


50 comments for Entertainment : Beyonce Sings National Anthem At President’s Inauguration

  • wow singing for the anti chist way to go lady

  • I HATE blobama!!

  • She’s as worthless as Bumbles, she fit right in.

  • one of my fav pop singers along w/ taylor swirt kesha 🙂

  • I am actually impressed. Beyonce can actually sing quite well when she wants to. All I have ever heard from her was a racket. At least she did a beautiful job on our national anthem.

  • This was such a mediocre performance I couldn’t believe. Makes me long for the days when Whitney was at the top of her game. That would have been a moment, but this wasn’t anywhere near the climax that was built up for it.
    Beyonce should be embarrassed.

  • And so begins another four years of hell.

  • No one beats Christina Aguilera… NO ONE.

  • Her fake hair looks terrible… she’s actually a complete witch in person… u know what they say- you can put as much lipstick on a pig but its still a pig

  • She’s just some pampered little suburban chick

  • Very nice. She gave a little “Whitney” near the end. Thanks for sharing!

  • I LOVE BEY!!!!!

  • she did america proud

  • In my opinion, Beyonce was ultra-clsssy and sang beautifully! I enjoyed her performance.

  • I’m a HUGE fan of Beyonce…but her inauguration performance was not as good as her performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl…

  • Thanks SO much for posting this Dave, saw it on the screen at the gym today… Was on my 4th mile so couldn’t really hear it or focus at that time. So Thanks!!!

  • She was like: “Imma take this shit out my ear cuz I can’t hear myself belt”. Word.

  • It was mostly OK. I did not enjoy her embellishments, at all, and she certainly is no Whitney (despite her effort with “…Land of the Free…Heeeee.” I’ll tell you this much. I will NEVER purchase a Beyonce CD, though, now that she has done this for the most corrupt, un-American president in my lifetime.

  • Nailed it. Live. No AutoTune. A notoriously difficult tune and a high pressure situation, and she made it look easy, while keeping it classy. This is what a SINGER does.

  • Ineffective Presidents usually get worse Second Term! “Fasten your seat belts; we are in for a bumpy ride”!

  • Beyonce’s is Beautiful and yes she can sing ! but i had a flash back of Ms Whitney Huston May she rest in peace !
    I love the both of them.

  • wonderful voice, but never been a fan of treating the anthem like a pop song.

  • And who pays for this party…..US…….serious waste of resources

  • who cares…. it was lackluster to say the least. Even Rosanne Barr had a more interesting version.

  • OMG,she did a fab. job at the Inauguration of our 44th president. I’m a hugh supporter of her and the president. A job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

  • The best to ever sing it

  • no no no!!! i didnt like the way she sang!! aretha should have been there again!!! or some other black singer, like, gladys knight or pattti labelle or natalie cole or perhaps diana ross but beyonce didnt do the song justice!! and why wasnt martin luther kings childern on the stage with the president?? it was their fathers birthday!!

  • They deserve each other. Can’t stand her or the obuma. Hope it is a short term for him before he takes USA down and farther than it has sunk now,

  • Kelly Clarkson DID A FABULOUS JOB WITH

    “MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE” and belted it out like a “new age” Kate Smith.

  • I cant believe some people are still racist…lol I just don’t get it!
    Anyways just wanted to let you know that any racist comments are removed and racists are banned from this blog immediately. I don’t tolerate that.

  • And all the racist comments begin. Let alone comments from gays who apparently would vote to not bring rights to gay people lol. Hilarious

  • I am fan of neither…but someone said she made it look easy…should have been since it was lip-synced!! Just as empty as the man taking the oath of office…that was lip-synced also, since the official swearing took place the day before…all for show!! Bread and Circuses as the old saying goes!

  • Wow, there are so many gay people with race issues. Makes me sad. Does give one pause when people draw comparisons between equal rights for gays and racial equality. Which the president did mention in his speech and was far more significant than Beyonce.

  • Im shocked at all of the nasty comments about our President.
    self haters and racists.
    makes me sad.

  • and now we find out it was lip-synched… go figure.

  • I’m confused…everyone is spotting off about racism towards those who have made comments regarding their disapproval of Obama. But not one person has made a negative remark toward him because of his skin color!! Idiots. And for the record I very much disapprove of our President’s beliefs, policies and overall views. But those have nothing to do with his race / skin color. Grow up people.

  • 95% of these comments are negative & racist. You’ve got a lot of deleting/banning to do.

  • Well, I thought the Pucci gown was fantastic, she did look beautiful but she lip synched.
    Kelly Clarkson sang LIVE.
    Nuff said.

  • JBK, ya I just red that in the news …it sucks if its true….where is music ? Everybody lipsync….

  • The only US president to ever mention homosexuality and equality in the same sentence and racist, most with secret cravings for black dick, hate him. Go figure. But they have love for Bush and Romney who made no secret about how they felt about you(homosexual).

  • Dave, I appreciate you posting. Likewise, I feedback whether it’s positive or negative. I am not a fan of Beyonce but I am not going to tear her down. I am an extreme Obama supporter. I am just shocked that many are so negative. Who do you want instead, Sarah Palin??!! As for the racist remarks, you should leave them. It used to really hurt me to read things that disrespects me and my people, but you know, it is really how people are. They sit their fat asses behind a computer and spew nasty garbage and do not have the nerve to say any of this mess to certain peoples faces. So to all you cute little racist, say what you will or you may but you do not define me! Oh, and lastly, like someone said, if Whitney was still here and at the top of her game like she was 15 yrs ago, she would have blew it out the water!

  • Let me get this right…you can suck black dick, swallow black nut, get fucked in the ass with no lube by a black dick, and have that same black dick breed you; or you eat a black ass, kick black guys, or love a black guys ass and throat…BUT YOU CAN’T HAVE A STRAIGHT BLACK MAN BE YOUR PRESIDENT, the same one who is also pushing women’s right and marriage equality, lol…ok that makes sense. Did I get it right?

  • Do Something : What are u talking about ? lol Of course you can have a black man as President, and I’m proud for you guys ! We have a white moron in Canada and nobody likes him lol

  • The truth is out. She faked it. Just like Pres has been doing with his fiscal capabilities.

  • Wow, she’s such a great lip syncher!
    For the record, I don’t dislike Obama cos he’s black, I dislike him because he’s an incompetent fool.

  • Wow! just like her concerts… PRE-RECORDED…. how insulting…

  • FYI: 99% of our presidents are incompetent but so are the people. It shows in your comments.

  • I think Obama is a disgrace to this country….many comments here say the same…why in hell did all you homos go out a vote for this liar again? There are only 2 things most of you homos should do: 1, suck cock, and 2, stay home on election day.

  • Theres a raging debate about whether or not beyoncé lipsynced her performance…. here’s an unedited live feed. you decide.

  • Fake singing, fake promises, fake ceremony. Four years ago it was thrilling to see the progress America has made in terms of racial issues, but the fact is that Obama was an inexperienced legislator with little experience to bring to the White House. We have now seen the result of that inexperience for four years. Four more years of Obama is not a thrilling prospect.

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