7 Jan 2013

Fantasy : Black Dom Men

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You know how I love my black friends… I wish I had one as a regular fuck buddy. I like their attitude, their hard bodies, and their massive cocks.

Well last week, a bit after Xmas, I met this married black man… Let me tell you that his wife is a lucky gurl ! She get to suck on this 12 inches cock every night…

Anyways, I can say I had it to myself for one full night and it was nice.

Am I the only one who happens to fantasize about black dominant muscle men here? I’m sure I’m not…

Now if you are not into black men, don’t write bad comments below, because I’ll ban your ass of this blog! A4A loves allllllll colors !

Check out hot pictures I found of interracial sex below or you can see more here !



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134 comments for Fantasy : Black Dom Men

  • I’m a mixed guy (black, white, indian & hispanic mostly) but I personally love interracial fun, don’t mind a guy getting a little dom & bossy either. So I guess the situation is reversed in my case. But I think everyne should play with different races, its beautiful.

  • Deezy, you are right. I like many different colors as well…

  • I think black men are so hot. I am a bottom and will always prefer a dominant black man.

  • Love em (-;

  • As the makers of skittles once said


    I myself like the dark colors becuse they contrast my white ass so well !!

  • I like men of all colors, but am not into dominant men for the most part. I am a bottom, but am far from submissive. I have been with black men, but if they get to dominantly aressive I put an end to it pretty quick.

  • Isn’t it good we have choices? To each his own

  • HOT PICS!! Love a good Dom of color! Especially love the fisting pic! VERY NICE

  • I never understood the need to limit oneself to just one race when there are so many beautiful men in the world waiting to be tasted.
    But to each his own I guess.

  • Wow !
    I love Hot blk men, there passion ,there hot kisses and so much more,just thinking about them is making me horny

  • I don’t know why all black men have to be portrayed as dominate tops, what about US submissive black bottom men huh?? smh 🙁

  • I like everyone we are all the same when it comes down to it.
    Black white green purple red blue ect ect. LOL
    We are all singular and unique but we all have the same threads that bind us all.

  • There is something very sexy about a fit black guy that knows what he wants, had some very fun times with some ‘dom’ black dudes but on the flip side sub black boys are just as much fun 😛

  • I love black men. I love bottoming for black men who are dominate and aggressive. They know how to fuck a tight white ass and hit my g spot. It gets me rock hard just writing this.

  • Hot Pics!!

    Probably could have posed for a few of those myself, lol I’m a white guy that messes with Black Men exclusively, so I’ve had MANY hot interracial sessions…with young sexy slim dudes to big muscular dominant guys to sexy total thug types. Damn, I’m gettin horny just thinking about it!!

  • I love hot dom black top men. Unfortunately, I am not kidding when I say there are NONE in my area. I have to travel at least 100 miles to Pittsburgh to find any.

  • Interracial sex is HOT!! My partner of 6 years is white and we can’t get enough of each other! 🙂 So what I don’t understand is this, why are most guys afraid of black men??

  • Love a black top that knows what he wants and goes for it.love him slowly teaching my hole that it was meant for his marvelous massive meat.

  • I have found in black man, thay give wonderfull bj, as for me iam a top, I enjoy every minute with them 🙂

  • i’m black and i love interracial sex. i also get a little dom and rough in bed too and my guy loves the feeling of a black cock in his tight pink hole.

  • Love my black men, not necessarily dominant, but i do love them black <3

  • One night in Atlanta, I welcomed four black guys into my hotel room — and into my hole — for a memorable night. They all loved my tight eager white hole. The black cocks were 8, 8 1/2, 9 and 10 inches. I could barely walk the next day, but the multiple fucks was well worth it!

  • I always get seriously jealous ( besides extremely turned on ) when watching hot black guys fuck the shit outta some dude. Its so hot.

  • Idk i dont really care much for this im black and a bottom yet i always get white guys who want me to top them and assume i have a big cock. I get that theres a fantasy about it but i feel a little stereotyped. I dont it its this posts fault but rather the media i.e. the porn industry.

  • hey i had my1st blk cock i loved it i loved to have more too he was a great kisser good looking man never sucked his dick but man cant ever fuck WOW 9inches of uncut dick if u c this aj hit me up i miss u , ur sexy bod ur sexy tasting ass and how u fucked me good and hard

  • Oh what night

  • love that black cock man

  • Just read my stories on here and you know where I stand on interracial love and hot sex!! Couldn’t do without it. Dave I’m glad you had a really large Christmas gift this holiday. Lol Look for my next story….hot, hawt and romantic. David W. Bradburn

  • I appreciate your love for Black men like myself, but I just wish we were viewed more in a positive perspective sometimes, other than just sexual objects. Funny, they say, once you go black, you never go back, but we have more to offer than just sex. Sensuality, comfort, protection, and care…. but this is a sex blog, so what should i expect… thanks for posting this though

  • Danny, yes, like you say this is a sex blog…
    But like I said previously it’s true, some are bottom, some are not dom or hung…but this “fantasy” was about blk dom top 🙂

  • Love black men they are all so sexy and masculine.

  • The thing I love about black men (besides the big cocks and great asses) is the lack of hangups and the willingness to flip. HOT HOT HOT.

  • I SO totally agree! Men of color, be they Black, Latino/Hispanic or Asian….ROCK…any time, any day, and night…

  • I have no issue with anyone anyone finding me sexy because they are looking at me as an individual with sexy qualities who just happens to be Black, i.e. my being Black being an after thought to what makes me sexy. But where I will draw the line is when I’m getting approached to satisfy some damned “Mandingo” style fantasy based off these idiotic stereotypical images perpetuated by some porn video. Some of the hottest sex I’ve had across the racial boundaries popped off with guys who knew how to not have their individual spectrum for what makes damn good sex limited to images they see in porn. Don’t get me wrong, porn makes for good fantasy but when it comes to being a real participant in an actual sexual experience happening in the real world and not in the realms of fantasyland, you have to know how to broaden your horizons beyond just the fantasy.

  • If only this much love were given to black bottoms…

  • And that’s putting aside the issue I have with gay men who knowingly hops in the bed with someone else’s husband or boyfriend especially when that person didn’t necessarily agree that man be out there giving the dick anyone other than them. For all the talk of wanting others to respect us as gay men, yet a good number of us refuse to grow up out of this perpetual sexually teenaged mindset that many are locked in.

  • love all men and black guys are esp. sexy in their own way i am a 24yr old white sub so the idea of a black dom.esp. if thier older is sheer perfection in my mind love to know a few lol or serve a few 😉

  • I love black man big dick or not they just seem to know how to use what they got and do everything better and I’ve never turned down a Don guy lol

  • Love my Black Men…nothing better than a Masculine, Muscular,hung Black Buck who is all BOTTOM..

  • 2 of yall sound thirsty

  • I should be so lucky!

  • My man is Jamaican Trinidadian,sex with him is amazing
    I’ve been with plenty of other guys,and nobody can match him
    Love it when he holds me down and pounds my ass,or when he fucks my mouth and shoots his yummy load

  • I would love to play with bottoms of all races.

  • Im a white guy and i think Black Men are so hot…I only have sex with Black men…not into white guys at all. I dont know what it is about them but i lose control when im in bed with a black man…The have big dicks..nice bodies and they are just all around sexy!

  • I love Black men……..I am a top and love meeting up with Black men when I am out-of-state. Here in NM, we have very few Black men.

  • I love bein the dom male when im with my partner if i have one its a turn on to watch him service my dick an him open his fully willin ass to the dick

  • I love my choclate skinned dudes. The saying is true, once you go black you never go back 🙂

  • As a GWM, I’ve had a thing for black guys since in high school. My first black guy was in 9th grade at high school. I remember it like it was yesterday! I would give anything to know what he was doing these days… Today, the more muscle the better!!!

  • I’m another guy who loves being dominated by an aggressive black top. I can’t get enough black cock!

  • Im a Hispanic btm and I love black dick and dominating black men I love when I was 18 I had my first 4way and these 3 older black tops just took turn tag teaming my ass I was air tight stuff and It was a blast

  • As a black 25 year old I also love interracial fun Im talking to a white man right now and I really like him… but one thing that I do hate is when orther races meassege me and just assume because im black that Im a top not all black me are tops! Its annoying and offensive Im vers/bttm and I love it!

  • i love black men and i love it how most of them just want sex cuz they are usually taken but i know i for one would love to be in the middle of an all black orgy and me being the only why bottom bitch

  • Loved this blog post! Tall, dark, and handsome….yes please!

  • I like all kinds of men: for me, it is not the wand, but the magician. I just dislike these pics. Period.

  • Honestly I mostly only interact with black guys for the same reasons you listed. I also feel they are more passionate about it when they find the person attractive. I have yet to meet a black guy that I didn’t have great sex with. I’ve tried other races including my own (Latino) but its never the same.

  • I’m a black bttm….love any color of dominant tops, as long as he is hung!! Let’s face it, kind of hard to take a dominant top serious if your junk is bigger than his 🙂

  • black men are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am a (proud to be) black man but I now understand what some women mean by some black men are jerks and end up steppin’ to the next (non-black man). Most are self-centered, drop that nut and kick your butt out. No affection. No friendship. It’s all about them. They just drop their load and off you go, horny toad. I ain’t like that. Being a black man, bottom, I am a victim to this BS from black men and I am embarrassed, as a black man, for women who date black men and guys like me who have been used & abused by black men. Show me a black man who doesn’t act like this and I will show him happiness.

  • I have one, he is my first for so many things, I luv my big black daddy

  • Typical and dissapointing. Shame on you and gay media in general.. you openly stereotyping black men in your slutty lustful fantasies, that all black men are Hung mandingo TOPS ( never or rarely do you see a caucasian and or other lusting after a black bttm) thanks to your gay porn you worship like a idol God’s….disgusting!

  • dissapointed: so dramatic !

  • this white guys likes all flavas byt my favorite is a dom black man. thanks for the pics….i Love them all.

  • I like dom guys period. But there’s just something about black guys that makes it that much better. I’m not sure if its the contrast on color or the slightly taboo thing, but it is hot!!

  • oh yes black men r HOTTT.i cant wait 2 meet one of them like those studs shown here.the one black guy i’ve been with,while chattin me up he was tellin me how big his cock was and how he was gonna rip me a new one.lolwhen we got naked i think he was surprised my 6.5 cock was as big as his.he did ok but not like what he was saying.needless 2 say he didn’t live up 2 my expectations or hopes.so untill then i’m gonna keep lookin 4 him or them

  • I love black men myself. I remember being in grade school and going next door everyday to my best friends house b/c his sister dated a black dude and I thought he was SO beautiful so his sexy lips, dark skin, plump ass, big hands, everything about black men is sexy to me! love when a black man takes control and is a true man in every situation!

  • Why must you perpetuate this idea of the big black dick and submissive white bottom? Why don’t we ever see displays of hungry black bottoms who enjoy white cocks?

  • Black top here in San Joaquin love sub white bottom totally Dom. Love my bottoms beefy and thick with nice big asses. Anybody wanna chat hit me up!

  • I love black guys.. I love big cocks… and I love uncut cocks… give me a big black uncut cock and I won the trifecta. attach it to a nice smooth round bubble butt, and I am a lottery winner…

  • Into Black guys just as much as Asian, Indian, Pacific Islander, and White guys.

  • I think the Black man as a fantasy object is a turn off. It’s a bunch of BS. Not all black men are massively hung, sexual animals, etc. It prevents black men from being seen as human beings with the same feelings and problems, likes and dislikes as everyone else. Sex sites promote the stereotypes and it’s just tired. I turn down come- ons from white men because I know what they are after. Wild sex. Who wants to be a performance monkey? And shame on the blog writer for having sex with a man who is married.

  • Andre, I get what u mean, but it’s a fantasy, that’s all.
    I dated a black man in the past and he was very cuddly and loving.
    The post was about muscle black dominant men, it doesnt mean they are allllll like that lol

  • So as long has a guy is black, dominant, and muscular, it doesn’t matter if he has bad teeth, the wrong hair, a pimpled face, and is overweight??

  • the most fun i ever had was with a black man. he was sooo hung 11″. i wish i could find more like him.

  • i’ve been with several black men over the years and i’ve yet to find one that left me unsatisfied! i love black cock!

  • Im all for your fantasy, in fact I, and many other black men have benefited from the fruits of it. However, the fantasy of a black man as a mandingo, a bull or really just a big dick and balls is sad and counterproductive. We all are human beings and should be treated as such. Are feminine black men useless? The less endowed? It really sucks that in 2013 persons can still use position, to create a demeaning and animalistic nature for others.
    Not to mention the sex trade is alive in well in most major cities and black men are at the center, particularly the young and disenfranchised. This is a fun site and i dunno if anybody really reads this, but, c’mon son.

  • Being biracial, I get the guys who love my black skin, my Mandingo duck as it has been called. Sometimes it gets old, sometimes, I enjoy it. I prefer all flavors, but some guys look at me & automatically, this stereotype comes out.

  • I’ve had a lot of sex with hot black men. I like sex with all colors though.

  • the pics areawesome as i believe my place ib life is on my knees pleasing a dom black man

  • Well I did a Dom black guy once couldn’t sit properly for 3 days lol

  • No you are totally right! In general they are amazing and I’ve been lucky enough to have more than one as a lover, although I’d really love to have one in a long term relationship. I also love black men as subjects for my photography and have been blessed with photographing some of the most beautiful black men in the world and publish three calendars with photos of the hottest ones. Sexually I’m versatile, so I not only love to get fucked by a well hung black man but also to be on top of one with a beautifuk bubble butt!! 🙂

  • OMG I love Black Men! They are so hot! Lots of them love using a horny sub bottom like me in my area!! Its true black guys have big cocks!! 7 in and up. I have had ones around 9 in! I love sucking their cocks and getting fucked by them! Black guys I have been with can blow some of the biggest cum loads ever wow!! I had one Black stud with a 8 in cock fuck me doggie for about 20 min and filled me with 3 loads and never when soft mmmmm! I had cum running out my man hole and down my legs wow that was hot!! So yes I’m a Black cock slut!

  • As I have gotten older and lived in different metropolitan areas, my list of what races/ages/people I find attractive has grown. Sleeping with a beautiful asian, black, white, latin, american indian guy is the united nations of sex. Do it. But, restricting yourself to ridiculous ideas of ONE type of partner- SEEKING BI DL BLACK TOPS BETWEEN 20-23 WITH 9 INCH DICKS BUT NOT BIGGER THAN 10- is sad and one more example of gay men hating themselves and each other. Taste the rainbow.

  • I absolutely love big black cock. The first time I ever barebacked was with a 12 inch black dick. Let me tell you it was amazing! Looking back in seeing that hard ripped chocolate body and that huge dark meat sliding in and out of my lily white ass made me cum more than I ever have before. Feeling his African sperm splash against my insides was truly an amazing experience too.

  • OMG!!! The next to last pic. One with cum on his face. Faint

  • I am happily married to a black man and I am Hispanic I think Interracial fun is the best hes a good 9in thick so he knows how to hit the right spots lol!!!!

  • Totally love hung dom black studs to own my mouth and tight hole. You have described my fantasy man. Those pics are HOT!

  • I’m black myself and have always been an “It’s the guy not the color” type, but I’m not crazy about interracial porn because of the ridiculous caricatures. It’s never “Ted and Will get it on,” it’s always “T-Dawg fucks Billy with his 12-inch monster black cock.”

  • I’ve had a few black men and find them very sexy and yeah the dominant guy can definitely be a turn on.

  • The expression on the dude’s face in the fisting pic cracks me up. Looks like a child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  • As a redhead, I have always liked being with a black guy as the skin contrast is so awesome. My pale skin and 7.5 cock with a black ..any size is just such a turn on. I was with a hot 25 year old black puerto rican guy once in Texas. He was much taller than me and he liked being with older guys. I got three loads out of him….he could not fuck me as it just did not go in but he was cool with me sucking him off. We kissed a lot and he gave me one of the most intense body massages I have ever had. If I had lived near him we would have played more and he would have gotten to fuck my tight white ass.

  • Im a latino power bottom so the only guys that handled my ass and kept up with me are black and mixed men…yup. Fantasy is to get tagged by 2 or more agreesive tops. LOL

  • Wwha?
    Im sorry i thought dom and black men was reality.. likewhite marshmallows. Its expected the norm and a obvious thing.
    Fantasy is a passionate open black man who rimms and dare i say it…awe hell…KISSES.
    Thats fantasy.
    If you dream if being dominated by a black man… The lines longer than express at no frills and the same service is being given..not much and damn short while on his cell fone.

  • @Blog: Ok, well try making a post on sub black bottom men, and see how many responses you get?? 😛

  • have a few black guys that are great friends and great fuckbuds woof


  • I don’t have a color preference. But it is a shame black men are stereotyped as “thugs” & “big dick”. Most black dudes I fukk with who have big dicks are actually well mannered professionals & bottoms.
    Sorry but this is sad….and racist

  • zaq, lol it is not racist, the post is about fantasizing about blk dom guys…
    and don’t pretend to be offended….with a email address like “master4slaves” ….

  • wow most comments I have ever seen….mixed black/white/Indian…..Love interracial sex but I can not seem to find me a willing bottom in this hick college bigoted town I live in…..I know they are out there but I can’t seem to make a connection…..very masculine and loving man!!!!
    can anyone help me???

  • I’ve been with a couple black guys in my lifetime and they are just as hot and really good as any other guy no matter what color.

  • I love black men who are smooth and have a bit of muscle or average, not too skinny or overweight. If a guy is smooth, somewhat built, cut, tall, and short hair I am in heaven. Dominate or submissive works for me so all you black bottoms hit me up. There aren’t enough black guys in my area so I don’t get enough, but when I do it’s great. I like to suck and swallow a nice big black cock and swallow, get on hands and knees to take it deep, rim a nice bubble butt, and pound ass too.

  • I am in agreement, there is nothing like a big blacm cock, especially on a small framed guy. I am not into big guys of any color. I got lucky, I have a fiancee that is young, black and he makes me so very special. oh yea, a twelve inch ruler is not quite long enough to measure his length and in addition to long, he is fat too. Looking forward to the spring when we travel to say I do in a state where marriage is legal, then a ten day cruise!

  • I have been with a couple black men and both seemed like they were waiting to get me all hot and bothered to rob me… they were not sensual, loving, or nothing like white guys,,,, I would love to find a younger (25-35) well built black man that really wants me and is really interested in me and not just for his enjoyment…. I am total bottom, and will do most anything for him if he treats me like he should. Treat me like his “woman” to start and work at getting me into bed, and not just get together and hop in bed and leave. I wanna be corressed and be made love to before taking his cum… I dont really care how big his cock is,,, as I dont like it too big, but just make me feel wanted and that he is going to make me enjoy what he wants me for…. I havent found any like that around here, so thats why I stick with the white guys mostly,, but show me a romantic black man thats a little aggressive and dominate and things should change. Im willing…

  • I love a hot black man. Honestly the skin on a black dick is smoother, silky. I also liked the pics except the ones of the guys getting their mouth streached, just not attractive or sexy to me. also the fisting, just a major turnoff for me. but great blog.

  • Lol I’m not offended Dave…..just thought I would add my input. It’s all good….and I still LOVE the blog

  • I am Asian and i had an African American bf. I was shy over 100lbs and he was 250lb solid muscle with 9×6. We had a very amazing chemistry. He literally can threw me around, snap me into two easily; but nothing feels like it to have a big muscle, esp African American, guy on top of you. LOL

  • I love black dom tops for sex since they are the best fuck machines out there: hot muscular/average bodies, beautiful skin smell after sex, huge cocks, some of them are good looking, long loving sessions, great kissers, simply designed to fuck. I exclusively fuck black men for that reason but what I fantasize about is that some day, gay people who think the same thing about them, confess around they are into black Dom tops and try to include them in their social life without shame, other than seeing them as Mandingos…that’s what she said….

  • As a Black man, I have to say there’s something about this post that really bothers me, and I can’t quite pin it down…. I see it on A4A too; all the time. Enjoy that BBC fellas… that’s what we’re here for.

  • I’m a self-confessed Black Cock Lover. Fit Black guys make my heart race. My fantasy recently came through when I had a 3some with two Caribbean guys for a sleepover… I can’t get enough of sweet black guys…its not just the cock…its the total package of masculinity, confidence, and dominance and an X-factor! Pity I can’t find any here in Bournemouth and have to go to London to get my fix! Holla at me if you are nearby…the nights are getting colder 😉

  • Love black guys, don’t get sex with them as often as I wish, and dominant ones a plus. Hot pics, thanks for sharing

  • I think people are people and should be seen as such irrespective of they’re skin color, ethnicity, language, etc. However, I’m really put off and and sadden by the stereotype I usually see here of blacks as thugs abusing a white bottom guy. It’s disheartening and I don’t see why it is accepted. I think its racists and nobody seems to care. Sigh! I am thankful for those that have protested the stereotypes on here. I’m glad to see it.

  • I would like to find a nice black pimp. I spent the night with a black man and was in heaven all night. He just kept going and going. I would like to find a black pimp that I could serve. But where do you go to find one? Or how can I find one? If anyone could help, I would apprecate it.

  • Dave i,m with you I like many races sexuly but I to say i love blk men. this blk bud i see not to often he is bmm more of a bottom slender witha big cock long dam dick i love kisses blk lips suck there cocks nsa at adult theater porn booths sleazy hot i live in the san francisco penninsula get over to oakland to this secrets theater arcade there not often enough to hunt for blk cock love love love it.
    user tops so hot.
    I know the dL guys know this place is good for a bj and run

  • Man, those pics are hot! Love you!

  • Gawd its about time Dave. My favorite is a black man whether they’re hung or not. I emphasize with above comment regarding having casual banter becoming a stand on race relations over our history. Good sex is better with no talk just oohs & ahhs..& grunts ad any good piggy knows

  • I almost always have a black FWB and my current one is a bit of a surprise. Not the tall, built black guys I normally hookup with, but a 5’2″, 110 pound, 11″, light-skinned twink with a kinky drive and who’s a vers-top…emphasis on top.

    He’s a little dynamo, too; it’s nothing for him to go 1-1.5 hours banging away inside me. And I was the first person ever to get him off orally, something that’s just warm-up, now.

    I like all colors of guys, thin to built, hung to not-so-hung, white to light to yellow to pecan to tan to brown to black, and if they came in green and blue, that’d be fine, too! But there’s something really hot about seeing the contrast of a big, black cock penetrating an untanned white ass, or even a 5’2″ “black” twink standing over me with his dick in my mouth.

  • Hmm… Black guy here. I kinda fit every physical stereotype that you may have in your mind about black guys as well (super hung with a penis girth the size of my wrist and I only have to breathe air to stay in shape). I love guys of all ethnic backgrounds, but I actually get slightly disgusted when looking at the site that you posted. Of course its called “homothugsexposed”, but there is no black on black sex; there’s only white guys getting pounded by elephant cocks. The fantasy is for white guys just as much as this post was unfortunately… I’ve come to realize that (at least in the gay community that I’ve seen so far) that black guys are typically in the “f**kable but not date-able” category: as many guys just want to satisfy that fantasy and tell their “I had my first BBC…” story. Aside from that rant, thanks for even putting black guys in the spotlight of hotness~ Do an Asian posting next~!

  • Benga Lewis: I consider myself one Black top who prides himself in not reducing himself to being the stereotype that some responding to this blog post prowl for. And no disrespectful or abusive tendencies in this body. It’s a turn on to find that Black bottom who demands that respect from me that I expect from him. A mutual treating each other as Black kings if you will LOL…..

  • Let me just say I met a nice black guy, rocking body and a 9″ cock but he lives 45mins from me. :/ but I always know its gonna be well worth it when I make the trip.
    Our first time together I was a Lil nervous but he knew how to handle me. 😉 when we actually got to the part where he was gonna pound me, he started real slow and I begged him to stop and tried to pull away but he just kept pushing. Oh am I so glad he did before long I was screaming in ecstasy. Now I’m always looking for a hung dom black man. So hot. Its become almost the only porn I watch now hehe. Especially when its a hung black guy pounding a cute twink like me. 😉

  • Im a black bottom and i guess I’ve had my fill (pun intended) i actually am starting to prefer the opposite. Give me a nice, dom, tall, solid white guy. Someone like Lito Cruz or Dolf Dietrich, two of my favorite porn stars who i just lust for. Any dominant tall well endowed white guys out there? Let’s chat! Lol

  • Dom black men are wonderful but there is more to us than that. We don’t all want to dominate all the time, we want variety as much as other people do. I actually get people asking me to do that often but I’m not into that. I have a BBC with a huge mushroom head but I’m a bottom. I hate hooking up with guys who totally fixate on my cock and forget I’m a person. A BBC is still a sensitive organ and I’ve had guys try to yank it till it was raw or deepthoat not realizing huge heads and teeth are NOT fun! Some guys like to be smacked in the face with a big dick, but this one dude literally beat himself on the face with my cock! OUCH!!! The worst is hooking up with someone and they see your size and all the wanna do is watch you jerk it. I can jerk off alone I don’t need an audience or my time wasted! And don’t get me started on all the size queens out there who all want a huge cock till they get one then “Ow, its too big just jack me off. I can’t take it.” UGH
    I’m just writing this to say that having a Dom Black stud fantasy is great BUT please remember there is more to us than just that. Just cause a cock is dark long and thick doesn’t mean its any less deserving or wanting of some TLC.
    P.S. Black men also have a prostate. If you’ve never slide your hard cock into a nice dark skinned bubblebutt you are missing one of life great experiences. 😉

  • i commend you for posting this!! especially since these guys on a4a are so racist overall i understand people have preferences but you don’t have to nasty about it on the website!! and exclude and discriminate against one another because of the color of their skin. You would think being gay that gay people in general (men) would be a little bit more compassionate about things like this its just not right in my opinion! On top of that i’ve been blocked by guys just simply by saying hi to them because i’m black, and I’m sure it goes both ways so I’m referring to everyone!

  • I am black, a white boy now and then but my thing is a black man
    Love him strong

  • Pics made me fal in love

  • I love all different guys,but I find that white guys enjoy sucking my 11incher
    The most


  • What turns me on most about Black men is the color contrast against each others skin. All throughout high school my wife dated ONLY Black guys, and now I know why. Whenever I’m with one, I try to imagine what she felt and it turns me on even more.

  • l love black dom boys

  • Well everyone started in one place(meaning we were all black at a point in time :P). so it really shouldn’t matter what colour ur skin is now.
    Being a black top myself i am very Dom in the bedroom cuz u can be more rougher to a guy then a girl or that is how i feel.
    I like to be all passion when it comes to the ladies. But guys f*ck that shit ur going to be roughed up n take it like a man lol. Not cuz i am Black that is just me.
    I guess Black & Latino Guys know what were doing in the bedroom LOL. Not All tho. Sum of y’all sux bad in the bedroom.

  • I’m pretty much a sucker (pun intended) for men of any color, but I do have a weakness for black men. The contrast in color is awesome, but there really does on average seem to be a difference in the way they approach sex with me. Maybe I put out a little more of a sub “vibe” or something, but the black men I have played with have tended to be more agressive sexually, which gets me WAY hot. Not every black guy is slinging 11″, but the really big dick men I have been with have all been black.

  • Good post, I always like them.

  • It’s nice to like black guys, I surely do, but, honestly, people, you have to see the person behind the cock and, if you do, and it takes work, the sex is well worth it. Otherwise, it is just playing into social porn i.e., a fake social structure where white bottoms are tourists pretending to lack power.

  • I just started messing around with black men, best move ever.

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