4 Jan 2013

Hot or Not : Long Hair

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long hair

I am not particularly crazy about long hair. Psychologically for me, it is associated with femininity. I don’t think I would date a man that has long hair. I can’t imagine being fucked, lying on my back, with a long haired man over me… It doesn’t work. I would prefer a shaved head, that turns me fuckin’ on!

What about you… do you think I’m crazy to associate long hair with a more feminine man? I have nothing against feminine guys, don’t get me wrong on that… I am simply not attracted to them. Give me a shaved head with a beard and I’m your boy toy for the night!

Let me know your thoughts on long hair, do you find it Hot or Not?


(photo credit : Rick Day)

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  • If he’s on the bottom then I don’t mind a dude with long hair. And if he’s too effeminate then I would only invite him after dark.

  • depending on the guy. some guys with long hair are both masculine and hot. some are fem and hot. it all depends

  • This guy is very attractive, and sexy, but he needs more meat on his bones for me…. I love the long hair, and can imagine me on the bottom with his hair in my face and him fucking me wildly,,, so fucking hot.,,, but I do like a heavier man, but hey,,,, if hes at my door,,,, id yank him in so fucking fast, and into bed, his head would spin,, and if he wore jeans and leather boots,,, id die for him… he could do whatever he wanted to and id take it.

  • I’m not a fan of long hair, but with a body like this guy’s, I’d be content to just look from the neck down.

  • That guy is a GOD! What a face, build! I’d kill for those hips!

  • This guy is HOT πŸ™‚

  • This guy here is hot so i would take him on anytime. But generally speaking i prefer guys with short hair or shaved heads.

  • A long haired hot top is HOT as hell! YUMMMM!

  • This recent blog question as well as the blog question in regards to hairy chests, in addition to the commentary is the epitome of the internalized homophobia that is endemic in our community. As a community we continue to worship the classic model of masculinity and detest anything traditionally perceived as effeminate. The reality is that many, many gay men still possess some effeminate traits, and I would be willing to bet that most gay men do not shock their friends and family when they “come out”.

    I believe this is a core issue on why so many gay men remain single or unsuccessful in their romantic lives. As gay men we cannot continue to pine over what are essentially straight men. We are gay men and we must learn to love and be in relationships with other gay men.

    And by the way, the men depicted on this blog and on the hairy chest blog, they’re not sexy because of their long hair or a hairy chest. They’re hot cause they’re hot. The Hunchback of Notre Dame with short hair and hairy chest is still unattractive.

    Can I get an Amen?!

  • Tom : Ok so you decide on what WE should think ?! I see….
    Well I have good new for you my friend, some people have tastes.
    Some love long hair, some short hair, some smooth face, some hairy faces…
    It’s not gonna change.

  • Now that I”m 60 and grey, I have grown my hair past my shoulders. It is in part for a role in a play (The Ghost of Christmas Past in a Christmas Carol) and partly because I thin long grey hair is beautiful. All my fuck buddies like my hair this way, so I don’t think I’ll be cutting it any time soon.

  • I like a man with long hair and a hairy chest, a cut cock, a hairy ass because I love to suck cut cocks and eat squeky clean and hairy bubble butt ass, nothing better.

  • I started Growing out my hair about a Year ago and it’s starting to get Long. I Love it and Want to Grow it as long as I can. I do admit sometimes I Feel Like a Chick with a Dick. LOL That’s some Funny Shit! Hi Dave.

  • I too don’t like long hair on a guy. I just don’t find a guy with long hairs attractive at all. Same thing as some guys prefer blonde hair over brown hair, blue eyes to brown eyes. Long hair does nothing for me.

  • Depends on how long you’re calling “long hair” when I read the caption (before the pic) I had tragic thoughts of fabio, billy ray cyrus, and that dang saxophonist who’s name I can’t remember from the mid 90’s. /shudder… Pause to vomit. So the “hairspray” bands of the 80’s… So not my thing. This guy, he has a nice body, but I’d still (probably) pick someone else over him as the bar was closing. (Not that either would have me, but that’s another story.)

  • Not hot. I don’t care how hot the body is. Long hair is meant for chicks period

  • Deal breaker…long hair is not attractive on a guy to me at all.

  • It all depends on the guy and what he does with the hair but general not into long hair. When I’m getting a BJ from a guy and his hair falls onto my crotch it remind me of a girl and I have trouble staying hard. Long hair okay if it is in a pony tail.

  • It’s the body man
    It’s ALWAYS the body
    Unless of course they have acne breakouts everywhere!!!

  • I think he has the perfect amount of meat on his body. I’d like to see the meat that covered πŸ™‚ For the long hair, No. I don’t like it on a guy. If I wanted to run my fingers thru long hair I’d go back to women, and that’s not happpening πŸ™‚

  • Tom: you hit the nail on the head… right on.

  • Oh, and yes, this guy would be hot with short hair, no hair, and/or a hairy chest… minor details in this case.

  • The question was not what everyone should like or if this particular guy is hot. The question was “Hot or Not : Long Hair”. And of course the answer is a matter of perspective. I consider hair long when it’s beyond 2 inches yet some guys can carry longer hair well while others in my eyes do not.

  • it was fun back in the early 80’s. but then we were young and dumb and full of cum !!

  • If the hair is clean and the man masculine, I don’t see a problem. I think Dave has some other issues here. I keep my hair executive length out of habit but have in the past had shoulder length hair. A lot depends on the styling of the hair also. Shoulder length frizz isn’t attractive on men or women. I find a mans faced framed by his hair falling forward over me is quite a turn on, especially if he is brushing my chest with the hair.

  • Long hair, short hair, whatever.. sexy is sexy. Long hair looks horrid on guys who are fat, out of shape or if it’s dirty or scraggly (picture half bald guy with long hair).

    But a full head of healthy hair that is clean on a sexy guy who is not a drag queen? Hell yes, every single time. Add a good beard and a hairy body and I’m about ready to break out of my cage.

    I like that pic, but too smooth for my personal taste, but he is attractive, I’ll give you that.

  • I personally prefer guys with long hair. The guy in the pic made me pop a boner as soon as I saw him! I have a fantasy about plowing a guy with long hair doggystyle and using his hair to help my thrusts

  • Really? Everyone has a taste but some men are wayyyy to shallow! I have long hair and I’m a fem. Guys are attracted to me. Its part of being fem.

  • Not hot…I like guys that look like guys. The shorter, the better

  • He has a very hot body and a nice face. Do not care for his long hair. Not against long hair just do not like his.
    I like both smooth and hairy heads and bodies. It all depends on the guy.

  • I’m not attracted to long hair. Yes, I do associate it with femininity. But even if the guy is undeniably “masc” I’m still not interested in getting any of it in my mouth (which has happened) or all over my pillows-n-sheets, or in the drains. I’m done with long haired types.

  • he is a hot man but i like a man that has hair thats just long enough for me to pull πŸ˜‰

  • I have effeminate friends with whom i would never consider fucking. But, that’s because there are feminine traits that I am not attracted to (i.e. lip gloss, waxed eyebrows, long gelled hair, any kind of face make-up, even music taste can be a turn-off). But for some reason, long hair (in my opinion) enhances a face frame when worn right. If it looks healthy and looks product-free, I’ll go for it. To me, it’s a sign of adventurousness: it’s like a sign that the male in question can take care of his attributes, keep himself clean, is virile (:D) and- if it looks healthy- he has good genes. To each his own though.

  • I think on the right guy yes long hair can be very hot it all depends on how you wear and how it frames your face for some guys longer hair brings out nice features. That being said yes there are some people who cannot pull it off but it goes the same way with short hair.

  • Love long hair! Always had a bit of a “sexy Jesus” fantasy, lol.

  • Well long hair went out long ago, and with all these shaved heads. It gets boring, shaved heads, tats, all this men look alike, it’s when they open there mouth whether there butch or not. It’s timefor a change a nice cut on a classy guy makes them look expensive. I’m up for change. Tats and piercings can be cute but wow there’s going to be an ugly generation in twenty years provided there still living. The more tats I see on a man to me says, ” Less Income”. I don’t know about you but I love a guy with tatless skin and a debit card.

  • The guy in the photograph is very attractive, but it’s not the long hair that defines him being sexy in my opinion. He just is, in a male model sort of way, the long hair just adds some appeal. I personally don’t prefer guys with long hair because it’s just not what I like in a man. It gets in the way and becomes annoying. A nice low cut or shaved head will suffice.

  • Give it up for Tom. You, my friend, just made the more sense than almost anything I’ve read on this site. Well done.

  • I think this guy is hot…I don’t particularly like long haired guys, and this guy has a hot looking face as well…BUT there are guys that are not necessarily considered all that attractive, but I think are incredibly hot! It’s all a matter of opinion, which is what you asked…So in this case: HOT! Some long haired guys are so not hot!

  • @Tom
    I’m a man that likes MEN! So I don’t give two shits about the gay community … I don’t even like being gay… you know some men don’t have the pleasure of being able to come out and throw it in everyone’s face

    I personally can’t stand Drag… and Pride parades… it gets A LOT of media coverage and THAT’S the shit a closeted teens parents see…
    Anyway … long haired guys don’t bother me… I have long hair…

    I’m as masc as it gets and ive

  • AMEN Dave! All the way!

    I agree with Original post and your response to Tom.

    The only way i can imagine overlooking the long hair is if guy at least smells like a man… in every way ;o).

    But Dave its right, Its not gonna change. Its a life. Just cant get hung up on guys that dont like u back because they know what they want… cant let it get you down. Just have to learn to respect it and move on.

  • I think this dude is gorgeous.
    If long hair goes with a man’s look I’m all for it.

  • Tom, “internalized homophobia” is spot on. And you are NOT deciding what others should think. You merely are making an insightful observation.

  • I’ve been a long haired guy for over 10 years. Its my business. I have beautiful natural blonde hair. I don’t spray it or do hair product stuff to it so its glued into place covering up a receding hairline or bald spot on the crown.
    I sometimes do a simple braid which shows nice dimension of the color.
    When I’m “do’n the deed” I ALWAYS get it out of the way. I am asked often to let it down, my response is you’ll be sorry. Its just no fun!
    I’m a vers guy, I can do more than the average fellow with regards to fix’n, lift’n, move’n , tile, electrical, plumbing …even some car repairs.
    I am sick an tired of these guys that cop-a-tude after I unlock my pic’s. I’m not a dog…we can be chit chat’n about the hottest sexual stuff and then I unlock and poof they’re gone, I’ve been blocked many times…its just too rude and weird! I’ve seen many many silverlake leather queens sauntering and sashaying about that look masculine and are not even close.
    I understand personal choice and what turns you on but to have the words and convo with someone and you’re “feel’n it” to goodbye forever once you see some hair is ludicrous…it seems to be something that actually has nothing to do with me…its an odd reflection of yourself …fear based.
    I am not my hair, my hair isn’t me, its just what I have…for now…

  • Long hair is hot … but bald, shaved, styled, short, or buzzed can be too … it really depends on the guy. As long as the hair is clean, not too much product, a comb-over, or dyed some weird-ass color, then I’m likely okay with it.

    Regarding the post from “Tom” and your reply; you’re being a little too dismissive of a viable argument: I think there are far too many men who get locked into “I must have [INSERT SPECIFIC ATTRIBUTE HERE]; anyone without that won’t do.” It feeds right into your recent blog about fetishes and a question I posted there about when does something “desirable” cross over into a fetish. We fetishize what might otherwise simply be an attractive quality — like long hair, for example — to the degree that we exclude any other possibility. For instance, I really, REALLY like facial hair, but I’ll give a guy without it a chance (cuz, well, I can always demand he grow a mustache later).

  • I personally have long hair, I’m bi, so i’m def not femmy. and my hair not as long as le sexy dude on the pic, but it’s just past my shoulders and I found in my experiences, guys LOVE it, it gives them something to grab I guess.and I personally find other guys with long hair sexy as fuck!

  • For me I am not into long hair guys because my brother has long hair so i guess its a mental thing for me but the guy is good looking but I do agree needs more meat on him

  • Long hair don’t care.

  • I have st8 brothers with long hair and are very masc. I would not mind a man with long hair. But he would have to have it in a pony so it wasn’t in my face. Tho I prefer a guy with short hair I would not discriminate. If he’s hot he’s hot.

  • Thank God we all don’t like the same thing or we would be scratching out each others eyes. I love masculine guys with long hair… and if they have a body to go with that hair even better.

  • The hair depends on the guy. Its the only way. It can’t must be one or the other

  • Never mind Hair on The head! just leave the Pub hair grow! A big dark bush is so sexy, With a strong guy smell…No Shaving! Please!

  • You’re so right Dave. Long hair is for girls. I want a MAN. Granted there are sexy men with long hair, but just think how sexy they would be with a shaved head or buzz cut. If a dude has long hair don’t be ALL into your hair either-it’s not appealing.

  • I don’t think hair length makes a guy hot or not. I have seen some fucking hot guys with long hair and some with no hair at all. Give me a hairy body anytime, and I couldn’t care less about what’s on top of the head.

  • Tom, I agree with you, that gay men will always be internally homophobic, because they feel like being even a little bit fem will give them away, and I agree that 95% of the time, when a gay man comes out people are not suprised, yet they think it is some huge deal, EVERY gay man has a little fem in them, and every lesbian has a little butch, it is just the way it is.
    That being said, long hair, short hair, smooth, hairy, fat, thin, muscular, black, asian, white….we all have a “type”. I just feel like we have to give up the ideals that have been hammered into us about what is masc and what is fem. What is beautiful and what is not, everyone is attractive so someone. All this “well, if I wanted to have sex with a woman I would” is a big lie…if you are having sex with a guy whether he is a big butch football player or waspy thin with a lisp HE IS STILL A DUDE! get over yourself already.
    I do think that the blogger on this site seems to be VERY judgemental in every way whether its a guy has long hair, or is too smooth, or if he is a little over weight, or posting about justin bieber, you seem really judgemental and sarcastic.

  • Long hair is sexy on some men and not on others….this guy in the picture for example would be sexy with short hair but the long hair looks off on him.

  • no no on that guytis look kind of wired and stuff , if the guy was yongerandsrtuff then he migth look hot like said i dont thing this guy that hot that iahveto agree with ever thing tom said heis corect about gay men

  • No long hair for me. Bold head, hairy chest and sweaty armpits is what turn me on…long hair on a guy is MAJOR TURN OFF and it is what it is, we are all different so we all like different things.

  • When I was a teen loved long hair on other teen guys. Right now close cropped hair is the style and signifies youth and all the sexuality that goes with that. When an older guy sports longer hair remonds me of Fabio. No thanks.
    But I do also dislike when a young guy with a good head of hair shaves it clean or covers it up with a cap. When he is older he will wish he had hair to shave or cover up!

  • Can’t understand why some people take a simple question and turn it into a psychological dissertation?? The man is
    H-O-T but I prefer short hair, beards, stubble and hairy chests….ooops, there I go internalizing!!

  • I have always found men with long or shaggy hair to be very sexy. To me it to defies the stereotype of man versus women. All of us contain some masculine and some feminine traits. Some of us feel more comfortable in expressing them…. while others feel they must hide them. I personally would love to be fucked buy a man with gorgeous long hair. I would also love to make love to a beautiful long haired bottom boy. I also like men with short hair or shaved heads. Guess I see beauty there I see it… and the length of someone’s hair is just an interesting factet to the multiplicity of beauty of men

  • Personally I LOVE long hair! It’s basically handle bars!

  • I think Tom has a point. Sure, you can have your preferences with regard to long hair vs. short hair, etc., but it’s definitely true that (1) there’s a general tendency in the gay community, at least in the US, to “worship the classic model of masculinity” and (2) to make derogatory remarks about effeminate men. I don’t think Tom was trying to question people’s tastes (de gustibus non est disputandum) but pointing out certain tendencies that may have the potential to harm us as a community.

    I think (1) is unsurprising, given that most men are straight and most of us grew up around women who constantly idolized “the classic model of (straight) masculinity,” so to an extent perhaps many of us have been socially conditioned to be drawn to certain traits. (2) is problematic, in my opinion. A gay man who has an inexplicable natural inclination against effeminate men (and I’m not necessarily excluding myself from that category) should at least think about why that is and ask himself whether it’s truly “just a preference” or whether it has roots in the homophobic societies most if not all of us grew up in. In the latter case, it should at least be recognized as a problem and efforts should be made to counter it.

    Does that count as an amen? :-p

  • elroysh “derogatory remarks” ? no…
    I have tons of friends who are effeminate. And I love them.
    I’m just not physically attracted to them
    Thank you!

  • Long hair has always been a turn on or me, being. a longhaired bearish guy, I realize I don’t fit the “standard” for what most guys seem to be looking for. But that’s ok I like a man who looks beyond surfaces & appearances

  • While I don’t consider long hair on a man to be particularly feminine, it also doesn’t have a lot of personal appeal to me. I didn’t care for it in the 60’s, and never came around to it since. It’s an individual thing, though, and I’d never tell a guy he couldn’t grow his hair in any fashion he wanted. My preference is for short hair, but I’ll respond to any man who shows an interest in me (not out of desperation, but out of friendliness.)

  • Sometimes I wish your posts were a bit more sensitive and thought provoking.

  • Not.. I always associate long hair, hair longer than shoulder length to be girls.. I find guys with short hair more attractive then guys with long hair, but this is merely my own opinion.

  • Long, long hair is not attractive to me personally. Mid-length, shoulder length hair on a good looking, masculine guy completely works for me. Short hair or bald is hot too. The really long hair thing doesn’t work for me in part because it seems very dated in style.

  • I like long hair, and it doesn’t matter if the guy is masc or fem looking. Clean and healthy long hair is a big turn on for me!

  • I agree with you Dave–I’m attracted to bald or shaved head men with defined muscularity. They don’t have to be roided & bulky but muscular & masculine. Although sometimes long hair on a muscular masculine man can be sexy it all depends on the individual & how he carries himself.

  • Long hair is much sexier. Short hair is nerdy and weak. Long hair is wild and strong.

  • I think this is a matter of handling and appropriateness. A long haired hunk with attitude is sexy. It isn’t a universally fem trait–although a shaved head is the epitome of masculine. I guess it helps that growing up I didn’t run into many long-haired women, so it isn’t engrained in my mind as an association.

  • I don’t mind the long hair, as longh as its clean.

  • Personally, I love a man with long hair, whether he be top or bottom. As to the considerations about having a smooth chest… a little hair is nice, but I don’t want to be with Chewbacca….

  • I personally find that men with long hair are sexy. I don’t necessarily think that long hair equals femininity. I have a long unfulfilled fantasy about a man with long hair and would love nothing more than a man with long hair hovering over me f****** me.

  • …well then Blog / Dave why did you bring up the subject if you don’t like Tom’s point of view? Seems the narrow-minded originates with you.

  • 1versfucker : If I wouldnt like to hear other point of view, I wouldn’t have post this sweatheart πŸ™‚
    But, I dont like that he seems to decide what people should think….
    If I accept his point of view he should accept mine right ?

  • i have long hair, and i think it fits me better. some buys look much better with long hair and some guys look better with short or shaved. some guys can even do both looks and it makes no difference. for me, as long as it’s well kept up, and not stringy and thin, than i say it hott. πŸ˜€

  • I think this guy is totally HOT!!! I definately wouldnt chase him away. I would totally love it even better if he had a hairy chest as well.

  • Depends on your age & must be clean

  • I would melt for that guy.a body like that and the hair. He is one sexy man. Put him in some tight fitted leather jeans and it would be all over!
    I just cut my hair and I think my sex life was better before.

  • I’d be on my knees with my face in his crotch in a heart beat. He can Top me ANY TIME!!!

  • Love long hair on a guy, as long as it’s clean.

  • I agree with the ‘hot is hot’ comments, the rest falls into place. Having said that I find SOME men hot with long hair, but just having long hair doesn’t mean they are hot.

    As for it being fem, I guess for me hair is hair. Looking at that guy posted above, he seems all man to me. now if he had a different build and mannerisms it might be different.

    And I love running my fingers through a guy’s hair while cuddling, and I’d have no problem dealing with his hair as he fucked me πŸ™‚

  • I like guys with hair and many long haired studs are hottt. I am not a fan of guys that shave anything other than their face. Au naturel is my man.

  • With a body and face like that, who gives a damn if his hair is long. A man can be sexy/hot/fuckable regardless of his hair length. But thats a whole other conversation. This guy in the picture is just HOT

  • Hot or not depends upon the guy with the hair (or hairless). Even thought I’m basically a top, I could see a “Thor” type shagging the hell outa my tight muscular hairy ass. The native american in the movie ‘Big Eden” is as sexy/hot as hell, and yeh, I’d let him top the hell outa me, but then I’d wanna do the same to him. Masculinity comes in many types/forms/shapes. Same goes for age, body type (bearish/lean &buff), smooth or like a living room rug (front and/or back). ‘scuse me, I gotta go take care of morning bizz now…thinking about all these men .

  • Kevin Sorbo ( Hercules, TV series) has long hair and was one of the most masculine, attractive men at the time, but looked equally hot with short hair. I don’t think it’s the hair, its the man.

  • I don’t see how it’s newsworthy to say some guys don’t like long hair and others do. Everybody has different tastes.

    Tom, I don’t need to like what you like to be gay anymore than you have to like what the blogger likes.

    I wish both sides of the masc-fem spectrum would realize all of us have a right to exist.

    Gender expression and sexual orientation are not tied together. There are some fairly fem, skinny little straight hipsters and there are some very masculine, big, hairy gay guys.

    We need to celebrate the diversity within diversity.

  • Wow. I’d love to look like this guy. It’s amazing too see him many people on here talk about his flaws…long hair, too skinny, etc. What??! So you could have sex only if never looking above his neck?!! Seriously? You all must be perfectly chiseled Davids with a bevy of twins to chose from. This guy is perfect, even with the long hair. You know what, he’d be perfect with short hair too. You all remind me of Chandler from Friends, finding fault in everyone. andHow about everyone with a negative connect post a pic standing in the same pose. We can put it side-by-side with this guy’s and and ask “who is hotter?”

  • It depends. Some don’t look good with long hair, top or bottom.

  • First of all… AMEN Tom!

    We guys need to get it right. Just be yourself. There is someone out there for everyone. Why limit yourself based of dumb insignificant options you probably will never use anyway? A relationship with another human being is not the same as purchasing a Mercedes. Your boyfriend/lover should not come with options and features. You are entitled to have your “TASTES”, Dave. All Tom was saying was to open your mind up a little more. My preference is an awesome guy who’s good outweighs the bad. Physical or no. Millions of people screaming for marriage equality, yet the homosexual population still for some reason hasn’t mastered the art of dating and courtship.

    As for the snippy bitchy-ness that goes on in the community… That is the BIGGEST turn off of them all. Some people find humor in it… My answer to that is some people also laugh at racist jokes. That doesn’t make them any more funny or worthy of my attention.

  • Gauging men as “hot” or NOT on a single trait such as hair ensures that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter to me what a guy looks like. What matters is who he is a man, how he conducts himself, what his values are, how he relates to others, etc. Of my half dozen good buds, only one would meet an overall definition of “hot” as often pushed here. We don’t hold it against him. He Fortunately, he has many other attributes that make him a great man regardless of his looks.

  • I shock everyone that finds out I’m gay, Tom. I get constantly accused of “playing too straight.” I just recently took a str8 friend with me to the mall because i can’t be trusted to pick out clothes for myself. He teased me the entire time about it.

    IMHO, why don’t we stop having the psychobabble conversation. what do I think is hot? The guy in the pic is hot, but I usually go for short guys with short hair. Do i care if the guy is effeminate? Does he know the gay lingo? Can he say “meanwhile,” and know the other meaning? Does he love me more than his luggage? Who cares. Learning his lexicon and teaching him mine is the way to go. My boyfriend is short, loves his hair blue, shops like the White Queen, and plays DND. He’s awesome. I don’t quantify him. I just love him and wait for the next chapter. The more we act “typically gay” the more we call attention to it.

    I casually mention my sweetie all the time. It’s how people ask the question “you talk about him a lot, don’t you” and my response is usually “of course. You talk about her all the time….” I treat myself in public like everything i am is normal. Strangely, I get treated that way. I think we need to wean ourselves off the “i just came out in high school” act. I taught middle school for a bit, and the world is changing my friends. I have stories that shock me, make me jealous I’m not a gay kid NOW, and make my friends tell these stories of hope to others. The coming generation is going to wonder why all the bull sh@t. Focus on the positive. Thoughts are things. Let us wade in positivity.

  • Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom … What are you … in your mid-twenties? You’ve strung together some fancy phrases and six-cylinder words to suggest that you are wise and learned, but those of us with actual mileage on the gauge recognize that you still have a lot to learn about humanity. No amens for you.

    The questions posed on this blog are meant to facilitate conversation about interesting – if unimportant – topics that cross the minds of community members. They are not offered as launching pads for preachers to prescribe beliefs for the rest of us to embrace.

    Years ago, I believed that I was not attracted to men with long hair, just as I thought I was attracted only to men with hairy chests. Then I met a tall, slim photographer who wore his hair halfway down his back and had not a single hair on his chest. He exuded more masculine sexuality than any other man I can think of and I wanted him intensely.

    The lesson I learned? It is pointless for me to make a list of physical traits that I prefer, because I will most certainly encounter someone who possesses none of those characteristics and still drives me wild. How fortunate we are that varying combinations of physical qualities come together in different people to make everyone attractive to someone. Good fortune happens when the attractive and the attracted discover each other.

  • Hell yes. this guy is hot with lon, short or none hair. Send himm to my home for the holidays!!!!

  • Its depends on Taste.Some men like men with long hair and some don’t.In my opinion the long hair in man are not associate with femininity,some looks hot and sexy..There’s a lot of men with short hair that looks so feminine like a woman…

  • Some guys do look hott with longer hair but personally I prefer scruffy men with. Shorter hair. Or bald .. the most important thing to me is attitude. .ive seen many men with long hair that have made me go Holy fuck !
    I attracted to both masc and fem guys. .. some guys look better with short hair some look better with long hair …

  • I partly agree. Why would I be attracted or not just to somebody’s hair or chest or any other body part? I’m attracted more to the attitude (or lack of), the smile, whether or not a guy seems enjoyable to be with (to start off).

  • Tase is one thing, BUT tastes can be overcome. That is one way that psychologists differentiate tastes from conditions or syndromes. If the REST of a person (muscles, personality, face, etc.) cannot overcome a single taste (long hair, race, etc.), at least in some cases, then that is probably not a taste, but a psychological compunction.

    Quite often, in the last 20 years, gay males have a problem with men with longer hair. This quality far outstrips the number of women who avoid men with longer hair. This points to it being less of a taste issue and more or a condition.

  • So happy to see one of my favorite turn-ons addressed in the blog. Long (or longer) hair on the RIGHT guy is one of my ultimate, weak-in-the-knees turnons, but not a lot of guys, in general, are right for the look. And many gay guys don’t even grow their hair out, especially now that even men with beautiful heads of hair tend to shave it down. Anyway, the key thing for me is that longer hair has to harmonize with and frame the right sort of face, and when it works, it really works. At a coffee house or concert, the cool hippy guys with the sweet faces and the long hair tucked behind their ears melt my heart every time, LOL. As to what Tom was saying, I think there’s a lot of truth to the overall issues he raises, and the phenomenon that a lot of gay men are attracted to straight types of look and behavior more than they are “each other”. (Haven’t we all been in a bar or a party and found ourselves totally ignored while everyone around us is chasing the “hot straight guy” who shows up with his girlfriend?) But I also agree with Dave that many of these physical things that everyone “votes” on around here (hairy/smooth/long/short/cut/uncut) are just preferences and turn-ons and everyone is entitled to drool over whatever winds you up. These are complicated issues and there is no one “right” or “wrong” point of view. As with a lot of topics, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Peace and happy new year, all.

  • Tom, you’ll get an “Amen” from me, damn it! Haha.

    But seriously, I agree with your point, specifically the last one you made. At the end of the day, it’s just hair. Yes, some men may prefer hair length to be on the short or long end of the spectrum (both on their body and the hair on top of their heads). But look at a few men who have gone through both extremes of it: Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and Lenny Kravitz. They’ve each had their share of lengthy lion’s manes, buzz cuts, full beards and so forth. These men are smoking hot, and I seriously doubt that ANYONE would deny having a good time with them just because their hair was long enough to touch the bottom of their neck at one point…

    And really, I have to take a bit of offense at some of these people who automatically assume that a man with long hair is only good enough to lie on his back and get fucked. My hair comes past my shoulder blades, so that means I can’t give a man some dick in the ass? Ridiculous…

  • I’m not a fan of long hair at all, and chest hair turns me on, I do find it annoying that someone decided this makes me contribute to homophobia. I’m simply not into effeminate men, doesn’t mean I don’t have friends that aren’t. Get a grip Tom.

  • Yes, yes, yes! Short hair or no hair.

  • Tom needs to get off his soap box.

  • Absolutely NOT HOT at all

  • as long as they look like him guys are very hot with long hair is so sexy and with a body like that amazin to me is hot πŸ™‚

  • NOT

  • I find this discussion pretty fascinating, for a number of reasons. i’d had a buzz cut hair style for 15 years until about 18 months ago when i decided to grow my hair out to shoulder length. and the reviews are 50/50. some gays love it (turns out i have a great head of hair); others liked the military cut better. kept my trimmed beard though. I don’t feel any less masculine with the longer hair versus the shorter hair. they guys i fuck seem to enjoy looking up at my long hair. and even they guys who aren’t fans say i have a nice head of hair. it’s just hair. it’s good to change it up sometimes. A guy’s masculinity ought not be judged on hair style. it’s cool to be an individual and do you own thing. and if one guy doesn’t like – efff’ him. I’ve found there’s another guy who loves it. My 2 cents…

  • HOT! & it’s served me WELL over the years!

  • Yes!!! I love a masc guy with long hair. <3

  • Why generalize when you’re already in a minority group? Straight men have long hair as well; does that also make them retroactively effeminate like the stereotypes that I am reading here?

    I don’t care how long your hair is as long as it’s real.

  • I think it depends on the guy’s body type, personality, and frankly hair type. Curly or wavey long dark hair on a darker guy is to die for. Vapid, languid blond on a skinny or fat guy, pass

  • I was in my teens and also a young man during the 1960s when longer hair and also being a hippie was in as was wearing fake fur and having a shoulder bag.None if these things made a man less a man or a fem. as this was the style of the times.I still wear my hair long in keeping with my hippie roots.When it comes to long hair,short hair,shaved head,a beard or whatever it all comes down to the man and how he looks with what ever look he has.Some men look very hot with long hair,some do not.A shaved head can look hot but that for me depends on the shape of the mans head.Myself I do not think my head looks good shaved because of its shape.I also think because of the shape of my face I look better with facial hair.We all have our likes and dislikes.

  • Personally, it only works on native guys. I’m native and have long hair. When I see a native guy with long, thick hair in a braid it just turns me on. I don’t really seek out non native guys with long hair. Just my preference.

  • long hair or short, if the guys is a romantic guy that know how to kiss an dmake love who cares? I used to be really turned on with a man with a hairy chest, but have been with smooth guys that know what they are doing and wow!!! so it depends on the guy

  • I personally LOVE long hair on a guy, period.

  • i like it on tall slender guys. straight acting vers bottom..

  • so you show long hair a male model and ask the question. How about showing people with and without. Just a ridiculous question. Its like putting a pair of big lots underwear on a male model to push the underwear. Give me a break

  • As a child of the sixties, we didn’t much of a choice. The people who thought long hair looked effeminate were bigoted rednecks. To this day, give me a man with long locks. Your model up top is absolutely hot

  • It really doesn’t matter. Everyone has their own preferences but for some or someone only their opinion counts.

  • What makes the length of a man’s hair determine if he is effeminate or masculine?

  • I love long hair on dude! I want something I can rub my hands through or pull! πŸ˜‰ Just one of my preferences

  • this is the most beautiful man I have ever seen

  • Not!

  • well, i would like to take partial credit for this popularity of this blog topic. And to the gentlemen who thinks I’m in my twenties. I look like I’m in my twenties, but I’m nearly 40 ;-P AMEM!

  • It may do something for others, but definitely not for me! If I hook up with a guy and he shows up with long hair, though I am sure this will sound rude, he has to leave. Major turn off here. It worked in the 80s for Guns N Roses, but long hair just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • Who cares about the long hair, with a body like that he could be bald with a mountain man beard and I’d still ride him like a carnival ride.

  • I Think It Totally Depends On The Guy. For Example, The Guy In The Picture Totally Pulls It Off..But A Lot Of Guys Can’t. I Like Blonde Surfer Boys With Long Hair But Shorter Military Type Hair Is Hot Too…

  • i love long hair on a really hot guy. i myself have very long hair. it has never caused me any down falls in life.

  • “I don’t like bald men because they look/act like Elmer Fudd”…How does that line make bald men feel? you probably wouldn’t hear that spoken to loud at a bar. “But you look like/act like a girl because you have long hair” are common. Calling a long haired guy Fem or girly is a emasculating act and not a very upstanding man like thing to do. Not unlike calling someone fat. In most places now thats frownd upon. but calling someone skinny isn’t? now matter how you say it these are derogatory remarks. It JUST hair…its not a VAGINA!

  • Long hair is a real deal breaker for me. A guy can be hot and muscular or slim & twinkish but add long hair and it feminizes them for me. So short hair, full hair, styled hair, any hair color, or bald it does not matter. However add the long hair & I totally loose interest.

  • I think it really just depends on the guy, some men look good with long hair and some don’t. personally i like it, if it does nothing to their masculinity.

  • So…..What about Jesus? I mean I wasn’t around but I think he and the other biblical figures like Samson (strength was in his hair)would feel kind of disrespected right about now lol .not to mention the Roman and Greek warriors ..n last but not least Native Americans who associate their hair with strength…n no I’m not trying to discuss religion too much , those examples just came to mind … As a 20-something man of color with what ppl consider long hair I am double fucked lol …Im masculine discreet and private , not a pretty boi..I enjoy working with my hands building things and fixing cars, but I’m smart too and headed to medical school .. grow my hair out every now and then but because my hair grows quick and as a busy guy and a student I have more important things to think about n i don’t feel like cutting it myself or going to the barber to pay him, I like the way I look and it fits my personality because I always switch up , I am a rough and rugged type of guy but i am neat, I dress professioally and speak intelligently..its boring to me to keep the same look all the time. Certain people don’t think I will be successful being a man of color with long hair but thats another reason I keep it ..I graduated from a great school , present myself well and it hasn’t hurt me at all..certain men like it as do certain women..those who don’t I don’t care really ..probably jealous that they don’t look right with longer hair ir the balls to rock it!

  • Ob my God this guy is so heartbreakingly sexy. Long hair is truly an difficult thing for a man to pull off…Unless it’s a dragueen’s wig…and even then you have to be able to muscle your way past her flailing arms to conquire the quaff.

  • I don’t like men with long hair I agree with Dave it just seems to feminine to me and is a real turn off. I prefer men who look masculine and manly.

  • All you guys into long hair — why aren’t you in Tucson? *sigh*

    I’ve got long hair; just a little past my shoulders. I’m growing it out so that I can then cut it off and have it donated to the “Locks of Love” program; for people losing their hair due to cancer treatment. But I also did it because I wanted to find out if I could look good with long(er) hair.

    Here’s what I’ve found out — most people don’t seem to mind. In fact, I’ve gotten compliments from both men and women. When I work, it’s up in a ponytail, pulled back and always clean and healthy. In no way does it make me feminine — my clients and colleagues could tell you that. πŸ˜‰

    With gay men, however, I’ve basically sacrificed any hope of dating or intimacy — that’s what I’m getting from guys here in town (and on A4A as well). Never mind that I’m happy to explain the “good deed” of why I’m doing this. Never mind that with my hair pulled back and in a suit, at the right angle, you’d think I had short hair slicked back. No, I get “oh, do you do drag?” (I have a goatee, so the mental picture is amusing.)

    When I have been intimate, the hair’s been pulled back. (And for those of you who commented that the hair can get used during sex — oh, yes. I’ve discovered how hot it is to feel one’s hair wrapped around a top’s hand as he’s plowing you and using it as “reins”. Er…is it warm in here?)

    Regarding the model accompanying this blog entry: absolutely I’d play with him. He’s gorgeous — long hair or not.

  • Hot is hot, not is not. I see hot as a combination of factors that can include long hair. I like long hair, I have had long hair, I don’t want to have it again.
    I do not exclude or include a Man for one single reason.

  • Keep hating on long haired, smooth chested, clean shaven guys. Keep scouring every corner for the elusive “Jack Wrangler” gay. And while you superficial egotists go home with Rosie Palm and her five favorite friends, I’ll be having a mind-blowing menage with hotties you’re too stuck up to notice.

    More dick for me. πŸ™‚

  • Long hair can be very hot and isn’t necessarily effeminate (though it can be). But done right, it’s more like a barbarian who doesn’t give a shit about style and is willing to be himself. All those wrestlers and NFL guys are definitely NOT effeminate! And on black guys…oh yeah!

  • I was raised by bikers, and am a mechanic, welder and artist. The day I came out to myself, I decided to not let a preference for men turn me into a simpering Queen.

    My long hair keeps away shallow people. If you don’t like me because of it then so be it. I collect hats, and when it needs to be kept out of the way ther’s always a hat for the occasion. Sadly I sense a lot of discrimination when my hair is out, as opposed to when it’s under a nice bowler.

    I’m an androphile and a bisexual, so I either like a manly man, or a feminine woman. I don’t associate long hair exclusively with femininity.

  • It all depends on the guy and how it’s kept. I’d take the 1990’s Gavin Rosdale over now. He was so sexy with his hair laying in his face. Also depends on how long. Anything longer than the guy in the picture is a bit too much. Personally I like a guy with hair a bit shorter in the back but laying lazily in his face. Yummy!

  • Dave I agree with your response to Tom. It’s a simple “Man on the street” type of poll. Nothing to base an entire way of thinking for our culture. And as far as I feel I think it all depends on the man. I’ve seen some long haired men that were smoking hot, that If I had the chance we’d fuck like wild dogs. I also love shaved heads and short hair. It depends on the man. I like confident men that embrace themselves, masc or fem. I’ve fucked some fem guys that drove me nuts and then I’ve had sex with some masc guys that I couldn’t wait for it to be over, so hair or no hair confidence not arrogance is very hot on a man!!

  • Long hair is hot

  • Personally, I am not into long hair on a guy but there are tons of very hot looking guys with long hair.

  • Wow, extremely sexy!!!
    I don’t really have a specific type, but id have to say I know a sexy guy when I see one. This is one sexy ass man with amazing hair!

  • Always like a slender guy with long hair, but no beard, very sexy. Guess it comes from being attracted to rock stars of the 70’s & 80’s. Does not matter if he is a bit effeminate – if he looks anything like this guy – WOW!

  • Long hair IA turn off! Seriously! I don’t get it! Guys with long hair! Not my things! Bold is better!

  • Nah! He’d be hotter with a cropped messy do like MINE. πŸ˜‰

  • Long hair on a guy is not attractive to me at all. Masculine and long hair on a guy just don’t mix.

  • I think it looks hot on some guys where it’s thick and healthy. But thinning gray long hair looks like he doesn’t care what he looks like. Maybe he doesn’t and I’m too picky. But first impressions do make a difference.
    I don’t like making out with a guy with long hair. Seems like even when it’s tied back some gets in our mouths or pulled under our bodies. It just gets distracting.

  • To Tom’s psychoanalysis of the poll:

    Jungian psychology teaches us that what we find offensive in others is invariably aspects of ourselves that we dont like, and externalize it by projecting it onto others, and ridiculing them for it. He has a famous quote something along the lines of “we learn much about ourselves through that which annoys us of others.”

    So I submit, Tom, that perhaps you’re struggling with some of these issues yourself (“internalized homophobia” to use your term) and need to examine that and how you feel about it. Because the question is very simple and does not carry the inherent complexity that you project on to it.

    And I cant even begin to speak to your remarks about needing to learn to love other gay men. Huh? Attraction is not a choice. I would think the gay community would know that more than anyone, as its been the party line in defense of the ludicrous accusation that gay is a choice. If someone likes masc guys, or straight guys, or fem guys, or fat guys, or whatever, lets let them do so, ok?

    Now, to answer the question, I hate long hair on a guy. lol. I dont see it as feminine, I see it as sleazy and trashy. The 90’s Fabio thing. yuck. I think it ruins a guy’s whole appearance.

  • It is a complete turn off to see a good looking face and body with long hair. Guys should have short hair or be bald. Throw in some facial hair, and I am all over them.

  • i had long hair (about 2/3 down my back) and since i got it cut i’m gettin’ a lot more cock! who is the guy in the picture? i want to see more of him!

  • not.

  • I don’t have a lot of criteria. However long hair is a total deal breaker! It’s an erection killer.

  • long hair for woman short hair for men, that’s the way should be

  • Grow up, Terrence. How very 1950s of you.

  • Should be? I’m sure the straight view of marriage is strictly between a man and a woman; Terrence, the last thing you should say is how something “should” be considering many feel homosexuality is an abomination to begin with.

  • I have very well conditioned and clean taken care of shoulder length light brown curly hair..Also have a neatly trimmed beard and moustache,never shave any body parts,and have the tatts, also…I am 100% man..i just love to suck cock,though..There is NOTHING effiminate about long hair on a guy at all…I look absoultely ridiculous with short hair and a shaved face…Some guys look better with short hair,but i am really sick and tired of the shaved head look.It’s just as bad as the “Christopher Street clones” of the 1980″s!..Variety is the spice of life.I personally love to run my fingers thru a guys hair and give him a neck massage when i am getting blown…..

  • I’m not a fan of long hair on Caucasian men or men of an African heritage. It’s acceptable on men of some cultures, i.e., Native American Indians,Polynesians, and Asian cultures adhering to ancestral customs; still, it’s a turn-off for me sexually and socially. NOT that it suggests femininity in the men, it simply reminds me of the drug-crazed hippie era of the 1960’s. For me, it’s just a personal thing; a clash of values, and one of the manifestations of that era was long-haired men.

  • β–”\▁(γƒ… )▁/β–” Long Hair Don’t Care!.. Masculine dudes dat have the balls to pull off a long hair, and their swagg and style match.. are fukin dope! Top Line!

  • For me it’s not a problem at all. Well I should say “not all the time”. I don’t hate it but I do dislike it because longer hair gets all over the place.

    It does however look good on some guys. Not all. Now would I date or hook up with a guy that has long hair? Yeah, if he’s sexy; then why not?

  • Sorry – guys are supposed to have short hair. If you have a pony tail, expect me to be behind you with a pair of scissors.

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