15 Jan 2013

Hot or Not : Pavel Petel

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Pavel Petel is a DJ and international online sensation from Russia. He is built like a beef, sexy like a Barbie doll and he definitely has an unusual fashion sense. He describes himself as a showman, artist, performer, designer and creator.

He created Naked DJs with his friend Ostrikov. “We do all this stuff with our hands and brains — styling looks, shooting, writing scenarios for the DJ show, drawing, applying makeup and blogging”. Their show is very popular in Russia, they perform at the best clubs all over the country.

Maybe one day they’ll come to USA with the show? One thing I’m pretty sure of, it must be fun to watch!

I personally find the combination of masculine and feminine very interesting and very sexual. It is very sexy to see a hot muscle bearded man wearing heels, don’t you find? Do you find Pavel HOT or NOT?

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  • WOW! That hunk is hot. The leather hat pic is made to jump all over him. Give me Pavel over Justin Timberlake any day. Thanks Dave

  • Im sorry but i barfed when i seen his pic. I dont like high heels on a dude, or daisy dukes or pink panty thing. Admit, nice build but the fem ruins my boner

  • wow, would love to eat that hot ass, suck off that uncut dick !!

  • only when he is looking like a guy.

  • He is way beyond hot – he is SCORCHING!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with Kyle

  • I’m not into fem guys, no judgement just not my preference, but this is erotic as hell. He carries it off better than the guys I know who have tried. I’d carry him in the Daisy Dukes any time….what a babe.

  • Definitely HOT!!!! I love the masculine & feminine looks especially. We could do each other


  • The gender bender pics are kitschy kind of cool, but the gym pic, the leather hat pic and leather cuffs pic r hot. He’s quite a stunning man; he would be even hotter without the over pumped 30 hours a week in the gym look. However, if he were skating my way in just a hat with that uncut cock jutting around, he’d be forced to make a long pit stop–right in my mouth and ass!

  • Hot But a little CREEPY!

  • I’ll take two and a side of you, Dave.

  • Delish!!

  • Eww
    Definite not
    Admit he’s well built but still not attractive to me
    Add in the heels daisy fools and purple wig…
    Yeah no thanks

  • Dukes

  • I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but the fashion sense and shaved body definitely aren’t my tastes.

  • HOT DEFINITELY THE HEELS JUST MAKE A DIFFFERENT STATEMENT >……………… THIS GUY LEARNED FROM LADY GAGA HOW TO GET MEDIA Attention ……………………..the body and the outfits definitely work.

  • Stuart I was thinking the same thing. He is the male Gaga version…

  • YUCK!

  • I like him. This guy is like a Tom of Finland wet dream. He is definitely hot. While I am not particularly a fan of the trend toward gender bending, it isn’t at all a deal-breaker. After all, his kink doesn’t have to be my kink. If he thinks he is sexy in a pair of Daisy Dukes or a pink g-string, more power to him. I’d really only be interested in taking them off anyway.

  • Not hot…. all shaved is gross to me. Trimmed is fine. The second to last pic reminds me of General Zod from Superman. If he looked like Brandon Routh from the modern Superman, I’d have a different opinion.

  • He has a hot body but is not my style of guy to fem.

  • Damn he’s hot. Love the gender-fuck. Love that he’s eroticizing the fem along with the masculine.

    He’s challenging our denial of the feminine that exists within all of us. It’s overdue.

    Go Pavel! You can fuck me in heels any day.


  • nope not hot sorry that dude is meathead yuck

  • what a screamin queen for days. Barf-a-roni.

  • I’ve always thought that a just a touch of the ‘gender fuck’ look, and only on a hot built guy, is great. It challenges conventions. It looks like a fun, attention-getting look for Halloween, a festival or similar. But it ends there.
    When I see ads on-line of guys doing it, and if they’re into it a lot, then it’s a complete turn off. I had a hook up show up and change into it and I had to ask him to leave. Hell, I don’t even like g-string underwear on a guy! I wanna fuck something more masculine. But ‘to each his own.

  • Sorry, I’ll pass…

  • Daah, tiz good yes!

    He is SMOKIN, like most of the guys on here I could do with out the clothes he picked out as well. Put him in some dark blue jeans, I’m thinking wranglers, black boots, and those arm bands…we would have a great time!! I bet he can take a good pounding! I’d def want to be times by him with that beard, you could clean the grill with that. He is SMOKIN!!!

  • SIZZZLING HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim kardashian’s ass and shoes. his(her?) parents must be so proud.



  • Attractive. Can’t do the stripper heals…

  • Meh, I guess this stuff is supposed to be artsy and maybe with some more imaginative backgrounds and lighting it would be, but overall, does nothing for me.

  • I’am confused, and conflicked lol


  • Oh so hot! I think it’s cool, hot and sexy all at once. It is about sex, art and free expression. It is amazing that some guys can only think with their dick and not see the greater purpose in the expression. Just like Lady Gaga, who the universe is completely enamored by (myself included), he uses visual art to make a point and tell a story. It is the core of who we are as gay men–to be who we are, to not blend or fit in to the status quo. Do you and be yourself!

  • Keep the heels and pink chiffon, the rest of him is hot!

  • I didn’t like the fem side! But I do enjoy him looking and acting like a dude! Very good contrast! It is very interesting for myself to feel the reaction to the same guy but in different apparel and how my attraction to him depended on which side he portrayed!

  • Pavel is most DEFINITELY HOT HOT HOT…regardless of his attire…The heels/hair/’daisy-dukes’ are ART! WOOF to PAVEL!

  • Definitely a fun back alley attraction from Russia’s ever surprising sexual revolution. Sign me up, I’ll take two with and two without high heels.

  • Could bend me over anytime as long as he left the heels and hair in the closet

  • Very Hot would like to still Lick him all over aside from the purple hair… LOL

  • he its built way nice very hot and beefy but not into the girly crap on him

  • He is hot!

  • He is Hot Guy !

  • NOT!

  • Hell NO!! Next!

  • Hot, yes. But the fashion sense is a total turn-off. It’s a look-but-hesitate-to-touch situation.

  • Nice uncut cock. YUMMY

  • From Russia, with love — come to the USA and visit us soon!

  • Not HOT, No Way!

  • No No No No No No!!!!!!!!

  • Way no way no way no way no way!!!!

  • Not, but to each their own…

  • To each their own…but definitely not for me. Honestly, I opened this post and looked at the pictures before even reading the text…typical male, I know. My reaction was not one of being turned on, but rather one of laughing at how silly I find that look. Nothing against big, body-builder types in stilletos, but if I wanted that, I’d go for a Lady. Gag!

  • Gross

  • OMG!!!
    I’ve never heard of him, but I’m glad you’ve introduced me. He’s sexy!!!!!

  • no….muscles are great, but he creeps me out and i think he had his ass down

  • O2sat : who cares about his parents…. I hope their parents are actually very proud of him being who he is and not being like everybody else…

  • Hot is hot and this is a beautiful man. All this bullshit about “leave the heels and the hair off” is kind of annoying. My dick got hard for every one of those pics. The muscles, beard & great cock aren’t masc enough for you guys?

  • omg very sexy, i would do him in a heart beat, as long he gets ride of the girly thangs

  • Hot in pink, black leather or heels. Dude is hot no matter how he shows up. Put him in pink bubble wrap and send him my way.

  • He is yummy normally don’t like a HOTTT GUY like this 2 dress fem but I’ll take so FUCKING HOTTTTT.

  • Not into the whole girl thing but other then that his fucking hot

  • screwed the shot up with those heels, why…. it went from artistic to trashy and tacky.

  • He can wear whatever he wants because he’s eventually going to be naked anyway so it won’t matter.
    He’s hot.

  • I would love to eat his squeky clean bubble butt ass for hours but I only suck CUT COCKS.


  • To me the minute you put anything on your body that wasn’t there when you were born, it’s a statement. By that definition it’s all drag of one proportion or another.

    What Pavel is giving us here are erotic images and the male erotic drag is there alongside the female. THE MAN IS DEFINATELY HOT whatever he is or isn’t wearing. So the question is would you do him with or without any or all of it? As for me I wouldn’t say no.

  • WOW!!!…. All I could do was laugh. But I do have to say, got to give this guy some credit, cause almost every guy wouldn’t have the balls to do this.

  • Pavel? yeah.

    “the combination of masculine and feminine…, a muscle bearded man wearing heels”? no, I don’t find. #dealbreaker

  • He can bend my gender anytime!

  • That’s a no.. The fem thing kills it for me!! But he’s hott if he was just a guy.

  • He’s really hot until you check out stacked heels and the stilettos that drops him from 9 to a 6 in my eyes. That’s only my opinion though.

  • NOT – I like the balance of Masc with Fem but only if it Super masculine like this guy but with elegant feminine accents. This is too lady GaGa/ Anime girl for me.

  • He got a bangin body and big dick; but all the “cross-dressing” stuff UGH!

  • Some people will do anything for attention.

    I would like to do many things to/with him.
    Time to JO!

  • any man willing to wear high heels and be photographed in them is not hot.

  • Not hot. At all. What is this neurotic fixation on the feminization of the gay male?!?

  • Great Body! Hot! and Funny! he is 50/50!

  • Is this a trick question? The man is hotter than a supernova on steroids. LOL

  • Real life Tom of Finland……..i find it funny everyone says he s fem……………fem would be ACTING FEM,,,,,u don t know that just from a pic….it s cal MEDIA ATTENTION…..he s HOT n the plane pic in heels n the ass w heels shot are a major turn on………he makes some odd facial movements but HOT BODY,creative pix indeed….ALL GAY MEN ARE FEM, so all u pissy queens need to stop hating,,,u are just jealous u look like shit n don t look good in heels

  • hes hot all right!!!!! nice bod would be better if he had a littel bush hair

  • Fabulous body, but the heels and silly stuff has to go. Spoils the whole picture.

  • Not for me. He’s TOO “beefcake” for me and then the whole beefcake in heels thing, just strikes me as odd. I mean, I don’t judge, but just not for me.

  • Meh… He’s got a great build. I’d give him a chance to wow me. But I agree that the gender-bender look does not work for me. Yeah, maybe it does attract social/media attention, but it’s not my preference. I like my men to be men. If I wanted a woman, I’d be str8.

  • For those of you saying “hot”, I recommend looking up Azis.

  • Looks like he’s a fan of that French porn star, francois sagat (spelling?), who did all of this long ago.

  • Nope. Not hot at all.

  • no way. he is a turnoff. those heels have got to go. makes people think he is a cross dresser.

  • There should always be an equilibrium between masculinity and femininity in a man. Hard and soft at the same time.

    What puzzles me is how a man in heels is more attractive than a man with long hair… :/

  • Yes n No ,I love the manly outfits not the fem….

  • Hot. He can mount me anytime with or without heels

  • Yuck!!!! I like men to be men. If I would want them fem, I’d want a woman. Men in high heals is so gross to me.

  • That’s so gay….Hot guy…not into the feminine side…just because we are gay doesn’t mean we have to flaunt it.Ruined my boner.

  • if he was like 6’2” i would love to bottom for him 🙂

  • Too much frosting. A clear case of less would be more.

  • I agree with Kyle…

  • NO NO NO, first off, the daisy dukes, pink thong and the heels have to go. And, I’m sorry, I like body hair. NEXT!

  • This is truly the art of God’s creation; Amazing

  • LOL No! He looks like a parody of himself. Skank.

  • o.0 this man can have hway with me any day of the week o.0

  • Sorry Kyle, but you did not seen anything. You saw his pic. And I am sure your atrocious English made Pavel lose his boner also, if he was able to read your review written in hillbilly. He is incredibly handsome, sexy & very cutting edge to pull off his look which is a great mix for a small percentage of men that look masculine & sexy with his coordination of fashion & frivolity. He is more butch than 90% of the gay men I have seen. Love his adventure.

  • I can’t get past men in heels… it’s not my thing. …not hot

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