22 Jan 2013

Photography : Stuart Reardon By Thomas Synnamon

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Stuart Reardon is an English professional rugby player and a model. The 31 years old man is definitely one of the sexiest male athletes out there!

Weighting 200 lbs, this gorgeous 6 feet tall man is one of my favorites and I’m pretty sure you’ll like him too!

You know how I like the scruffy look and muscular bodies, combined with hot tattoos, handsome face and gorgeous eyes, what else can you ask for?

Check out this amazing short movie featuring him during a photoshoot he did with photographer Thomas Synnamon and let me know your thoughts….




20 comments for Photography : Stuart Reardon By Thomas Synnamon

  • stunning man.
    a work of art.
    he takes my breath away!

  • yummy i also luv the scruffy look… mmmm tribal tats… muscles.. hot hot hot!!!

  • Another otherwise awesome guy that destroys his body with a totally unnecessary paint job.

    Initial quick research makes it appear he’s straight, which means once again “we” (the “why isn’t OUR sexual orientation respected?” crowd) are totally disrespecing him by turning him into something to jack off over, “but that’s ok!”.

  • Hunter : He is very active in the gay communnity and if you google his name again, you will see that he likes gay people and has many gay friends. He was also featured in many gay magazines around the globe. He might be a straight man, but he is a gay icon for sure !

  • He’s HOT! You know it, I know it, and the American people know it! (oh…and I think Stuart Reardon knows it, too!)

  • The only thing I want on my man is soap & water…..

  • I want to play with him.

  • Stuart is the hotest and sexest male athletes I have seen in a very very long time!Wish you could have seen what he was packing!

  • omg, this man is absolutely fcuking sexy as hell! gee, dave…that’s like the second thing this week i’ve agreed with you on. never thought i’d say that. hehe.

    seriously, tho…i need some more stuart reardon vids!

  • All i can say is DAMN!!!

  • nice tats

  • The guy’s sexy, but not in any extraordinary way. But the “film” is extraordinarily cheesy and inept, almost painful to watch.

  • Not bad but I am not a big fan of tats all over like his. I like the small tats that make me get close to check it out. Thanks Dave but you can have him.

  • a bigger bulge in those shorts?

  • flagdomdaddy: I agree….:)

  • “He is very active in the gay communnity and if you google his name again, you will see that he likes gay people and has many gay friends.” Ah, so that’s all the more reason to jack off over him and since he’s gay friendly, no one has to respect his sexual orientation. Got it.

  • Handsome guy…don’t mind the tats at all…have them too…looks good in the shorts but need to see a bulge, cock n nut sak…at least we got a quick glimpse of some ass

  • Where is his penis?


  • the video is kinda cheezy…but the sexiness oozes. I’ve gotta give it two thumbs up!

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