29 Jan 2013

Watch This : “Boy Is A Bottom”

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Guys, you really need to watch this, you are gonna pee in your pants….

It is so freaking funny! It’s a parody of “Girl Is On Fire” from Alicia Keys renamed “Boy Is A Bottom”.

Performed by the amazing Willam Belli, Detox and Vicky Vox, the song is a hit and I’m downloading it on iTunes right now!

Keep up the good work gurls !!!!


(watch the video below)

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  • Who we have here….ADELEEEEEE

  • That was great! Thank You so much for sharing that video with us. Please post more of the same high quality entertainment.

  • ahhahahahahahahaha

    that was pretty amazing.

  • FABULOUS… loved them on Rupauls drag race also but this was brilliant and hysterical….

  • Haha I love it!!!

  • Cute

  • totally fucking awesome video

  • Totally enjoyed the videos, lets see more, keep up the great work Girls !!!

  • I don’t really get into Drag entertainment but this was absolutely awesome! They sound good and it was hilarious ! I just loved it!

  • LOL!

  • Fucking hilarious.

  • I laughed so hard!! That video is awesome. Thank you for posting it. I’d love to see more like that?? I needed a really good laugh and you gave me much much more.

  • This video is hilarious. I watched this video yesterday and I was cracking up at around 4am. This is a must-see.

  • Loved it!!!. Wanna see more

  • seen ti to funny go love willam

  • hehehe they should be Cazwell back up singers.

  • So fucking funny

  • Gay’s will never get full rights or go unjudged because of trannies and shit like that.

  • Brad: what are u talking about….? lol

  • Ok this was probably one of the funniest AND best vids I’ve seen in a while. I laughed so hard. Absolutely fab! Keep it up girls!

  • Have to agree with Brad. This is the stereotypical nymphomaniac, femi-man, cross-dressing, Lady-Gag-Me-loving, juvenile image that a segment of gays keeps alive and well in the media above all others, an image that keeps all gays from gaining the acceptance from society in general. While there’s nothing wrong with the gays who actually fit that mold, of course, they’re just not representative of gays as a whole. With all their loud flash, unfortunately, many straights know gays as nothing else and are only motivated to say “eueueueu God no!”.

  • Hunter : too bad you seem not to have a great sense of humour. These drags do that for fun, to entertain. Stop being so dramatic for god sake …
    Many straight guys and girls come to drag queen bars to have fun and enjoy…
    If they are retarded and homophobic that’s a nother story.

  • This video brought back WONDERFUL memories of the quality bar drag shows that used to go on when I came out in the 80’s. Thank you for making this middle-aged hottie smile 😉

  • I feel bad for Sharon coming out with her album and single and no one paying much attention to it because of this gem or amazingness


  • LMAO that was pretty good! I am a bottom too!!

  • Nothing hilarious, fancy, magical or brilliant in this video! Get real people!!!

  • some funny shit

  • I’ve loved William and everything since day one. Love me some detox and Ms vox. I bought Williams album and it was amazing. Love it times infinity.

  • This Video is incredible..: ) Loved it!!!! That
    boy is definitely a bottom..lol

  • Great vid lol. Those girls are so good looking I will take his bottom any day just to let them watch and sing.

  • nice video hehehehehehe

  • Blog I agree with you; Brad what are you on? This was truly for entertainment. Some gays are so angry with their gayness that they want to dictate others people’s gayness!! This video was a riot!!!! I totally love William he was my absolute favorite on RPDR!!!!!!

  • Haha Brad must be one of those “versatile” guys they described in the song. LMAO!

  • very funny watched it 3 times was a good laugh

  • Oh, when oh when, have fucking transvestites ever been funny? I guess there’s several genes that make us gay, I have no interest in watching sports, I have zero fashion sense, I’d rather build a house than to decorate it, and I totally despise cross dressers, they’re an embarrassment to the gay community, yet every fucking parade, every fucking strip show or gay venue entertainment and there they are. Are ugly effeminate men wearing dresses and make-up all that hilarious? Anybody else think we suffer an image problem promoting such shit?

  • jockn2cbt : U have a huge problem dude…relax!
    Oh because someone is feminine and not like you, he is a total loser?
    WTF ! Wake up !

  • OMG too funny!!!

  • take out the unnecessay rap part…very hilarious otherwise!

  • This is fantastic drag like it was when i was young go GIRLS give us some more

  • JOCKIN2CBT get a life remenber STONEWALL you would have the life you have to day if it wasnt for DRAG QUEENs beating the crap out of some COPS and building a house is Butch????? Dont let the chiffon roll out of your mouth and i say with love and respect for you and all… Swear to God i hope i didnt sound Bitchy LMAO

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