12 Feb 2013

Music : Miguel Who?

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I had no clue who Miguel was until Sunday when he performed Adorn at the Grammy Awards, for which he won Best R&B Song. Who is Miguel?

Miguel Jontel Pimentel (born October 23, 1985), who performs under the mononym Miguel, is an American recording artist, songwriter and producer. Signed to Jive Records in 2007, Miguel released his debut album, All I Want Is You, in November 2010. Although it was underpromoted and performed poorly upon its release, the album became a sleeper hit and helped Miguel garner commercial standing. After Jive’s dissolution in 2011, he moved to RCA Records and released his second album Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012 to critical acclaim.”

I like this singer a lot and I think he will soon have a very commercial success, his voice is amazing! Keep it up Miguel!


(check out the music video for Adorn below)


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  • I am shocked that you have never heard a Miguel song…

  • Brian : me too….in Canada he doesn’t play on radio….
    Nobody knows him here…

  • Been a fan since all I want is you. He has also written songs for several r n b acts

  • Miguel is awesome. Check out the Sammy Bananas bootleg mix of “Adorn”

  • His songs are pretty good. I’m glad he’s getting noticed.

  • I thought this was about Luis Miguel. Now that guy has a voice that will melt any heart.

  • verry artisic

  • he is played a lot here in ohio on te r&b hip hop stations. look up his new single “do you” my favorite from him so far.

  • Damn have you guys been living under a rock,,,everyone knows who Miguel is at least in the urban world..it’s time for you guys to stop listening to this bubble gum pop and start listening to real music

  • Tank: Oh ok thanks for tellling us what to listen! duh!

  • Miguel is AMAZING! Being that I never seen him do a live performance made me respect him more… Miguel has been around for a while and number one song was ALL I WANT IS YOU ft. J Cole. That song was on heavy rotation

  • wow! never heard of Miguel music 🙂

  • Very good Cd ………

  • Great song, however you have to be on acid or paint thinner to understand the video. Can anyone explain the video to me?

  • My ex loves him. Funny thing is had it not been for him [my ex] I probably would have never heard of Miguel either.

  • I am American, live in California all my life and I didn’t know who this guy was lol.

  • Miguel has been around almost 7 years… This is his second album. He used to hooks on alot of Rap tracks

  • Hey Dave, don’t feel bad, I missed the part of the Grammys when he performed, and have only recently heard about him when Kelly Clarkson mentioned him…and I am involved in writing and producing music myself. So someone must have dropped the ball on putting him in the public eye. I am going to have to visit a music site specifically to catch up on him!

  • Just goes to show you how poorly artists are promoted recently, I had heard this song “Adorn”, I even like it, but never heard the artists name. Thanks for enlightening me. Great song, very talented dude!

  • He’s very good and quite the sexy dude too!
    There’s a video of him on YouTube having imaginary sex with his imaginary girlfriend. He definitely has a good stroke game. Look for it Dave, I think you’ll like it. 🙂

  • LOL… He already does have commercialized success! Where have you been? 😉

  • Lance: In Canada, we don’t hear him on the radio at all!

  • Elle Varner, The Weeknd, Emily Sande and Miguel are very up and coming and noteworthy.

  • how fuckin lame,deff wouldnt spend a nickle 2 listen 2 this crap

  • Miguel’s music has been playing up & dn the East coast since the past summer. He also has performed live on a few talk shows. I personally love ‘Adorn’. And he is a much needed fresh talent. Not to mention he is very easy on the eyes. Lets hope the industry doesn’t turn him into another disposable artist.

  • A great R&B artist who received his grammy before the actual show aired on CBS?! That’s unheard of, right? Don’t feel like you’ve discovered a “new” artist. He’s been around for a while. I’m sure your blog will rocket him into the mainstream. Wasn’t Taylor Swift amazing?! (Whatever dudes)

  • Oh WOW! His new album is REALLY HOT!!!!! Suprised that youre now just hearing of him.. Yes his vocals are awesome.. Check out his latest single “All The Time” and if u look on World Star Hip Hop u can see him”air fucking” lol

  • No offense ‘BUTT’,after R. & B. Singer;MIGUEL Performed at the Grammys recently. everybody keeps saying they hadn’t heard of him before. That’s is ‘only’ cuz the ‘people’ saying that are either;’Caucasion’ or just plain don’t listen to Black-Radio/R. & B. Stations in general! Please don’t show your ignorance or borderline Racisim, or better yet, your ‘not-well-rounded’ Music choices. It makes u look either really stupid or borderline racist. That being said, he also has a you–tube’ Video floating around out there too of him simulating sex from behind, during on of his Concerts that will catch your Sexual-interest as well. It happens to be on a Black Adult website, so Please when u see it, don’t repeat claims of never seeing him b4. Also, I love KELLY CLARKSON, but girl, u made that exact mistake of saying out loud at the Grammys after he performed that;and I quote;’MIGUEL,I don’t know who you are, but after that Performance, lets work together. A-G-A-I-N, Kelly, u are ‘IN’ the Music-Industry, and still did not know who he wuz??? Really??? Guess she doesn’t listen to HIP-HOP or R. & B. Stations either. Even though, I’ve ‘always’ thought she should make a Total R. & B. Album! MIGUEL is a sexy,talented singer with a great senusual voice! NUFF SAID! Just my 2 cents,Guys!

  • Darell: are u ok? Why do you bring racism on the table ?
    Blk white beige or whatever, who cares…

  • i love miguel.
    his first album is great.
    songs ” do you “, “adorn”, “all for you “, and “no such thing ” are stand outs

  • I did not know who Miguel was either until yesterday and I bet none of my friends knew him but thanks to Kelly Clarkson now I know Miguel!

  • Miguel has been out since 2001 go check out his first single Quickie !!
    And he has come a long way with his style n look.. Oh and have you seen the body 😉 its a vid of him playing like he is fucking and its Sexy as Fu*ck!!

  • R yall serious..miguel been the shid for years now..n he is commerical as its gonna get..love him

  • Miguel the artist has not been around a long time being this is his second album. Miguel has been around writing music for Usher like Usher, Alicia Keys and for Beyonce upcoming album. Rather you just learned off Miguel or you were a fan before does not matter! What matters is your a fan now. Blog don’t pay any mind to dumb ass who comments negative or who plays the race card. Because Blog and Kelly never heard of Miguel that’s races? Wow STFU! Miguel and myself or both mix but I don’t get the ideal of calling someone “border-line races” (WTF is border-line races?) STFU and get your head out your ass!

  • Mixed_PJ : thanks for your comment!
    I’m certainly a fan now! Love his voice….

  • I know in south florida, he is promoted a lot on the radio stations. I’ve heard a number of his songs already and thought he was already well known because I’ve heard his stuff even in the clubs and bars around here especially in miami

  • I hear he’s a bottom. 🙂

  • Dude has been around for a while… but I listen to urban radio so I know this.

  • He looks like a tranny and his music is garbage.

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