7 Feb 2013




3 comments for Lanvin1

  • I do NOT like this ad due to the fact that each model looks as if they probably didnt eat for a week to meet the photoshoot requirements. There is nothing appealing about skeletons posing in a high fashion ad.

  • OK, the cloths are trim and fit! But the hair style is extreme fifty’s bole cut-almost funny! I think the guy would look a lot more handsome with a better haircut! A more natural cut with out all the slicked down grease! He would have to stay frozen still just to keep that deep of bang in place…Put down the comb, I think we all have better to do……..

  • The photographer is certainly not to blame. He is just doing his job! The wrong person is being targeted here, and that is you and I . It is consumer culture that promulgates the idea that their twiggyness is the standard.

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