18 Feb 2013

Pornstars : Ask Your Questions To Paddy O’Brian

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Next week, we are meeting the gorgeous stunning beautiful Pornstar Paddy O’Brian from MEN for an exclusive interview that we will post here on A4A blog. And I need your help for the interview….I want you to submit your questions!

I will select few of the questions received and the interview will be filmed just for A4A blog readers. Feel free to ask things about his work, his private life, his hobbies….

Ready? Submit your questions below in the comment section!



71 comments for Pornstars : Ask Your Questions To Paddy O’Brian

  • When is he going to visit New York ?

  • Huge fan here!!! I’d like to know if he’s single and what does he usually look for in a partner?

  • How did he get into porn? and what is his favorite activity?

  • Would he ever date one of his fans?
    DO porn stars use dating and hook-ups sites like the rest of use?

  • Big fan! I just think he has the perfect body type, so perhaps a question about his fitness routine (exercise AND diet).


  • Nick I dont think he will go in details on his whole routine and diet. Maybe you should ask a personal trainer…

  • How does he prepare himself for scene and was there anything he felt uncomfortable doing?

  • I would like to know how he got his start in porn and if he would eventually try to make a career in tv or movies.

  • Why doesn’t he shave all his body hair like most seem to (not that I like that look). He’s pretty damn sexy with the fur he has… probably more without manscaping 😉

  • What type of person (man or woman) attracts him? Does he find one choice based more on sexual desire or no? If bi, why does he think there is a difference between what he likes in men and women?

  • how do u keep seperate having sex for a living and having sex in your personal life without the camera?

  • which was the hottest scenes you ever done?

  • Normally, the shelf life for a porn star has its limits. What plans does he have once his porn career is behind him?

  • do you prefer hairy guys, or lightly hairy?
    And do u prefer having sex with guys that cut or uncut?

  • What was the biggest surprise you discovered when you were just starting out in porn, something you just didn’t see coming?

  • Nick, would you ask him if he has any charities that he promotes and or supports?
    in his life who influences him the most; who does he look up to?
    if he couldn’t be so dang recognizable where would he like to go and why?
    Did he ever have a intimate experience in life, bi, straight or gay, where he felt afterwards, wow! That was good!

  • What do you think about having fansites and twitter accounts dedicated to you?

  • How old were you when you started in porn . Do you have to be a certain age i guess . 18 !!!!! .And my next question is do you have to have a perfect body and cock to do porn .

  • What do his parents think of the career he has chosen? What got him into doing pornography?

  • What’s it like to have sex in front of the camera with various people standing around watching? Do any of the people on the lights and cermas ever get “in to it”, i.e. hard, jerk, etc. watching him go at it with another hot guy in front of the camera?

  • With the suicide of Arpad Miklos still fresh on some minds how is the adult entertainment industry addressing the issue of mental health for its actors?

  • Before you got into porn, who were some of you favorite porn actors that really got your juices flowing?

  • I won’t say specifically who, but I have met a few porn actors on here… They are real people and interesting and fun… I have met 3 or 4 and even dated 1 for a short while… For PADDY: How long does he think he will want to continue working in the industry or does he have a goal of transitioning into traditional film or television?

  • Are you straight , bi or gay? If straight do think men or women gives the best head?

  • Would you like to direct porn movies?f

  • Any new projects in the works for you? Love to see more. Yum!

  • What does he like the most about doing porn?

  • Who is his favorite scene partner so far? Men and women think he is one of the hottest men in porn. What does he think about that?

  • Unlike G90814, I want to know why he doesn’t leave his body hair grow naturally and leave it at that? A hairy muscled body is sexier than a naked one. MAYBE some manscaping but not to the point of stubble–that belongs on the chin not the chest.

  • >What surprised him most about the industry?

    >Describe the craziest thing that ever happened on-set.

  • What is your typical day like? (Like when do you usually get up? Working out? Protein shakes? etc..)

  • Curious why you don’t have any tattoos?

  • Do you act in adult movies because you don’t feel loved in your everday life?

  • Is the aid around the set still Viagra or has it been replaced with something else…. ??

  • I love to bottom but it hurts until it gets going good. Ive lost a few due to this. Why does it look so effortless w the bottoms in your films

  • How does being in the porn industry affect your personal/intimate relationships? Did you receive any negative feedback from friends and family for choosing a career in the porn industry?

  • What is the largest cock you have encountered in the porn industry; and did you have trouble handling it?

  • Ask him, “What’s it like to be sexy?”.

  • Which was his favorite scene to do and why?

  • When does he plan on acting a scene with a bubble butt Latino and also what turns him on when fucking a guy…

  • tried to bottom several times.. hurt like hell . had to stop. how do you stop the pain? is there something to use to numb pain?

  • Why did you decide to be a pornstar?
    What you advice for those who want to be pornstars too?

  • ask him what candy would he say his cum tasted like the most.


  • Hi Mr. O’Brian,

    I have three questions to ask you…

    1. If you have to change one thing in the porn industry what would that be?

    2. Last year, we lost Erik Rhodes and this year we lost Arpad Miklos. If you have any advice for upcoming newcomer in that industry, what would you tell them?

    3. Which porn star would you like to be in a film with?

  • Is he st8 or gay n if he st8 does he do gay porn for the money or what?

  • A naturally hairy, maturing great looking guy without any ink or piercings that detract from his good looks. Yeh … uh … I got no questions.

  • he vavent done it a3som porn ecene with latino couple we are ready for him

  • Any workout secrets? Especially secrets about getting those insane lean ripped hips!?!

  • What type of music is in his IPOD? Also does he have a name for his dick? Thanks keep up the good work..

  • Will he ever be interested in “dancing with the stars?” I think America is ready to see two dudes dance.. 😉

  • What business will you do when you’re no longer a pornstar like nowadays? Thank you.

  • Ever start a real life relationship with any of your fellow actors?

  • I was wondering if Paddy identifies with the Bear community at all. If he did, he’d be a great muscle bear or muscle cub. I’d like to know what his ideal man would be like-honestly…not the generic kind of answer. Finally, does he enjoy a bit of romance, or would he rather just get to the point?

  • Do pornstars only date models, or do they date regular people too?

  • How do you sculpt such a perfect body?

  • Wat is yr type of bottom or top? Wat other jobs would you like to do desibes porn:)? You always knew you were gay?

  • Ask him: What are the upsides and downsides of the porn industry? What are his hobbies, what shows does he watch?

  • My question to him would be:
    1) If he wasn’t currently in the porn industry, what profession would he be in, and why?
    2) Did he always want to do porn? If so, why? And if it was something that he just happened to get into, what was it about porn that made him decide to do it?

  • I did some modeling and stripping when I was younger and got offered the chance to do porn. I discussed my likes and dislikes in advance. But when I showed up nothing I said really seemed to have matter. They wanted me to do what they wanted me to do and that was it. I’m wondering what challenges, if any, you faced when you broke into the business, and/or if you still face those kinds of challenges or do you call your own shots?

  • Has he ever played one of his films while getting intimate with someone?

  • DadinPA: reread my first post… you misunderstood.

  • what is his plan for his future,after do porn? is he real gay or straight? have any boy or girl friends yet?

    ave any boy friends or girl friends

  • Seriously? Why are there only questions just regarding porn?

    My question would be, Name 3 things you would like to accomplish in your life within the next 5 years? Whether it be travel destinations, personal goals, life long dreams.

  • Hi Paddy, how did you get in to gunge? Did you enjoy the shoots? Would you do it again? Thank you for your time.

  • Ok I have another question. So you like to read and if so what is your favorite book?

  • Paddy,
    What has been your biggest, totally out of left field, surprise since entering the business?

  • god has been good to you where ur all the sexxy looking guys in atlanta like you im over atl.I need a real man not a j setter.

  • I’ve watched some of his interview @ UKNM, hardbritlads, menatplay, englishlad, falconstudios. And I read some blog about him. I just wanna know what’s your real name? If He dont mind.. Follow up question: ‘Coz you have used many screnename like Liam Cockney, Justin, Leon, Harison Gray, why do you used Paddy O’brian as your name? Is someone suggested that name to you or is that your idea? Pls answer it Im just curious 😀

  • Have you ever considered doing a video with a black brother, and if so who would it been ? Would you consider bottoming for him ? Finally, How big are you and what is the girth of that awesome cock?

  • Hi ive often wondered why you say your straight. You are bi if anyting. Straight guys do not have that much sex with men even if it is a job. Do you agree? And have you ever thought of doing straight porn too. But saying all that you are one of the best.

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