19 Mar 2013

Hot or Not : Kazaky

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Kazaky is a gender-bending, all-male Ukrainian synthpop dance group who exploded on YouTube in 2010. They have released an album and three EPs, their daring sense of fashion — which often includes very small outfits and 5” stilettos — has landed them in publications such as GQ, Billboard, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Post. They are probably best-recognized, though, from their appearance in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video.

Kazaky’s Artur (Art) Gaspar, Oleg Zhezhel, Kyryll Fedorenko and Francesco Borgato describe their mission as the next phase of the cultural process. Their music is a blend of monotone, manipulated vocals layered over synthpop, electronica and dance-driven beats.

Check out the video for the group’s new track, “Crazy Law”, which was released on March 4, 2013. This track reminds me of old-school Depeche Mode. What do you think: Hot or not?

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  • not bad, they have a cute accent while singing, wonder if they know what they are singing about. looks like it may have been filmed in an old submarine.

  • These guys are kinda hot, although in the videos you can’t really get a fix on any one of them. I’ll have to check out some of the others to help me decide hot or not. So far i’am leaning toward hot!

  • Thanks, now I gotta go visit iTunes…

  • so many things I could say, i’ll just make a list

    1) I want line them up to fuck every single one of them
    2) I like to watch their videos but on mute
    3) their choreography is very elaborate but its all the same in their videos
    4) I want to own them

  • I’d like to see the un-rated version of this.

  • Definitely hot!

  • Hmm… not really my style of music, and not my type of guys.

    Looks very “Euro S&M porn”, which does nothing for me.

    So I’ll go with ‘not’ on this one 😉

  • How strange! there very dancy yet the singers voice sounds like the singer from Rammstein haha.

    They should go metal that would be pretty awesome.

  • They are Hot,watch them on dsquared fashion show.

  • If I knew the Ukranian word for HOT!! Got my organellas stirrin!

  • close your eyes and listen to the video.. is it the 1980’s again?? thinking maybe the depeche mode??

  • Like their vid, love and liked them in madonnas girl gone wild vid but I wouldn’t do them and I just can’t get pass the whole high heeled shoes. I know it’s what they are known for in their vids buts its just not my thing so no I wouldn’t do them

  • Well, thank goodness they sing in English because otherwise you can forget it.

  • I love KAZAKY! Been a fan of them since they started. My favorite song is “Love”. 🙂 I already know them lol

  • never heard of them and dont want to know them.

  • I’d have to say not.. I don’t find it very attractive to see guys having to wear women’s clothes to make a statement. But then again, it’s just my opinion,

  • They’re TOOOTALLY HOT if you fit the once-again-pushed stereo type that unless you’re young, urban, smooth, effeminate, and trendy, you are not worthy to wear the gay brand. Many gay guys, however, aren’t jumping on the LATEST AND GREATEST!! (oh my!). They have iPods and CD racks full of classic rock, classic jazz, fusion, and/or orchestral music. But hey, if you fit the mold, enjoy!

    For me personally, these guys are noise with some melodic tones and a lot of random visuals. Most likely, they, like the legions of trendy! hot! groups before them, won’t be around in a handful of years. They should go for the gold why they can.

  • VERY COOL!!!

  • Hot?

  • Any man in 5 inch stiletto heels is NOT HOT, by any sense of the word..sissy bois..all of them

  • OMG! OMG! I love them and love the shoes!!!! Everything about them is hot, for me as least, New but old hat but all around excitingly Very Very Hot!!!!!!

  • The vocals are very 80 s Duran Duran n typical club beat of today….I did dig the heels since I find hot bodied guys in hills a turn on….that one guy lidting his leg straight up was a cool move

  • They’re are hot as hell + their imagery is fierce + their fashion is JUST plain sick-O-ning!!!! 😉

  • Ugh….not hot in any way, shape or form. Might be hot to fem guys and super gays, but probably not many masculine guys would find anything they do attractive. If goven the option, I’d watch Lady Gaga before that. And even then, if a third option was to die, well then save me a place in heaven.

  • Definitely HOT!!

  • I’m not attracted to them and its not the heels.. I kinda like that about them.. But I just don’t find them sexy.. The muscle guys in the video are what I like.. They were just too skinny… I also didn’t like the way the video was edited.. I thought they should feature the choreography more but they did just like every other music video and showed just bits and pieces..

  • As I listened to the video I just kept thinking how they reminded me of the group The Human League.

  • Not a bad song, but the coreography and stilettos kill it….

  • I think they are Hot!!
    Great sound
    . Gonna download them now!

  • Hot! !

  • Hot: The music, the vid, the guys.
    Not: The footwear.

  • They definitely have talent and rock hard bodies….

  • Hot. Interesting thing a put their high-heels and how that makes them gender bent in a fashion sense. The high heel was originally men’s wear. Not 5″ stilettos, but men wore high hells exclusively for a significant period of time. It was picked up from I believe Persian soldiers who were mounted archers, and was then adopted by western military and it circulated down through the feudal system…

  • VERY HOT!!!!

  • Not. I didn’t like your last hairy, russian, trannie, and I don’t like these ones. Men=men. If I wanted a woman, I’d be straight, and if I wanted someone confused/confusing I’d be in/prowl the closet(s).

  • Very hot, even the scrawny one is hot and has some sick moves (i.e. “I’m Just A Dancer” live). I can’t say I know each one’s name, but I have been watching them for a couple of years now and think it would be cool if they were bigger here in the States.

  • I’ve seen these guys perform a few times. They are a knock-off of a choreographer and artist by the name of Jonte. They literally jacked his look and style of dance. He is a star in Japan and has worked with Beyonce, Janet and others just to name a couple. Imitation is flattering, but it certainly isn’t hot. I will leave this wackness to the will girls in Chelsea.

  • Definitely not hot at all. They look very emasculated. They’re taking gender bending too far for my taste. Do they even have functional sex organs?

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